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  2. Did anyone else think this guy would be putting up much better than he is as of now currently?
  3. Kyle guy is the best player in this class and he won’t get drafted
  4. They'd have to remain within 3-4 games of the WC by the time the trade deadline rolls around. If they do I think they make a few deals and bring up Cease, Robert, Burdi and Collins to try and make a postseason run. JR is one of those old as dirt owners who is, yes, a businessman, but also a fan and I don't think he'll be able to keep his hands to himself if there's a chance they can grab the WC2. But that's a big IF. This is a bad team and I imagine Boston will eventually create some real distance and then the Robert wait officially extends into 2020.
  5. I think you are in one of the few formats where Romo just might be a joy to own. When I read "NL only" and "no runs" it all made sense...
  6. I have Blackmon, Dahl, and Villar and will actually be on vacation in Colorado this weekend and going to Saturday’s game. Hope I see some bombs.
  7. Just another day at the office for Vladdy. Sad times for the haters who were scared to invest a 4th-5th round pick on him.
  8. Preferably to an AL team so the glove never has to be an issue.
  9. Fri. 5/24- J. Means(L) 6 Hr given up this season vs J. Hoffman(R) 0...second start Sat. 5/25- A. Cashner(R) 9 Hr vs K. Freeland(L) 12 Hr Sun. 5/26- D. Hess(R) 17 Hr!!!! vs G. Marquez(R) 8Hr Weather looks good too. If this don’t scream Fantasy... Hit the wire...make a trade...load up for this series fellas(and ladies)!! Should be plenty of AB’s to go around. ***This is fantasy baseball news and general strategy information***
  10. I would add too much usage in non-save or extended-save situations. It’s sad. Their pen is utter garbage outside Doolittle.
  11. No one is taking Hosmer's contract. Best hope is that he gets packaged in a deal for a SP to another team at the deadline.
  12. I like how Zeke used his elbow at the end to finish him off.
  13. This wasn't on Doolittle. Martinez didn't give him enough time to warm up. Every manager in the nl east is garbage.
  14. Terry has been terrible at pitching staff management the majority of his Cleveland tenure. He literally broke Cody Allen last year abusing him. He's trying to do the same to Bauer this year. He consistently leaves his SPs in too long.
  15. Why would you ask for Bauer too? Ozuna + Kikuchi might work if he’s really down on him, but Bauer on his own is worth Ozuna straight up.
  16. Davey Martinez just did what kapler did Monday. Didn't time getting the reliever ready on time...was late with the initial warm up call to the bullpen. Doolittle wasn't really ready when he came in a promptly hit !@#$^ Carlos Gomez then gave up the bases clearing hit to #$%^& lagares who had been 0-12. Just unf$%^ing real how dumb some of these guys are.
  17. I‘m gonna go against the grain and say that despite his problems, Harper is still the best player in the deal. Polanco is underrated and Turner is overrated.
  18. You referring to Mountcastle of Chris Davis? 😎
  19. Rowdy Tellez is swinging a hot bat right now. Deeper league appeal.
  20. Today
  21. And he got screwed on the k on his last ab, ball was inside but the ump was ready to hit the road.
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