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  2. The owner of deGrom in my league has been severely hit with the injury bug and I'm wondering if I should take this opportunity to offer a 2 for 1. I'm trying to calculate his value and was thinking a top 50 batter and top 50 pitcher like Bogaerts and Taillon. With my players, what package would make sense for deGrom? WHIR
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  4. Using his elite sprint speed to steal more bags. Looks like he'll get to 30 this year.
  5. watching highlights - Reddick was a butcher in RF tonight. keeeep on sucking out there and create more openings for Alvarezzz 🙏
  6. This guy gets lit up on regular basis now, the dream of him becoming that sleeper starter for astros is now pretty much over....
  7. Finally! And I didn't realize Britton had pitched as often as he did over the previous 4 games. Made sense that he was unavailable. I was thrown off by dates since it was past midnight. Had to get that win...feels good
  8. I'm not that high on CMC as you are, because I think his production will drop a decent lot. (nice wording here, but i mean he still will be a RB1, but he won't be the runaway #1) (I stated why earlier this year) Also Rosen or Murray doesn't make a difference for me with DJ. (I still think the Murray story is a huge smoke screen) If you put any QB on that Cards team from last year, you will see them have their worst career year. In my eyes - if DJ's ADP stays around pick 10-15 - is one of the best value picks in the draft.
  9. yankees win. theeeeee yankees win.
  10. No idea, but I'll give you the name of one 21 year old who most certainly DIDN'T hit 28 HR in a season... ...Rafael Devers! Lol at using some random benchmark that the player did not even reach, as an argument to support said player
  11. Betts is significantly better than Bregman, but Taillon is very good too. Your OF is solid so I don’t know, I think I might actually pass on this if I were you. Betts/WW SS/WW SP or Bregman/OF you don‘t bench/Taillon? I think I go with the Bregman side.
  12. Really? To hit .265, he has to .250 'til the end of the season.
  13. Once the season starts - the draft round is somewhat irrelevant
  14. Every player ages differently. Judge is a late bloomer. How do you know that Bellinger at 26-27 is going to be better than Judge now? Anything can happen, but Bellinger plays in a pitcher‘s park, in a worse lineup and for three straight years now he’s hitting less fly balls, so he may actually end up with less home runs at the end of the day than last year. Judge‘s major injuries are definitely a concern though. I think that long term you still have to go with a slightly older better player who plays in a hitter‘s park and in a better lineup.
  15. Roberts has been doing that ever since he became the manager. Besides, last year they had less options than this year. Verdugo is breaking out. Bellinger’s stats are so incredibly inflated that a long cold streak is one of the safest bets you could make. Once that happens, unless Verdugo and Muncy stop hitting too, there will definitely be a lot of mixing and matching with these three.
  16. Excellent job by Holder and he's back in my good graces. Lets go offense....
  17. Bellinger is only 23. Compare that to Judge who terrible in his first season at 24. So yeah there is a big age gap and Bellinger could easily keep on improving. I wouldnt call Judge injury prone but consecutive seasons with major injuries is a little concerning.
  18. I would definitely drop Smith. Swanson is legit and his BABIP is a bit down right now, so his start to the year is not a fluke. Smith isn’t good at anything other than stealing bases and got lucky hitting so well last year. In H2H points you don’t need to target SB’s as they don’t give you that many points. You need power hitters.
  19. He’s god awful. What an absolute oxymoron that this horrid loser gets to carry God in his name. I’m going to call him Zack Satan. Because this dude and his ratios are hell.
  20. It's clear you don't follow the Dodgers closely. The heavy matchups/platooning approach was just done last year because they had so many good bats to keep fresh. This year, the only true platoon is Joc Pederson. Bellinger is without a doubt an everyday starter, either in OF or 1B, and will be all season.
  21. OMFG is this umpire for real?? wtfff
  22. Nice glad i didnt end up dropping him. Sucks to let him sit on your bench when your DL spots are taken in standard yahoo league settings but for head2head it should be worth it later in the season.
  23. Yankees bring in Holder. They really seem to be babying Britton because he should be available. Harvey is also available and I take him over Holder easily.
  24. I would definitely drop him for either one of those two.
  25. I dropped Volt today - so his 1st 2 hit game is coming! I can feel it!
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