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  2. I don't see his 30's going too well. Sell Sell Sell.
  3. How about Liam Hendricks. Solid tonight. Was able to work around an Ozuna double for the save. I’m glad I was able to snag this guy as a Hicks owner. But how long do people see Hendricks in the role? Could Treinen miss a good chunk of time?
  4. no I gave away my first 1.11 and my 2nd 2.11 for Ryan here is my team before (2 Rb 3 wr 1flex) Keenum, Bortles Barkley, Ingram, Lindsay, Thompson, Penny Julio, Edelman, Boyd, Gallup, Godwin Henry
  5. @WAS and @ATL will be a stiff test.
  6. It definitely wasn’t down today. He had an odd stretch where he had an 11-pitch inning (8 for strikes) but hung 3 sliders which all got punished for homers. It was fairly flukish. I’d focus more on his elite K/BB rate and elite K-rate.
  7. I'm looking to use him as soon as possible but then again I'm in a deep league (15 teams).
  8. 4th best offensive player on his team...and thats cuz tendi is having a bad year
  9. They can't move them for pitching. They stink. A week or two of "getting them going" -- if it would actually work (which it won't) -- isn't going to up their value in the least. And hitters have almost zero value even if good at the trade deadline. And there are plenty of much better bats teams want to move as well than these two mega-slumpers. Everyone wants pitching, not a batter let alone a bad batter. And yes it is as easy as sending Shaw down. So very true. There is zero market for either of them. This is their year with the Moose running loose as a FA next season. But Milwaukee never heard of "Seize the moment" and has decided to seize defeat from the jaws of victory instead by refusing to put their best line-up out on the field.
  10. can he realistically be a 20 hr guy? ive heard he isnt a big time stolen base threat
  11. For the time being yes. When Haniger gets back, I don't think so unless Mallex gets moved down in the lineup. The Mariners are a tough team to read, but I would ride Crawford for the near future and see what happens.
  12. Yes, Mariners have no reason to take him out of that spot as long as he's hitting. He's getting a shot to show he belongs in the top part of the lineup since they want him to be their SS for a while
  13. Everything seems to be the same, but he's giving up more dongs lately. Pitching is insane this year. Unless you have Verlander, Scherzer, or deGrom you take a mid to high 3 ERA and be happy with it
  14. I'd do it then look for a closer as one becomes available throughout the season. JBJ has heat up a bit, but is still a terrible hitter overall hitter and his hot streak won't likely last long. Avisail is a solid bat who should get going again as well as the TB offense in general. HH
  15. will he stay in the 2 hole you think?
  16. Kepler has been decent and in a good young MIN lineup, however I like what I've seen from Hunter personally. He's hit well since coming back from DL also which is a good sign. I'd probably go with Hunter, but they are close. HH
  17. Step in the right direction for Minter, but this is defiantly a product of the recent usage of others. As you said, 3 of 4 for Jackson, also 4 of 5 for Swarzak. He’s still firmly entrenched outside of top 2 for now.
  18. Jackson had been used in 3 of the previous 4 games. He’s likely still the guy, but I’ll be watching this situation closely. If Minter is right, the Braves may have an in-house solution.
  19. Also note worthy is he went a career high 100 pitches.
  20. Luckily the season isn't only the last 30 days. Overall he's 250ish with 5 homers and 20 steals in only 200 ab. That's what I call looking good. He averages 1 steal per 10 ab and around 250 average for his career. So he's on pace for roughly 10 homers and 50 steals. Looking good.
  21. You don't bench anyone vs Baltimore
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