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  2. Anyone have any idea when this fool will play?
  3. Patriots D/ST has to be the pickup of the week. Did anyone else watch them dismantle the Jets?
  4. I started Matt Ryan and DJ this week and only lost by 20
  5. You're not wrong, but Collins went through a historic dearth of stocks last Nov-Dec that is unlikely to be repeated. That skewed his averages down. Now I know you'll say "Well, that's why averages account for highs and lows, it all matters". And again, you wouldn't be wrong. But you have to assume he won't go through a two month stock desert this month, so his stocks will be higher than last year, and he won't be Blake-like in that respect. Just my guess, anyway.
  6. Wow. How you gonna bench Rodgers for Goff? I get the Falcons can't D, but man. That's just overthinking it right there.
  7. It's a good thing Robinson has a huge catch radius because Trubisky can't hit the side of a barn
  8. Gotta start him. ARob put up good numbers against Lattimore and Rhodes. As long as he gets 7-10 targets a game and remains the top red zone threat Robinson’s a high floor WR2.
  9. No offense towards Atlanta because I like what they're building and how they're treating the young players, but Portland has a real team. He won't see nearly the same amount of minutes. He won't be as limited as his time with Golden State, but it will be close.
  10. I’m not nearly as optimistic as some of you, but I did pick him up in ten leagues just to see.
  12. Pats just got me 51 points in my league tonight! Wow!! Won by 2 points!
  13. It should, they took it away from me too. Doesn’t matter if it was holding in the end zone, intentional grounding from the end zone, tackled in the end zone, blocked punt out of the end’s still a safety on the scoreboard & should count for the DST
  14. He got a -6.66 in my league 😂😭
  15. Isn't it quite obvious? Belichick using his Jedi-mind trick powers
  16. 5TDs for a defense is a bit much no?
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