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  2. Basically 8 points out of Hockenson, so I guess he needs to get a TD or go off on Air yards.
  3. AD is the absolute #1 pick in 9cat. 2016/17 & 2017/18 he has played 75 games and last year he was shut down becouse of all the trade rumours. After him, its Towns who i'd pick, then Giannis.
  4. Need 26 points from K johnson since Goff got me 1 point and amari cooper got .80 points. Lol standard .5 ppr
  5. I think I've lost every game since he got injured. I need you back Saquon!
  6. This isn't my rant, because I actually won against this opponent... But here's the way his luck goes. Last week I was facing him, and he started Rivers, Diggs, and Gallman for a combined 12.9 points. On his bench were Aaron Jones, DJ Chark, and Josh Allen for a combined 103.1. Like I said, not my rant because I beat him by 50 points, but he would have absolutely crushed me if he'd started them. So what does he do this week? Benches Rivers and Diggs (58.3 points) in favor of Minshew and Chark (11.9 points). He's down 25.1 going into MNF with Aaron Jones remaining (opponent is done), so he's relying on a 2nd huge week in a row from Jones to have a chance. If he'd started those two, however, he'd already have won the week. Pretty much whoever is on his bench has a great game, and whoever he starts flops. Because he chases points.
  7. Those numbers would be a dissapointment and drop from last year
  8. I don't think it's for no reason at all. They are basically playing to the RB's strengths. McCoy is in there when they intend to run, which is why he is getting almost all the carries. They likely believe Damien and/or Darrel is better for passing plays (pass pro) so they put them in there. You can crap on Damien's running ability (I personally think he sucks) but he is more than competent in the passing game. When you have a game plan that is very heavy on passing (which seems like every week), then you see the distribution there. It does make sense what they're doing. It just sucks for us. What has to happen is that McCoy has to take ownership of the passing game, and that's going to be hard.
  9. Packers D and 17 point lead in PPR v Jimmy Graham. Feeling pretty good about my chances but anything can happen.
  10. Hockenson to come back and look like the stud he was in week 1. Then I can get rid of OJ Howard and add Gronk and ride the Hockerstein until Gronk is ready
  11. Those are really good options. Down side is both WR are on run heavy teams, but yet are still the #1 WR for each team. I lean slightly towards Kerryon/Lockett, mainly because of the QB, even though I do like what Brissett is doing. If the only option is Jacobs/TY, I still like that deal for you.
  12. I'd certainly be fine with that.
  13. It sounds like you really want Gallup & if you are good at RB, then go with your gut & make the trade. Things like this can go either way. If Cooper is out for a few weeks, Gallup becomes the #1, but also then gets covered by better CB's. Not saying he can't beat them, but it comes with being the #1 WR of an offense. Mixon is too talented to struggle like this all season, but definitely needs the o-line to clean things up & Dalton to get him more involved in the passing game. I think once AJG returns, it helps both Boyd & Mixon out. Will the put up better #'s than Gallup ros? That is the big debate, so as stated, go with your gut. Good luck!
  14. His game has improved quite a bit, having drafting him last year and watching him. He actually goes to the basket a lot more now, and has really improved his 3-point shooting. If you can snag him around Pick 50 or higher, I realllly like him this year. There's a little injury concern, but overall, I think he's a great pick and will be a lock for 20 PPG / 4 REB / 3 AST
  15. Freeman / H.Henry for Jacobs / Hilton? or Freeman / H.Henry for Ker.Johnson / Lockett?
  16. OL and scheme are ruining it for Mixon, changing the running game style to a crappier one changes lanes and if your OL is trash they aren't capable of executing the new blocking assignments
  17. That is the rule of fantasy, expect the unexpected. It is a parallel universe where facts and predictions are distorted. Hopkins is apparently healthy and has a QB that can produce monster stats l, but Hopkins has produced WR2 level numbers since week 2. The ceiling is capped, aside from an inevitable blowup game or two.
  18. Well, you go look at the rest of the Falcons schedule and tell me that looks great for him. He did well against a banged up Indy and a defense in Arizona that rivals his own team's in terribleness. No doubt though, he's picked it up the past few weeks. I guess if he stays relatively involved in the passing game he will be fine. But yeah, the schedule isn't too kind going forward.
  19. Full PPR indeed. I won't get it. Not even trying to reverse jinx myself, I just know how this goes. I have to be punished in the most painful way possible for benching Hunter Henry.
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  21. A time machine keeping me from putting Devonta Freeman on the bench behind both SD running backs (and from starting Josh Gordon). 😨 All my games are wrapped up, and that was the only one that could have gone differently.
  22. See my original post to start this thread. Gase loves slot receivers. It's like a fetish for him. Herndon will get some targets, but Crowder will be looking at 8-10 targets minimum every week that he and Darnold are healthy.
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