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  2. I'm not even moderately worried about Coutee he will have the same role as when they're all healthy in regards to game ceilings targets etc bleh, Stills is the guy to own here Watson has spoken glowingly of him and they already seem to have a connection.
  3. the trade would go through the following week if not made in time
  4. by the way if league does not fill up League Safe gives you a full refund...
  5. Yes, because whenever they a run play where their blocking is average or subpar, Damien sits there and waits to get gang tackled. What's he waiting for? The line to part like the Red Sea in front of him? At least McCoy gets back to the line of scrimmage (and sometimes finds a small bit of daylight to make something out of nothing). Damien making them look bad!
  6. dunno, man ... Hendu split just about even with TG, as far as snap count was concerned ... but his usage was sparse, at best. barring the big kahuna boo boo to Gurley i'd file it under "doesn't matter".
  7. With that line, I’m surprised it’s even as high as 3.3. Two ways to look at things.
  8. Have your commissioner push the trade through prior to Thursday's game.
  9. With Sanu gone it should boost Julio's snaps. He will be needed more. Sanu was doing a lot of blocking when out there. Julio will need to step into more of a role there and should see more looks as a result of being on the field more. I see no real change in Ridley or Hooper with the loss of Sanu. They will just use Gage and Hardy a lot more to fill the void. The QB is the issue right now. I believe Shaub will be leaning on Julio and Hooper more than anybody else.
  10. I asked for CHANGE NAME and Dwayne is already the owner. Not joining on a team I don't want.
  11. No way. Rodgers had a amazing game but hasn't even really been a QB1 most weeks. Just play matchups at QB tell Mahomes comes back.
  12. Not particularly. The line stinks, Gurley got 18 carries, the remaining schedule after Cincy looks trying and he may or may not be working through a high ankle sprain.
  13. Do I acknowledge Bamba could eat into Vuc's minutes/production slightly? Sure. Am I worried about Bamba as far as making Vuc a bust? Not in the least. Some slight regression is already baked into Vuc's draft cost anyway.
  14. Resent link, let me know if you’re still having trouble.
  15. I don't really know if this is the best place to ask this, but I'll try. I play in I got accepted today a trade that includes me shipping somebody that plays on Thursday. Per my league settings, the trade will be completed on Friday morning. What happens with the trade if I play that player on Thursday? The trade is postponed till the week is over? Thanks!
  16. I’m concerned about his touchdown dependency. Sure, the Pats are going to put him in a position every week to get in the endzone. On the weeks he doesn’t get in you’re looking at 4-6 points. I don’t usually put a lot of stock into YPC but when you actually watch Sony it’s surprising his average is as high as 3.3. He might be one of the least elusive backs I’ve seen in a long time.
  17. Moore, Carr, Tannehill I have Sutton Gallop Watkins, D Williams. Need another WR kind of mediocre. still 4-3
  18. boomers, man. they say things that don't make much sense to be funny. he thinks he is still in the 60s, spouting his antiquated thoughts.
  19. did hendo leap frog brown in the pecking order? does it matter?
  20. idk, no one does, I do think Rui has a real chance of being ROY PJ does too like any rookie, and I think he is very talented, I'd choose Rui over PJ but get both!
  21. Contender gets big names for a push while a likely rebuilding roster gets some draft capital. It would be better if that 2021 first was another 2020 first, but this trade is fine.
  22. I believe in Julio he's humming along nice and steady for the most part. The avalanche of 180/1 games are coming I would rather he peaks late and then we will look at his stats at the end of the year and see 1400+ yards like usual.
  23. The Pats were on defense on that Edelman reverse too??? Tell me more.
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