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  2. With his hit tool he could weight 500 lbs at DH and still rake
  3. The kickers have a pretty good rate of return on the reachable ones, yea, the jags were surprisingly disappointing last year
  4. Thats fair. I’m 45 years old, and have followed baseball and prospects semi closely since 84-85, and I can’t remember any prospect I felt so strongly about not busting. I think Griffey Jr perhaps if you’re talking all around certainty of excellence, but from a pure hitting standpoint, I think it’s Vlad Jr.
  5. That's all he does and he plays the victim card ... waste of air. He's the greatest MLB scout out of work.
  6. I'd say he's worth substantially more than that it in a dynasty format.
  7. Dozier has been dog s--- for a while now. He doesn't deserve to play at this point. It would be pretty maddening if Kieboom played well until Turner came back and then still loses playing time to Dozier.
  8. There's good discussion of his pros/cons in his MiLB thread FWIW if you're looking for more info.
  9. I feel like with relievers, there's so much variance year to year you can't put too much stock in past numbers. His velocity is up this year, and he's got great peripherals right now. Might as well grab and hold until he gives you a reason not to
  10. I want to jump on all the rookie bandwagons but... I myself might be leaning Tucker. Just can't roster both, too many middle infielders. Kieboom's BABIP in AAA is .512
  11. So much murkiness here. He's killing it right now...BUT he's in the PCL...BUT he's super young and talented. Yeah it could be a temporary thing with Turner and Rendon nursing the elbow, but at the same time Difo/KendrickDozier have been a real weak link in the infield. Plus this is a team that has shown itself willing to be aggressive with prospects, and a team that should be competitive in a tight division. The full range of outcomes is possible here. But if I had to guess I'd say that if he comes up and hits he'll cement himself in the lineup even after Turner comes up. It's a gamble sure but I'd definitely be committing some FAAB.
  12. Unless you are stacked at SS, yes. I'm sure everybody can use another potential boost, regardless if it's for a month or the rest of the season.
  13. An obvious add in keepers but how about 10tm redrafts?
  14. In a dynasty keep forever- Andujar, Conforto, Cain for Vlad Jr? plus maybe a throw in. 10 team xbh obp 7x7 WHIR! Enough? Too much? Do you think his value is higher a week from now?
  15. Not that they are particularly similar players, but I am thinking this may be a similar situation to Soto last year. Yeah, the Nats' middle infield is pretty much already set, but they are looking to compete and they have a vacancy right now due to Trea's injury and Dozier's performance. They wouldn't have called up such a young, important prospect in their system if it was by design going to be without proper playing time or just a super temporary stint in the majors. He forced their hand a bit, and if he hits they will find the playing time for him when Trea returns. If he doesn't hit, he will be sent back down to develop further. Otherwise, if you are delving a bit deeper, this could either be interpreted as a showing of their uncertainty in Trea's timeline or a lack of faith in Dozier to put it together.
  16. He should have had the batboy bring him a hot dog at 3rd base and sat down and ate it
  17. Pretty sure it confirms Turner isn’t coming back as soon as anyone would expect. He’s two weeks into a 4-6 week return and hasn’t started throwing yet. Kieboom is here to have a chance at staying for the season. He’s red hot and has been for a while. Killed it in fall ball, killed it in spring training and killed it so far in the minors this year. All this after an extremely solid 2018. If he comes in hot and stays hot Dozier will find himself on the bench.
  18. Wow I clicked onto the forums at exactly the perfect time! Ty for being hawks!!! 👍 Where's he gonna play?
  19. Yes, especially since he's a SS. Somewhat surprising that he's being called up when Trea Turner might be back in a few weeks or so. I have a hard time believing they are ready to consider giving up on Dozier when Turner comes back.
  20. AL Only Auction league. 10 teams. Bauer was my keeper coming in and I can keep him 2 more years after this. Plus he's pretty cheap at only $18. My concern is, there have been a lot of rumors that he could get traded to Padres or Dodgers. If that happens, I basically lose him in my AL only league. If he stays with Indians, he is probably a top 3 AL SP for the next couple years for sure. Guy in my league really wants him and a OF from me. So here is the deal and the keeper info that I am considering. Quick description of our league rules on keepers. $260 each year. You can keep up to 10 guys. 5X5 Roto league. S2 - Means they stay that price and you can keep them or drop them. If you keep they go to S1 S1 - Means you have to either drop them or make them a L1 or L2. The price goes up 10% from this point. L2 - Means you HAVE to keep them this year and next. You can trade but you can't drop them. You are stuck with them 2 years. L1 - Means you are stuck with them this year only then you can't keep them anymore. Bauer - $18 (S1) D Bundy - $5 (L1) L Garcia - $1 (S2) for D German - $11 (S2) Chirinos - $4 (S2) Moncada - $26 (S2)
  21. Definitely fair. Vlad should’ve been up as quickly, if TOR/MLB didn’t do things as they do (another debate). I’m super excited about Vlad, and he’s certainly one of the better hitting prospects we’ve seen in recent years. Just need to pump the brakes on “OMG IS HE THE BEST EVERR?” Just adding a little perspective.
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