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  2. Sale just doesn't have it. This will be his last batter.
  3. Yeah he reached back for 95 after the HR, and gave up a single. Then he worked a bunch of sliders and more low 90s stuff. He seems sloppy from what Im seeing.
  4. I'd keep Abreu. Last year was just an off year. 25-30 HR 90-100 RBI in his future.I'd shop Freeman for bonafide ace
  5. Just threw# 5 of the day here in the fifth.
  6. I think you can get more for Abreau. H That white Sox lineup being good this year increases his value.
  7. you know who's a capable backup RB? damien williams, that's who. complete skillset for backing up a starting RB and serving as COP. and he's already rostered.
  8. This day in MLB history: 20 yrs ago Fernando Tatis hits 2 GSHRs in the same the same pitcher
  9. Hence the word "somewhat" in the text you quoted ... 😂
  10. Those 10 pitch at bats are not vintage Sale.
  11. On a personal note, while I have LB DWhite as my top IDP, and I was prepared to select him with my Rookie 1:07, I haven't been fond of the rumored landing spots (coupled with some of the negative press regarding his on-field deficiencies.) *although, the most recent news regarding Oakland possibly selecting him at 1:04 is very appealing. I like LB DBush as well (and I have a sneaky suspicion he is the LB of this class to own), but selecting him over White (based on landing spot) seems a risky venture, which is why I decided to trade my Rook 1:07 for a known IDP/LB commodity, and I ended up with LVEsch ...while talented, I just don't view any of the top LBs in this draft on the same level as last years crop of stars (4): TEdmunds, RSmith, LVEsch and DLeonard
  12. There's somewhat of a relational component there too. Often high K pitchers have higher pitch counts (it tends to take more pitches to strike a guy out than it is go get him to hit a flyball to the outfield)
  13. Don't think the 1st rounder or news has anything to do with Damien. Chiefs let both their pass rushers go and were desperate.
  14. And if you play in deep leagues he's very valuable despite not playing every day. In two catcher AL only leagues, for example, catching depth is so bad overall that you'd often be better off with no catcher at all than the garbage that is available. In that case, seeing all the whining about Astudillo not playing in a particular game makes me laugh.
  15. are in the wrong in "lost"
  16. I guess those were balls, #Salehater
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