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  2. lol - true; i guess that's unless you were a WR2, and the mouth that's gone is the elite WR1 getting all the defensive attention 😁
  3. Not understanding the logic here. A career #3 WR on actual NFL teams is going to kill Gordon’s snap count? Is Sanu going to command the double coverage Gordon routinely sees on deep routes? Pats traded for him because they need more WR that can get open quickly off the snap, because their line is currently garbage.
  4. leaguesafe link says deadline has passed...i think you have to move the deadline up
  5. Powell and Bazemore were both dropped after the draft and I’m planning on dropping Bembry for 1 of the 2. I expect Powell to regress a bit from last year due to a healthy Zinger and revamped offense while Baze should see an uptick in value as he should play 20-25mpg off the bench for Portland. I know I only have 3 Guards but I only need to play 6 players a night, so it’s not a major concern. I have the #5 waiver, and I plan on putting in a claim for both, just not sure which order to put them in. Below is my Team: Redraft | 16 Teams G - Ben Simmons | Terry Rozier | Derrick White F - Lebron James | Robert Covington | Miles Bridges | TJ Warren | Matisee Thybulle | DeAndre Bembry C - Jaren Jackson Jr | Jakob Poetl | Mo Bamba
  6. I probably won't be starting McLaurin, but I don't think he's a bad play. Game script should be in his favor not to mention even though with the coaching change they want to run more, AP is hurt with an ankle injury and Chris Thompson is dealing with turf toe.
  7. 12-team, ROTO, standard 9-cat PG:(3)Conley SG:(1)Beal G:(7)SGA SF:(8)Warren PF:(4)LMA F:(6)Tobias C:(2)Vucevic C:(5)Bam Uti:(9)Smart BN:D.White, D.Powell, Time Lord Many boring picks here. Not great in any cat but also not weak in any cat. This's ROTO league and I value efficiency. My team's scoring and FT% should be great but I passed bigs like Gobert/Capela so I've lost in blocks. Probably a wrong strategy cuz FT% can be balanced by some anchor like Gallo, Lou, etc. Got Time Lord as my last round flier/block specialist..I'm not even sure if he's getting enough minutes to produce. Or should I just soft-punt blocks? FA available: Kleber, Rui, Howard, Olynyk, Poeltl, Noel, Thybulle, Beverley, Danny Green, Prince, Barton, PJ Washington, Culver, NAW, Hunter, Fultz, DJJ, Hunter
  8. None of those trades are even remotely realistic unless the Cards commit to resting DJ for several weeks.
  9. There's also something to be said about the fact that the Patriots are currently one unfortunate play away from having Dorsett, Meyers and Olszewski as their starting WRs prior to Sanu hopping aboard as well, it's not like they have the deepest WR core in the league. Again, it's the Patriots so there are quite a few possible outcomes as far as what they'll do depth chart wise to make room for Sanu but them going away from Gordon doesn't seem incredibly likely if he's able to return healthy in the relevant future. But fantasy wise it's shaping up to look like Edelman is going to be the only bankable WR week-to-week, I doubt Sanu is going to come in and garner a large target share.
  10. You probably have to make this trade, given your circumstances. Your RB situation is at DEFCON level 4 with Johnson out.
  11. 16T 0.5 PPR Jared Goff Cooper Kupp Dede Westbrook Chris Carson Josh Jacobs George Kittle Mike Nugent Tennessee D Davante Adams Curtis Samuel Latavius Murray David Montgomery Kyler Murray IR Drew Brees I need to drop someone to activate Drew Brees, or I can trade Kyler Murray and Montgomery for Aaron Jones. Thoughts?
  12. I owned J Rich last year (and a few years prior as im in a keeper league) and told myself to stay away. But after the trade to Philly im actually pretty Bullish on him this year. I think its a great fit for his skill set. with so many stars around him there's gunna be a lot less pressure for him to create and less focus on him from defenses. But the real key is that he will be able to put a lot more attention on the defensive end of the floor. this is where his real value is along with 3pms which I also see being higher this year do to the floor spacing the philly lineup is going to provide. Kept him for $8 in my league and if he can average 2 3's 1 steal and 1 block a game ill be thrilled with the decision.
  13. Dede and Samuel. Samuel has a tough machup but these two get the most consistent targets.
  14. B nothing has happened that say Urias won't still be the perennial cy young talent he was once touted as and anderson is a nice balanced keeper Robles looks to be missing something from really clicking and crawford is nothing but a hot streak wire guy at this point
  15. Darnold's been exposed? Did the girl that gave him mono leak nudes? Seriously though I'd probably go with Carr (if Williams plays). If not, then Rudolph.
  16. I paid $24 for him in my auction and feel pretty good about it. Not great, but pretty good.
  17. You are ahead in the league, I'd take the risk on Tannehill as I like TEN as a team in general. Brady vs Cleveland will eat, I'd keep him in.
  18. praying that matt ryan heals up quick! one less mouth to feed is never a bad thing for existing receivers..
  19. he havent had 10 points all season in .5 ppr.
  20. If he's close to the bye they will sit him more than likely.
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