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  2. Justice Hill Hill saw his role expand in Week 6, rushing for 31 yards on five carries - the most he’s seen since Week 1. All afternoon he flashed the speed and athleticism that made his such an exciting prospect coming out of Oklahoma State. The Ravens didn’t try anything flashy with him as he was hitting the holes hard and bursting through for positive yardage. His most impressive play of the game came on a run that only netted a few yards but saw him reverse field on a busted play. He outran everyone to reverse the field and if he had one more blocker in front of him, he could have been off for a big gain. The Ravens usage of all three backs was interesting as they were rotated regularly without one of them taking a bulk of the snaps. This could be the plan with Mark Ingram in order to ensure he is healthy for December and January football. Expect to see more of Justice Hill moving forward, you can only keep that kind of athleticism bottled up for so long.
  3. Team 1 in sig. Missed out on Crowder. Do I play E Sanders tonight, wait ti see if Cooper plays, or trade D Freeman for a WR? If trade, which WR group should I target? I know it wont be a WR1.
  4. With great power comes great responsibilty. For example, Darrell gave Todd Gurley a pat on thigh after a game roughly two weeks ago. Now Todd can't practice. Out of his fear for his life Todd feels obligated to speak positive of Darrell.
  5. Championship week return? 10/160/2 🍾 🥂
  6. exactly I would try and shop some out either this week or next for a RB. Some people might not want evans right now since he's on bye. But you might be able to get better deals the name alone is valuable
  7. He's toast guys...let it go man. Can't/Won't commit to the run...OL bad...Cohen still there sucking up targets.....Nagy wants gimmick trick plays in the red-zone. Too many things working against him.
  8. Nagy runs him into the stack 4-5 times so he can then return to his true love: dialing up 55 passes for 178 yards, 2 picks, and 1 TD.
  9. I like your team as is and would not make that trade.
  10. Engram is a Top TE and TE is hard to find at least consistent ones while Sony isn't playing impressive at all and he shares a backfield and Burkhead is coming back to full health. I wouldn't do it. Giving up Chubb and Ingram would cripple you rb core. And that's if the CMC owner trades it. His trade value is insane.
  11. I'd probably hold him forever, honestly, unless there's some set back or something that makes it very likely he'll not play at all this season. I can't ever imagine a situation where he'd be literally the last guy on my bench where I could feel like I could drop him. The upside is huge.
  12. There is no situation besides maybe Washington where Drake is more than a low end flex, right?
  13. But Drake is not far superior...that is the interesting take. Drake is fantastic at the art of dancing behind the line of scrimmage. Drake's career thus far is the story of huge amounts of talent being wasted on a guy who, for argument sake, is deemed soft. If Walton runs downhill and charges on inside runs - he should be better than Drake ever was. How much better...?? who knows. IMO...I do think Drake is soft.
  14. You’re set at wr so it’s not worth it. Plus you’ll have the headache of having to pick wr starters. Sell Chubb alone and you’ll get more value. help with mine?
  15. Man...I don’t want to think about that haha. probably week 12. But I could be convinced a week earlier or later depending on what the narrative is.
  16. My league may be the one for you guys. Its a 10 team H2H snake redraft on ESPN at 6PM EST. 8-CAT. I've got 4 spots left. We are experienced active competitive players but have free admission. $50 prize money for the winner. If interested come join us.
  17. IDK, aside from the Fournette outlier, they have kept rushing yard averages pretty low. Especially the last two games. Fournette skewed it a lot. They do give up decent points on RB dump passes though, but doesn't that potentially favor Dame? I got Mahomes playing tonight so I hope for a good game (even though Denver is my team, so Denver still winning 🤣) but I'm a little worried with him hobbled that he won't produce at normal levels. Denver has been lethal against QB's and playing in Denver doesn't help the case for Mahomes.
  18. My main hoops league typically has the previous season's winners drafting last. I've won that league countless times, and can assure you, it's pretty awesome drafting from the hook (last pick, first round). In fact, I generally prefer to draft from 11 or 12 in a 12 teamer than get a middle of the round pick. It simplifies your decision making, where you're not going to let a guy you want go because he surely won't come back to you, whereas drafting from the middle that's a bigger temptation. You need to have a good eye for when to draft injured players/load management guys like Leonard, PG13, Kyrie, etc. You can often start position or category runs by taking two guys of the same archetype. There is no doubt that you need to recoup some of the value lost from drafting outside of the "top tier of the top tier" but if you're diligent and prepared, it's definitely feasible.
  19. i only laughed at your comment because it might actually be true lol cheers
  20. Im a die-hard Cowboys fan and if Philly is smart they will run the ball over and over this Sunday. The Cowboys are not good at stopping the run. The front four has been very called "Hot Boyz" lol.
  21. Very much agree with the guy above. I think Jacobs is set to be a top 25 pick for the next 2-3 years as a workhorse in OAK. If you think you have a shot after the trade to win it all, do it. Just have to be realistic.
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