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  2. That is definitely encouraging to know now. If he was still up there swinging for the fences all the time, then this would have likely been a fluky hot streak, but I can buy into it some knowing that he's actually made some adjustments. If somebody has J.D. on their fantasy team, their hitters should somehow get better like he is doing with his actual teammates. 😉
  3. E5 is definitely not going to be a bench bat. He’ll be the full time dh, Voit will be the regular 1b, and they’ll role out a Judge, Hicks, Stanton outfield with Gardner and Frazier reserves. As many have speculated they’ll probably try to move Frazier at some point. This team is going to have the chance to obliterate home run records in July, August, and September.
  4. fRAMBO (nice one @crotchcrickets) was high quality again this turn, was mostly 2 pitch work again. He might need to start mixing in other stuff as he ventures into lineup for 3rd time or when the book gets a little more out there on him? Still, I think he has that sort of ability and the command has improved vastly compared to last season. Here was yesterday: SI- main pitch and sat 91.6 MPH, really sinks and even darts of the barrel too, threw 39--26 strikes with 16 hacks and 1 whiff, lots of weak contact CU- the main secondary and has come as advertised with killer spin, sits at 79 mph, spun up 30--18 for strikes with 14 cuts and 9! whiffers, only 2 balls even put in play FB- I think he will begin to elevate this pitch with 2 strikes and get amazing results, averages 95+mph on it with both dive and dart break measurements, threw 9--5 strikes with 5 swings and 1 whiff on it. CH- only threw in 4 at 88 MPH, but it measures as another possible weapon in the offing (vert and horizontal actions aplenty) had 2 strikes with 2 swings and 1 whiff on it The crude stuff shows he can def hang in this rotation and do some bat missing, with some sequencing alterations I could easily see some monster K games on the horizon? But as long as this command continues to shine and he sticks with strengths, then he will be worth using against about any team.
  5. Did we really spend time comparing Damien Williams to Kareem Hunt? Williams did well and I expect he will continue to do so in 2019, but come on, people. That is a fool's errand. So is drafting Hunt in the 9th round. What do you expect to do with Hunt? The earliest you could dream of getting him in your lineup is week 10. Assuming Chubb is healthy you have a flex at best for the last 6 weeks. A 9th rounder? I'd sooner draft a defense. A discussion on the merits of handcuffing as a strategy is one thing.... This is not that. Back to Chubb.... I challenge anyone to tell me why he is so different from Ezekiel Elliott. When you look at projected volume, ability as a runner, untapped potential in the receiving game, touchdown upside... Imagine if Zeke had Hunt behind him but suspended for 8 weeks. Would he be going in the late 2nd round, as Chubb is now? The answer is an emphatic no. Nick Chubb continues to be undervalued, and Hunt overvalued, and many will look back in December and wonder why they couldn't see it.
  6. I like Gilbert a lot, but the Ms won't compete till 2021 at the earliest. 2021 is when I expect his ETA.
  7. Darvish and team seem pretty confident he’s turned the corner.
  8. The Yankees got Then from Seattle in 2017. Strange. Do we have a new KC collusion situation again?
  9. They might want insurance for Stanton and Judge. EE is a bench bat probably.
  10. True for playoffs. In regular season with all the injuries and load management NBA champions Toronto Raptors (it feels good to type this) often went 10 deep. You need deep bench if you want to compete
  11. Right, I mean when there’s a clear risk factor like Gurley’s knee or Michel’s I’ll take that into account in my rankings. But I’m not going to try and guess whose going to miss a few games out of DJ, Zeke, CMC, Kamara, Chubb, Saquon, etc. Odds are someone or someones will miss games and cause them to be lower than their projection but trying to guess who isn’t logical. I would approach someone like Gurley by trying to figure out how I think the Rams intend to use him (good luck with that!). If I arrived that he would see 15 carries, 4 targets, and goal line I would use those guesses over 16 games to get to his touches and projected points. Then I’ll weigh how much I want to drop him based on the fact that he’s a considerable injury risk.
  12. Honestly, he shouldn’t even be available in a dynasty league if everyone is paying attention. Pick him up immediately.
  13. what happens when everyone is healthy? they can't just say F Voit. Stanton and Judge in the OF with Hicks in CF so Encarnacion can DH and Voit can play 1B?
  14. They need to trade him to the AL so he can DH. Isn’t this the second time already this season he’s injured himself just trying to catch a ball? Doesn’t he have prior history of knee injuries also? He doesn’t look like he has the durability to play a full season in the field, plus he’s just not good at it. I’d love to see him moved so he can DH. Let’s get him in a hitters park while we are at it also 😂.
  15. Ouch! Yeah you need a WR badly try and come up with some deals GL.
  16. Keuchel pitched last night in double A. 7 IP, 11 H, 3 ER.
  17. That would make him the worst starting RB2 in our league. I don't trust enough production out of this guy to want him even as a RB2. I reserve the right to change my answer.
  18. Hold onto the Trout side counter offer, and then move some mt for the Bregman trio.
  19. If you're getting Matt Chapman? Win you're league ASAP!!!!!!! He is an elite 3B and will def help you're team out far more than the WW player you're giving up.
  20. Agree with everything you say here. I think Swarzak is the grab and it seems others think so too as he has been snatched already in several of my leagues. He’s only allowed 1 run over his last 14 innings or so. I can’t see Jackson getting the next opportunity and if Swarzak converts he’ll get a shot to run with it.
  21. I think swarzak is next in line, but he’s also pitched 5 of the last 8 days
  22. But wouldn’t it be a sell low right now? Most owners would notice that he’s cooled down considerably since his torrid start.
  23. I think you are more than you realize, as we all have to be to some extent, meaning it factors into what value or interest you place on a player. Gurley not being the first or second highest-ranked RB this year is a perfect example.
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