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  2. You can't beat him in Whip and probably not ERA. You need to win the K cats and QS and make sure arenado is offsetting or hopefully gaining you overall points in the deal. I'd deal Ryu for the fact you need K guys and accept his pitching is very good ratio wise
  3. I'm never a fan of being on the short side of 2 for 1s. You really are losing too much value. But with the caliber of SP you have I'd probably accept trout. You could afford to probably lose another sp after Stras and survive
  4. Whether we speak about Mahomes ADP being too high or thing is for certain. If he's still sitting there at Pick 30 during your draft, you know you'll be seriously contemplating drafting him..and anyone saying outright that they wouldn't consider him at that spot is lying through their teeth. So many people (and experts), are calling out that his ADP is too high (being in the 30's)... MY OPINION: I think his ADP 30-40 is right where it needs to be. Last year, this kid was doing SPECIAL things. Unbelievable things. To the point where everyone in my league was DREADING playing the manager who owned Mahomes. Whenever I played a Mahomes owner, if Mahomes scored under 30 PPR points, I was calling that a WIN. He's a game changer, a guy who legitimately could post 35+ PPR points each and every week. He may not match his 5,000 passing yards and 50 TDs, but 4,500 passing yards and 35-40 TDs seems very much in reach. I'm not jumping on him between Picks 1-30...but if he's still sitting there around Pick 31...You best believe everyone's going to be strongly considering drafting him.
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  6. As of right now, Bieber is a top 10 SP. Over his last six starts, he has a 2.40 ERA and 0.75 WHIP. Low BB% and high K%.
  7. Go Bieber, Corbin, Arrieta, Gallen, etc.
  8. And to think he is still 22 years old.... No wonder back in 2016 and 2017 scouts were hyping this kid.... I think we only see only the tip of the offensive iceberg still....
  9. IF, (and it's a very BIG IF), they did this, a 17-game season would be the way to go... 18 games + playoffs seems like too much of a leap believe it or not. but doing a 17-game season, add a couple of wild card teams, that could be fun. I find the season always to be too short (obvious it's different for players....but then again, I'm not making 10 Million a year)
  10. I was randomly looking through rankings and was shocked at how high this guy was. Can't believe he was on the wire not even a month ago in my 10T.
  11. I'll speak from experience, as last year I took the JAX defense 103rd overall (8th round).. And I can honestly say I will never do that again. I missed out on guys like Mahomes, Sony Michel, Marlon Mack and others. Reaching for a defense that you really like isn't necessarily a bad thing....unless you do it wayyyyy to early. And last year, I did it wayyyyyy to early... My advice: Never take a DEF before Pick 135-140. And even then, it better be a defense that you completely believe in. It will never fail. This year it's the CHI defense...and you just watch...someone in your draft will take the CHI defense between ADP Pick 80-100. Simply put, you have two choices and it's pretty black and white: Use your 7th-9th round Picks on "Upside/Possible Breakout Players" or "Take an extreme gamble by reaching for last years' #1 or #2 ranked defenses"
  12. I was dying when he started going off about the Mets hitter's socks in like the 14th inning "HEEYYYYYY WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE SOCKS?" "HOW MUCH WERE THEY?" "FREE? NICE SOOOOCCKKKKSSSS!!!" And you could hear that guy more clearly than Kruk and Kuip. Sounded like he was right in the press box with them lol
  13. Fair enough. My point though is not every stud prospect will become a superstar as soon as they hit the Majors. In many situations there is a adjustment period. I'm lost on the age factor, or maybe it is pass my bed time. Feel free to elaborate.
  14. Giants can't even lose right ffs, stop winning so ownership doesn't decide to do something dumb like not sell!
  15. When you throw in the steals I could see putting Robert ahead of Beni and Moncada. But I can't put him ahead of Vlad.
  16. Agree with others who are congratulating those who bought low. If he's a top 20-30 ROS you probably didn't have to pay close for that. Wish I could have.
  17. The k rate is concerning. I also am questioning the ability of the current pit regime player development system to help their young talented get their k rates under control. Mitchell, Martin, and Herman all have troubling k rates. Mitchell has gone backwards. Lolo Sanchez and Martin both had to repeat levels to to have surface success. Herman remains a guy I'm closely tracking but contact rate is key.
  18. Does he even have any NL parks on the schedule this year? I suppose he would not play multiple games in a series right now as a fielder.
  19. Speaking of GOATs, you still got it v1n! @v1n5anity=GOAT
  20. You sound like the people who were excited for the 1 HR he hit at Coors.
  21. It's true their struggles aren't comparable, Bregman was two years older.
  22. Bregman put up a 114+ wRC+ in his first 217 PA. Vlad has an 88 wRC+ in 278 PA. Their struggles are not comparable.
  23. Messed up bad here. Did not see the redraft part. I would take it in that case. I like Flaherty to bounce back and Bichette is a question mark in a redraft
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