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  2. In my main league, I’m holding. Albeit with tempered expectations. Of course I’m open to moving him, but not actively shopping him. I did receive one random offer for him the other day though; Joey Votto. 🤣 I’ll pass.
  3. I own him in 3 of my 11 leagues. I'm starting to send out offers now and had one accepted. I moved him and Tatis(deep at SS) for Sale. I'm working on more offers now. I'm trying two tactics with him. Offer him and a top 150 bat for another underperforming ace who I prefer. Guys like Sale,Noah, and Kluber(out but for example). Figuring the other owner is annoyed with their big name ace they see another big name ace + bat and accept. The other tactic is to move him for a breakout pitcher straight up who the owner could think hes "Selling high" guys like Castillo,Marquez,and Bieber fit this billing. Hes most likely going to get roughed up in Col but then he has a great matchup with Mia at home. If he sinks at both of those you can consider his big name trade value completely toasted.
  4. I don't think 'FrontRow Amy' misses a game...and score keeps for all games too... I sat behind her a few rows in 2 of the NLCS series games...she has (or had) her own security detail...pretty funny
  5. Always a good time, thanks for asking!
  6. Did anyone notice Members_Only_76 girlfriend is at the Brewers game? You know her Miss Huge Juggs. (0)(0). She sitting to the left of home plate next to the guy in the yellow blazer. Come to think of it he could be Members_Only _76.
  7. 12 team h2h redraft 5x5 gave moncada, Osuna, leclerc got altuve and wheeler
  8. So you're saying his name should be Jonathon Cantholder?
  9. My outfield is crowded I have no catcher and need picthing help
  10. I wouldn’t drop Cano yet. Still early. IF you want to get upside, sure. But Cano still has some in the tank and is tried and true.
  11. Yea I like it. You get a decent backstop and pitcher. Guess it depends on needs but in s vacuum, sure.
  12. Won’t be long before Dahl trips over his shadow and lands on the DL again
  13. I would pick up McNeil. Not saying Cano has hit the wall, but high on McNeil & like his dual eligibility. In my league, he now has 2b, 3b, & of.
  14. Yep agreed. Especially since you spelled out the pros: you need to cut some sp, and none of players involved are keeper consideration. Carpenter has the potential to go off any moment. And if he doesn’t, I don’t see him being worse than guys you gave up.
  15. And freeland...only when people bench them. Will start againstbworst o in the league and they will get destroyed
  16. Well he's in the lineup at 2b with McMahon at 1b so that's at least one positive to take from this. Ya he would be a nice fit in the 2 hole but they would have to bat Dahl (also in today) a little further down (probably fifth) but he's been a good hitter during his time in the majors and deserves that spot. I think if Hampson turns out to be all that we hope then he'll move up at some point. For now I'll take the playing time...
  17. One of their beat writers said Just hypothesizing on the second part of this (Oakland trip), but the weather in Buffalo this weekend is supposed to be nasty. If the Bisons don't play, have to think the earliest date for a Guerrero promotion would be April 26 vs. Oakland. #BlueJays and replying to “why the holdup?”, he said “Honestly, that's for the organization to explain. Not me. I'm just the messenger and I can tell you, he won't be up this weekend in Oakland. I know that for a fact.” Article here
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