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  2. Howard was actually on the field on that fourth down! First time I've seen him in an hour. And he looks like he was open, but of course terrible Wentz throws into triple coverage.
  3. I give up, who is overrating him? Even in Aug he wasn't considered more than a middling QB pick at most.
  4. Collinsworth: "Maybe the Eagles should've went to this hurry-up earlier because it's working". OF COURSE ITS WORKING. There is 6 minutes left in the game and the opposing team is up by 4 scores. SMH.
  5. I guess. Ekeler can't really run the ball either behind that line, it's a complete disaster. They pretty much have to throw every down now. They're gonna be playing comeback a lot. That said they definitely could have had this game today, the margin for error was razor thin at the end.
  6. They had like 8 goal line chances to score and just couldn’t get it done. I’m surprised they didn’t try a jumpball with Chark
  7. Winston was on his bye. I previously had Rivers but didn't feel great about his matchup in Tennessee, so I grabbed Brissett, who was home to a generous Texans D, and it paid off. That said, did I simply benefit from a favourable matchup? or is Brissett a better play than Winston, if we're ignoring matchups? I'm in 1st place and have started 3 different QB's this year. (Winston, Rivers, and now Brissett) Thoughts?
  8. Yes that does look too bold. Maybe 81% is more accurate. It was 85% 2 years ago in Philly, then dropped dramatically to mid 70s last season. I think he was dinged up and maybe tired last season. Or maybe the sample size from Oct to Dec wasn't big enough. Just reversion to the career average puts him at 81%.
  9. Why is Philly's second choice TE doubling the score of my Kelce.
  10. So frustrating. Howard has hardly seen the field this entire second half given the game script.
  11. He thinks hes still in KC with Mahomes. This guy is an idiot.
  12. One of the most overrated players in the league. B.D. Nick Foles > this bum
  13. ITT: Criticizing a player I don't own - and who I am blaming for my own poor decision-making - makes me feel better about wasting a second round pick on a well below-average running back. Also in this thread: ignoring the fact that McCoy owners got him for peanuts, and he's been outperforming his ADP. ---- Seriously, Dexter. What are you trying to show here? This seems like an insanely roundabout way to vent and rationalize.
  14. I started both Gordon and Ekeler today. Gordon needs to go, he’s been trash since he come back from his sprained MCL, he’s done. Trade him and make Ekeler the starter again and get back to winning.
  15. yea i think he's haunted by the fact that foles stole what was supposed to be his destiny
  16. I don’t think you can sell high yet. Nobody is buying one above average game
  17. Draft Tonight!
  18. Wow, just wow. That was brutal. Man has no idea what he is doing. He apparently thought the pass game was working in the first half. I know more about the way the game went, and I didnt even watch it.
  19. Is 14th-Year still running strong league solid for you? We are a free league though with H2H 13 Categories. Drafting Monday (tomorrow) @ 8 PM PST!!! Very fun active league... you won't regret it. Did I sparkle your curiosity to join us?
  20. Wow. After watching that presser, I truly don’t understand how that asshat is an NFL head coach. He is absolutely clueless. Clueless. He doesn’t even know where to begin in righting the ship. He basically said after having runs of 1, 0, 2 yards in the first quarter he abandoned the run because the “pass game was working.” What??? That pass game was not working. Even your best NFL teams don’t abandon the run after a few duds. Let alone teams with an awful, gun-shy QB. The only positive I got out of this is the media harassing him about not establishing the run, and then him stating over and over how it’s unacceptable not getting the run game going. My half glass full mentality will give Monty one more shot.. because he has a solid ROS RB schedule and the Bears literally have to figure out how to run or their season is over. Every game they’ve won the run was established and they fed Monty the rock (posting at least respectable FLEX numbers). One more chance.
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