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  2. Why is he sitting today? Why do these players today get so many days off??? I miss the days of Cal Ripken Jr
  3. The walk rate is no bueno, and if it's one thing that points to a ratio killing pitcher it's a lack of control. High walks rates can = disaster outings. In redrafts I'd lean toward avoiding unless you have the roster room to feel him out.
  4. Sogard has always maintained a very nice Walk rate and OBP. Smith Jr has not been respectable .785 OPS. Not great but compare to what they have from Teoscar, Tellez, Jonathan Davis, Drury etc.
  5. I'm absolutely amazed by Gallen's stats considering the offensive numbers being put up in the PCL this year. I hate eating up a roster spot for a minor leaguer that doesn't have a true schedule, or expectation for a call up, and the fact that he would be pitching for the Marlins to boot, but I just have to hold him. He looks phenomenal.
  6. I play in a 10-team Dynasty/Keeper league, standard scoring, start 2 RB, 2 WR, one Flex. It's more of a "half-dynasty" league because at the start of every draft we keep 10 players, and drop 10 players. Rookie prospects go in the first round typically, and then the following rounds players that other teams have dropped, free agents, etc. This year I have 2nd pick. It's still very early, but I'm fairly certain Josh Jacobs will go first. In that case I'm deciding if I should go with N'Keal Harry or David Montgomery? Here are my RB and WR corps (one or two of these will be dropped, thinking either Brown or Kirk): RB - Ezekiel Elliot, Marlon Mack, Aaron Jones, James White WR - Davante Adams, Amari Cooper, Mike Williams, Christian Kirk, John Brown
  7. Yea that ruined all of my lineup plans. Now I have to decide between him and devers. And soon, stupid early game
  8. If he gets me 3 steals a week he can continue to struggle
  9. I'd personally like to see one more good start with minimal walks before I start throwing him out there. This start against a good lineup should be telling. You gotta be encouraged by last week but in no way do I feel confident about him going forward just because he beat a garbage offense like Cincinnati. He can single handedly destroy your ratios for the week.
  10. He needed 1 more OF start to be OF-eligible in CBS, and he played 3B yesterday... Oh well, next week it is.
  11. gonna roll with him and see how it goes tomorrow with the stream, an like i said, IF all stays lined up, he will have the fish over the weekend
  12. You're right. Gurley was healthy during the playoffs and the Rams didn't use him to trick the other teams or something
  13. I've got Weaver and Paddack going against eachother. Yikes!
  14. I'm not suggesting that anybody should or will get 100% TE RZ targets. Rather, I'm pointing out that saying the other guy is a non factor, or that he's somehow irrelevant is inherently untrue, and that making such an argument is silly when the numbers used to justify such clearly indicate otherwise.
  15. Still plenty of time to turn it around, but man has it been bleak. Debating if I should try to trade him for someone else's headache or hold tight (with him on my bench).
  16. drop has to be Kingery for me.....not clear PT. I dropped Jansen a few weeks back for for C, they are usually pretty easily interchangeable unless you have a big gun, which you can ride Vasquez for now then move on in a few weeks.... help?
  17. Maybe you guys aren't exactly sure how football works but let me break it down for you. NOBODY is getting 100% red zone targets at their position. So to talk about it as if it ONLY pertains to O.J. Howard and nobody else is literally one of the stupidest and laziest arguments I've ever seen. Demetrius Harris(a Chiefs TE) received 4 red zone targets last season and scored 3 TD's. Dallas Goedert(an Eagles TE) received 7 red zone targets last season and also scored 3 TD's. Kelce and Ertz BOTH PLAYED 16 GAMES. O.J. Howard ONLY PLAYED 9 GAMES and Cameron Brate scored 6 TD's. Find something else to use as an argument.
  18. make the trade and add rodgers.....essentially if you are willing to drop Hicks...makes total sense to get Pham. help?
  19. Right, but the controlling owner has at least 30%. Assuming an NFL team is worth 1 billon (give or take), Peyton would need to put up 300 Million to have a controlling interest. He's worth about 200M. The NFL player who could probably pull it off is Tom Brady, as long as Giselle is kicking money in too (they're worth about 600M).
  20. Don/t pay the juice like NFFC 25's, etc. ALL monies go into the pool. Free to run on MFL site. Send me your email..............
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