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  2. I mentioned him earlier in the week via the sleeper thread, but Kevin Cron is back on the warpath again...3 bombs last night (7 RBI)...he has 7 HR in last 10 games now and carries a .351 BA on the young season with 9BB/14K...
  3. Ya I'm bummed about Jones,Saquan deserves better. And as someone pointed out, they could have gotten him later. Weird pick
  4. Both HR he hit were center cut fastballs. Looked like HR derby pitches. Let me know when he hits something not down the middle of the plate.
  5. Reid is the Master of the Mismatch, of course losing Hill changes certain things he can do with the offense however that doesnt mean Mahommes wont produce spectacular fantasy numbers going into his 3rd year in the Reid system and 2nd yr as an NFL starter. Maybe you see fewer quick strike deep scoring throws but realistically this offense will not fall off the cliff and mahoomes is not going to turn into a handoff and checkdown QB. The achilles heel of the team the last 2 seasons was the defense which is why the entire offseason reid has been acquiring players to strengthen his defense. I think a strong defense knocks down mahommes value because he will have fewer opportunities due to the game slowing down and shorter field position and the need for the offense to throw less. Mahommes proved he can make every throw to any pass catcher on any part of the field and even run if needed and I expect him to develop into a better QB this season
  6. Kinda agree that its a rough choice, but I'd go Marte since he seems a bit more versatile, tools-wise and position eligibility-wise.
  7. AP = dumb ignorant galoot. Hill = sadistic serial scumbag.
  8. What's funny is there were a lot of posts about "Why get Springer, when you can get X 5 rounds later". Happens every year and in multiple threads though.
  9. I actually liked that pick too. I just wish Gettleman had kept OBJ and gotten Fitzpatrick or even Tyrod Taylor as a bridge and gone all in on one of the QBs next year. I would be deeply disappointed with Haskins who I don’t think is the answer but Daniel Jones???? WTF is that?!?
  10. Giants are a joke lol gettleman gone after this year?
  11. Mahomes will be fine. He's NFL QB material. Like Mayfield, he makes receivers better.
  12. There hasn't been a Saquan level guy since ADP. He was the right pick. I wouldn't spend an ounce of draft capital on WR though.
  13. I think I’d go with Ketel because of multiple pos eligibility and he has a chance to break out... Tough call though..
  14. Why ? Do you enjoy frustrating players? Enjoy having your ratios killed?
  15. Hold. I feel like you’re over paying. Wait until Nola / Kluber figure it out. He’s got a long enough track record to do so. It’s only the first month.
  16. doing what Harper should be doing but a 4 rounds later draft price.
  17. Yeah, that's why I would need some stats. I bet he is average. Majority of WRs drafted where he has drafted them don't do anything.
  18. “Maybe we’re going to be the Green Bay model, where Rodgers sat for three years," Gettleman suggested following his reach for Duke QB Daniel Jones at No. 6. "You can never have too many good players at one position."” Serious question: is David Gettleman deliberately sabotaging the Giants and trolling Giants fans while doing so???
  19. Yea i think AP was spanking his kid with a "switch" and it drew a little blood. Not allowed to do that anymore even tho many of us grew up with it. But being a mean A** hole and hitting a kid and breaking his arm Is on another level
  20. Carter Kieboom: He was ranked second in multiple places (including FG) on the Nationals prospect lists in the preseason, and has hit .379/.506/636 with 3 HR and 18 RBI (1-for-2 in SB attempts) spanning 83 PA in Triple-A thus far. "This is a premier offensive prospect that should be picked up in all formats"
  21. I’d give either Nola or Kluber, Lorenzo Cain, and possibly a bench piece like Yuli or McMahon. I’d get back Jose Altuve and Shane Bieber. I really like Altuve and Bieber but I think that Kluber and Nola have to turn it around. Hold or go for it?
  22. Who would you pick moving forward ? WHIR
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