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  2. Jrue Holiday is going to murder it at least for the first 2 months without Zion as the focal point of the offense. Jrue > Tatum Not veto-able but you getting a STEAL
  3. Who do you guys think would be a better target? And my only concern would be the Giants reducing Saquon's volume toward the end of the season to preserve him for next season.
  4. I nave no choice! Zeke and Ingram on byes and Chubb is my other starter
  5. Do you think it's worth it to keep both and drop Monty or McCoy? RBs are pretty barren on waivers right now, but the floors for McCoy and Monty are sooooooo low.
  6. Appreciate all the feedback. A few of my thoughts. 1) Kittle. Yes he's been getting consistent targets, but Jimmy G has been wildly inconsistent. And opposing defenses are also able to key in on Kittle since the 49ers don't have ANY other receiving threats. 2) Henry - He's been getting just as many targets as Kittle since he's come back. 3) Bell's schedule ROS is one of the best. And their passing game should be much improved now that Darnold's back. 4) Yes, I'd prefer to trade Henry, but he just doesn't have the value that Kittle does right now. 5) Here's my complete roster (for context) just in case your curious. QB - Watson RBs - Chubb, D.Johnson, Dev. Freeman, Singletary, Penny WRs - Allen, Boyd, Sutton, Fitzgerald, AJ Green TEs - Kittle Henry K - Gould D - Tenn (I'm basically streaming)
  7. Ya that what my gut has been saying although darn that lineup sure would be something. I tried Landry or Samuel with Lamar for Allen(ik slight overpay but worth it) but he shot it down and was insistent on this 🙄
  8. I would rather have that, but don't know these guys and it's been a chore just finding a last minute league today so I'm not being picky.
  9. Didn’t we already go over this with Gallman? Everyone said he was a bum and not worth a pick and went off for 20+ points in the first half. Bummer he got injured in the following game. Its worth a gamble if you you’re struggling at RB. I’m gonna do it because there’s not a lot out there.
  10. I don't trust either RB so neither is my answer.
  11. I dont think you can trade Hunt when he's suspended and he will come back after the suspension. He's going to finish the year as a Brown
  12. Let's comprimise: 1st- $250 2nd-$150 3rd- $50 Best Reg Season- $150 I like the idea of rewarding for 20 weeks, not only the final 3. NBA fantasy playoffs are fickle.
  13. 1) Kyler looks bigger in the rain, easier to spot/tackle. 2) conversely, Edmonds wore a Colgate Invisible Shield for certain plays (i got this inside info about Chase from a bloke at Manny's in Moonachie ... dude is also a Chemtrail pilot, so, yeah - it's Midnight in the Dessert). some real deep state chit, mah man ... just let it go.
  14. I’m interested. When’s the draft?
  15. trying to decide if I should drop Burkhead for him right now
  16. Pairing up CMC and Barkley is quite the power move. I'd say try to package a deal with mixon first and see what you can get if he's desperate. I like jacobs and his ROS schedule more than saquon 's but you can't question the volume saquon will get. It'd be a good deal if you can move jacobs for saquon but there are better deals out there.
  17. 10 team standard non ppr Just don't trust Gordon and Eckler has been more effective
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