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  2. I understand his POV, Xander is a great dynasty piece. But I also wouldn't get too bent out of shape if I were you. Reyes, Suarez, and Kieboom are solid young pieces for a dynasty team. I'll put it this way there is no way I would offer more than that if I were you.
  3. Stupid idea. Guy that exploits another should be rewarded. It takes a lot of time and energy to set up a good ole fashioned TRAPE. You give everyone that's too lazy the opportunity to see a situation and exploit it then it diminishes all the hard work the other person put in to accomplish it. PLUS TRAPES create a fire in the league that gets everyone in a Frenzy and makes your league more involved and stronger. It's bad for both the league and the idea of working for a trade. If I was in your league I'd never do anything but counter offer trades.
  4. I don’t normally post these types of threads but my team has been struggling. I thought my pitching would be a huge bright spot but it’s been hit or miss. My offense hasn’t been hitting over the last 4 weeks. Khris Davis has had a couple of injuries this year and he isn’t 100%. Some of my guys have been bumped down in the order. Should I try and improve my offense by trading pitching or am I being impatient? 16 TEAM DYNASTY C - Cisco/Wilson Ramos 1st - Voit 2nd - Moose SS - Story 3rd - Arenado OF - Benintendi , Merrifield, Dahl U - Khris Davis , Kevin Newman Bench - Wil Myers IL - Brandon Lowe, Ozuna SP - Sale, DeGrom, Buehler , Bieber, Caleb Smith, Mikolas , Deivi Garcia RP - Jackson, CMart IL- Rodon , Hunter Strickland
  5. Make sure to tell your league manager those 4 RBIs don't count because they came off a bad pitcher. 🤦‍♂️
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  7. Very interest in join. If will open, invite me.
  8. Giving some people until tomorrow to accept their invitations and do some callups, then I will know what teams are available.
  9. Well I'm gonna go with the side where all three players are outperforming Vlad lol.
  10. Trout had less than half the ABs. By this time, he was well on his way to winning the ROY and being 2nd in the MVP.
  11. Go Cease.
  12. Hey people, I just created a fantasy football league for fun and I need spots filled (10 to draft,16 total). I currently have 6 players and wanted to know if anyone would like to join. If so provide an email so I can send you the link. Thank you!
  13. Oh yes, we too have had several matchups over the years decided by 0.01 and 0.02. Talk about the sweet taste of victory and the devastating agony of defeat. I don’t like that counteroffer idea at all. Does it happen in the real NFL? Teams announce a trade and then the rest of the league tries to beat it? Division rivals would just try to swoop in and make a trade to block their rival?
  14. No, Reed is way low in my TE rankings due to his injury history.
  15. My bad as Slimzy said, he pitches for the Giants and it looks like he is starting. Pomeranz got bumped to the Pen.
  16. I try to make my league mirror the actual NFL as closely as can be done. And, in the NFL, there are a few ties during the regular season every year. And, the final scores in NFL games have no decibals in them.
  17. Nah, trading is hard enough without setting up this artificial barrier. Also one of the players involved in the deal could be injured or released during the waiting period. Plus I can see a lot of bickering and arguing over the value of the other counter-proposals. The answer is not to try to legislate fair trades. The answer is to stack your league with competitive, competent team managers. Then they will make fair trades based on the way they each value their own players and the players they are trading for.
  18. I am going to need another 3 to 5 new people to replace inactive owners.
  19. I wouldn’t argue with it. He’s a top 4 pick for sure. It’s Trout, Yelich, Acuna, Bellinger in some order but those are the 4. And FWIW, ESPN has Acuna as number 1 in their latest keeper/dynasty rankings.
  20. What do you guys think about Dario recently? He's starting against the Phillies tomorrow with 3 straight starts of at least 6.0 IP and an ERA of 3.00 or less.
  21. Isn’t Rutherford also having a good season? I know his stock has fallen, but he was touted as a very good bat to ball guy and I think he is still fairly young. Vaughn was the best college bat I remember since Bryant. Just have to hope he’s more of a 30 to 40 homer guy than 20 to 30. also, pretty sure if you want to be part of the White Sox rebuild you have to have Tommy John. Cease, kopech , Rodon, burdi, Giolito, dunning and I’m sure some I’m forgetting. Kinda nuts.
  22. More explanation would be good, but my initial reaction is that it just doesn’t sound right to me.
  23. First time poster here. Looking for some advice on non typical league settings. Stumbled across this idea. Please advise thoughts on this. I'm most interested in whether you think counteroffers should be posted on public league message board or kept private until accepted. Allow public counteroffers for trades Once two teams come to an agreement on a trade, the commissioner notifies all the other owners, who will then have a 24-hour window to try to beat the offers. Once that trade is accepted, it goes up for counteroffers, too.
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