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  2. Way to completely ignore his amazing May... 😉
  3. Got absolutely boned on scorekeeping today. This was ruled a hit rather than an error, and bregman ended up scoring ruining his QS
  4. Nice. The guy who will actually take over if Gurley goes down.
  5. It's 7:30am in Australia I wonder what @PackersFan1979 is doing right now?
  7. true. but if the management wants to have Leclerc back closing this is the opportune time to do it I guess
  8. Or Chris Martin, who I believe got the last save opp that wasn’t Kelley, and has a 2.97 ERA & 40/3 K/BB.
  9. Sean Peyton did hate mark Ingram. You are 100% correct about that.
  10. Declining? He’s on pace to reach his previous years stats and he hasn’t reached his prime years yet.
  11. Absolutely not 1st, 2nd really depends on what the rest of your roster looks like and what you can get on WW. Bregman is the top player by a smidge in #2.
  12. Ok, I'd like to clarify this situation. What I did in this league that year is a good lesson of what not to do regarding in season management. 😂 In 2016, Mark Ingram had a decent year. 5.1YPC on 200 carries. Yet Sean Payton was giving carries to Tim Hightower, John Kuhn and Travaris Cadet....because Sean Payton hated Mark Ingram for whatever reason....and Payton can be schizophrenic when it comes to running backs. I never drafted Mark Ingram as far I know, but I was very much on the idea that Payton hated him. In the offseason the Saints signed Adrian Peterson to a two year 7M contract. They also drafted Kamara 67th overall. I loved "Anyone but Ingram" in that situation. I really liked Kamara. I liked him even more after his first two preseason games. It seemed he was the best runner of the three at that point, and even if he wasn't....he was surely the best receiver. They'd have to give him some reasonable part of the running game I thought...and most of the RB receiving game. So I drafted him here (before the preseason), and in a few other leagues. I was pretty annoyed with Sean Payton by week 2. In the week 2 game, somehow Kamara only got 1 carry. Peterson and Ingram still got 75% of the playing time, and an even split of carries between them (8 each). I figured for whatever reason (Contract for Peterson, Draft Capital on Ingram) that Kamara wasn't going to get much outside of special teams. So in between weeks 2 and 3 I send him to Br0kenB for Thomas Rawls. Starting in week 3, the Saints steadily increased Kamara's snap count. After week 4, they traded Peterson, who they just signed to a 7M contract in April to the Cardinals for a conditional 6th round pick. I should have just "reached" for Gurley in that draft in this first place which is what I was considering (like Saquon going a few picks early last year, and Derrick Henry going early this year). I won in nearly every other league I was in that year, except this one. So yes, anything is possible. Especially in an unsettled backfield. Plus that rookie RB on KC is named Darwin. Survival of the fittest!
  13. Kelley arm injury while warming up - snag Leclerc if he's on your wire with your last move of the week just in case
  14. I have Lindor at SS so position eligibility doesn’t matter.
  15. Round 4 1.Taenggg: Chris Paul (4.1) 2.Kenny Mack: Robert Covington (4.2) 3.Ganandorf: D'Angelo Russell (4.3) 4.Gile Pile: 5.Turner46: 6.Slmroz: 7.StifleTower2: 8.Styler: 9.christian: 10.Simsanityy179: 11.Iowncrazyhair: 12.BetterCallHinkie: Team Long Live The King PG:D'Angelo Russell (4.3) SG: Buddy Heild (3.10) G: SF: King James (1.10) PF:  F: 😄Rudy Gobert (2.3) C: UT: UT: Bench: Bench: Bench
  16. Any issue on Pressly? Haven't seen him pitch in awhile
  17. That lineup is stacked, and if/when Tucker arrives, it could become even more dangerous. Depending on his utility vs. of status, he would be a late 1st/early 2nd w/ of eligibility or 4th with utl status. His stats will still be there. Ortiz was amazing utility fantasy player near the end, if I'm not mistaking.
  18. i still like machado at ss over devers in dynasty
  19. Yep. I stopped watching and he started rolling. The Mets was hitting his curve ball. I only watched first two innings. Now I'm intrigued which pitch is getting the most swing and miss. I love Bochy and will miss that guy. I bring him up because he wouldn't give no scouting report on Menez for the Mets to hear.
  20. why would the other manager trade you devers for a declining machado?
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