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  2. Saw the play. It looked innocuous. I can't imagine he is seriously hurt. Then again he is made of glass.....
  3. Wow, really surprised you'd have Madrigal so far behind Brujan - to me, they're very similar prospects with Madrigal doing it at AA and is a bit closer to joining what's going to be a stacked lineup on the south side.
  4. Padres are clearly riding this as a potential breakout giving him near every day starts... fantasy owners might as well follow suit. Nothing to lose for most fantasy owners.
  5. Was just coming in here to ask the same thing? Guessing it’s Watson but could also be Dyson? Also possible those guys get traded as well?
  6. with most everything that goes on these days with regard to "news" of any kind, you have reporters that reach out to the source for questions. i've not seen one quote or comment from the brewers org as to why they're keeping him in the minors right now, when super 2 has clearly passed. has anyone seen anything where the FO gave an indication as to what they're thinking? they've lost quite a few close games recently... has anybody asked the management team whether or not they believe hiura could have helped win some of those close games? i don't mean the coach interview after the game, i'm referring to the management team who makes the decisions on promotions/demotions. the front office bros. are milwaukee beat writers afraid they'll ruin their rep/access to the team if they ask pointed/difficult questions to the management? are they giving a "no comment" response or not returning calls? seems odd to not have answers, even if they're b.s.
  7. Walks have always been an issue with him, last year he finally figured that out to an extent, this year it is up a little 3.19 to 3.30 but the K rate is also up, hes not injured IMO, 100% mechanical issue/mentality at this point or maybe mechanics are off from the toe injury earlier this year, also hes giving up a career high HR%, Career high BABIP, and career low LOB% which are also factors which makes me feel even stronger that he isnt hurt
  8. He'll figure it out and when he does it'll be sexy!
  9. Who will close in San Fran when the fresh prince is traded?
  10. Urias Mckay Brujan Kelenic Keiboom Sanchez Bart Madrgial
  11. Via Reddit So out of 31 PCL qualified starters, Voth's 4.4 ERA is actually the 6th best. His FIP of 3.75, is the 2nd best. His xFIP, also the 2nd best. His K/9? 2nd best. His BB/9? 4th best. Other than Zac Gallen (who had a pretty nice debut for the Marlins a couple days ago) he's basically been the PCL's best starter this year. There is chance we may gotten better
  12. what if I had to offer up another good sp peacock/maeda to go with bum or different elite sp like ryu (instead of bum) lindor, bum, peacock 4 story and cole or lindor, ryu 4 story and cole
  13. That’s cool but it should be a paid league. $10 to $20 will raise the competition. I’ve been in a few free dynasty leagues and well most don’t last past the first year because people stop caring halfway through the season. No real incentive.
  14. Quad has to be acting up again and with the two days off before London vs rival Yanks this must be viewed as opportune time to get it right.
  15. Only way I start him again this week is if I am so far behind in my ratios and thanks to him that is already the case.
  16. For the casual fan who probably hears this "quarterback guru" moniker for Gase repeatedly, it would not be surprising for somebody to think that he is overrated and somehow he has fooled the entire league repeatedly into thinking he is some offensive genius. And though he may have never won a Super Bowl and aside from Manning never worked with a HOF talent, you can't argue with his results and track record. Just because he hasn't vaulted his QB and offense to #1 in the league every year, it doesn't mean he hasn't gotten results. I think recency bias of having Cutler and Tannehill affects how some people think of him.
  17. Will Smith is on everyone's radar and the rumor posted yesterday is the Dodgers want to add him badly and are in very serious talks with their arch-rival that would give them a roster of two Will Smith's in the process. Let us see if SF will FINALLY clean house since they have delusionally put it off the last couple of years. Each year people here say this bat or that bat should be moved but where is the market? Tons of teams want to move their bats but no buyers. Why? Because a team has limits and can only offer so many players/prospects and/or money back and pitching is always king at the deadline. Always always the most pressing need, both starters and relievers.
  18. That i basically would skip the depth tiers and be building a stud/scrub team with that plan. Clarity though, I'm not targeting Green, just imagining a scenario in which I draft him in my auction. There's no way he'd be my first WR because I love too many guys that are more expensive. What I do with my money after that is still a question mark, but I will almost certainly get one of Evans or Hilton and am prepared to shoot for the moon to do it.
  19. Even Nola hasn't been THIS bad. Or, at least he's been pretty consistently blah. Snell will look brilliant for a few starts, then obliterate your ratios. I don't have any shares, but he's gotta be the most frustrating guy to own this year.
  20. AJG is a wr1 barring injury. I have no problem spending $30 on him unless I’ve already spent closer to $50 on my wr1. Especially in 3 wr leagues.
  21. I need to do some thinking where the sweet spot is for me. I did some quick comparisons, and the expected value of a 6th round WR vs a 12th round WR is say 175 pt (.5 ppr) vs 115; but a 6th round QB should be 120 or more points worth more than a 12th round QB. The conventional wisdom is to take QB late (as both you and I said), but I'm not sure I support that automatically. Definitely there is room for strategy.
  22. I dropped this guy last year and regretted it the whole 2nd half of the season. I also made sure I drafted him this year, and now this? I don't want to make the same mistake twice, but he's definitely been frustrating. At least the peripherals look ok, but still, that only means so much. I notice most of the fantasy sites, including Rotoworld are still telling people to buy low.
  23. Out again today against another trash RHP. Has to be an injury. They've got two more days off before the London series so it can't be a rest issue.
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