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  2. Yes, but on the other hand, good coaches and QBs find ways to use lesser receivers. I trust Reid to make the most of the WRs/TEs he has available, and keep the offense rolling. There will be an effect, but not as much as you might expect from losing a top3 guy.
  3. Coors is number 1 , 2nd is definitely not in New York. Probably miller park
  4. It's nice to see you got very upset about what is essentially a non-argument. Nobody's doing that, and I think you'll find that even the word garbage came up several times in this page alone. It's good to remember though that there are three distinct processes, which are only very loosely related. - Hill's judicial process in court and potentially, eventually, conviction. Such a process before a court has the highest standards, and for good reasons. - Hill's conviction in this forum. We can generally afford to draw conclusions fast and easily, because if it turns out we're wrong, the ramifications are generally not that serious. - Hill's process in the NFL. Nobody knows what their process is, or their standards, other than that PR seems to be a factor. On-topic: I think Hill's pretty much done for now. I doubt this thread is, though
  5. Digital media released to the public that makes the Shield look bad? Roger is going to break out his suspendin' trousers. This was the other shoe dropping. And now Veach says Hill will not be part of any team activities. He gone.
  6. Which park is the first? Coors? or Wrigley?
  7. Offered Quintana & Eloy for German Marquez.... was turned down .... counter offer - Marquez for Paxton ....
  8. Mcneil is legit good hitter and versatile. Andujar should be stashed anyway and I cant see sig so it's based off my opinion of them not team.
  9. What an absolutely garbage human. How can anybody say you need to wait to hear more evidence? I mean the guy got convicted of strangulating his pregnant girlfriend and repeatedly punching her in the stomach and somehow isn't a felon. America seems to always have an athlete's back when it comes to these kinds of felonies, any normal person is looking at a long stint incarcerated but never a star athlete, it's insane. Now this sickening audio comes out and we need to wait to hear more about it? We already know this guy should be a felon, that's not in doubt. Now we just have audio about his breaking a 3 year olds arm and constantly beating him with punches and a belt. Yeeahhh, this sure seems to be a time when we should make sure to collectively err on the side of caution. Wouldn't want to paint a guy with this type of moral standing as some kind of an a**hole unfairly, right? Are some of you so invested in fantasy football that you are willing to look for excuses this badly? You're months from drafting, keepers surely aren't that important to you, are they? Cause that would make you pretty bad humans yourselves. There is no logical argument that could be made that this guy should ever play football again. He already had his one in a million get off with a slap on the wrist. This will be very bad press for the NFL if they do nothing and so hes about to get Ray Rice'd. Good riddance.
  10. B. That 2 for 1 wins in probably every category.
  11. Also most likely the shortest homer of the season for anyone just hitting the Pesky Pole. But hey if it gets him going. And it looks the same in the stats as some towering Trout shot. Moreland hit a moonshot tonight that just went foul. Went a country mile and sounded like a cannon going off. Yes he is streaky as anything but he is still hitting flyballs a very very long distance so he hasn't gone into his slumpy side yet.
  12. Taillon will be fine. He's still a top 25 SP.
  13. 1-9 in their last 10 before tonight and 1-6 homestand before tn. Its been very murky and probably will continue to be. Good info
  14. The issue is they have multiple right handed options and Dave Roberts will use them.
  15. Thank you for putting my point into words. I'm way too tired to type it all out right now, but agreed.
  16. Buttrey has entered a game 7 times with a runner on base. Seven. Times. Robles only twice. (Which includes tonight game) Buttrey. Is. The. Fireman. After starting out the year as the primary 8th inning guy. They didn't take Buttrey out of the 8th inning role because the manager soured on him. Its because they trusted him more and not pigeon hole him to the 8th. While also trusting Robles to handle being the new set up man. Usage is a little harder to read here because the Angels only have 2 wins since April 10th. One of which a game where Robles was used as an opener. Robles still looks like he's getting the first shot for a save. While Buttrey will still be the fireman.
  17. And I've admitted and agreed since your postings that Ausmus likes to use him across the board. That still doesn't bode well for save chances, and we're in the closers thread.
  18. Their home Tuesday night game tickets are going for $10 right now (and that's with the Vlad hype).
  19. Because those numbers you are reading re: Toronto are fake news.
  20. Everyone understand I meant 25$ on any night is too much. If.u like that stuff then go forsure for 20$ extra. I'm not paying my 25 bucks on a Tuesday night in may to watch them in that ballpark.
  21. I’ve done nothing of the sort. I’ve only provided facts which only made you waiver from your original point about how Ausmus likes to use him which was based off of one outing
  22. I'm wondering if anyone has put up comparably elite AAA numbers over a large sample size because I'd be interested in seeing that trajectory.
  23. Yes. I think Robles will see more save chances than Buttrey, That's all my original post's intent was. You've turned this into a pissing match. Buttrey was used in a fireman role just last night. I guess fact is, he's being used across the board. Does that bode well for his save chances? No.
  24. Ya pay 50 to go see a HOFer possibly down the road and have the ticket stub from the game would be cool. I'm saying in general I consider 25$ to see a fairly bad team in a domed arena a joke. I can go to Busch on any night for 25$ for 2 ppl in solid seats, better team, fun time, and so How is Toronto charging 25$
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  26. This piece of garbage is gone forever.
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