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  2. So, hypothetically, if you kept TE HHenry along with Kamara and Allen, and 6 QBs plus the 3 QB keepers went before you in RD 1 (assuming all owners have a 1st RD pick), you'd still be looking at a worthy starter for the position (going by dynasty rankings)...possibly even punting the QB pick to the 2nd RD. Do you have a feel for what RBs and WRs will be kept?
  3. This guy is starting to become a guy that hides injuries and makes them worse. Not complaining by any means, I love the guy, just worried about his long term health as a player, not only a fantasy contributor.
  4. isnt he an FA at the end of the year? The mets should sell, they are not going to compete this year.
  5. I auction draft, so isn't happening, sorry
  6. as someone heavily invested in both diggs and thielen, i'm counting on you taking cook in round 2.
  7. This thread ended up with some unexpected entertainment value lol
  8. Add Alexander Mojica to the list too. Leading the DSL in wRC+ at 228 and only 16 years old. I have a very weird stat that I use for judging youngsters fantasy impact..... games/XBH+SB, and I usually look for guys over .5XBH+SB per game. That Martinez kid has a 1:1 ratio, I'm digging it. He has an odd 20/80 FV for his individual skills 55 Hit 45 Game power 50 Raw power 60 Speed 50 Field 60 Throw and the sum of that is a 40 overall FV, seems low for his tools. Edit: Mojica is a 3B for PIT
  9. Not saying it's right or wrong but I don't take advice from anywhere. I get information, maybe some opinions based on information, but "you should do this or that" I never pay attention to. Just point out some info and maybe how that supports whatever pros and cons and I'll decide how valid they are.
  10. Do you know your draft order, specifically the 1st RD?
  11. One would be my SS and the other in one of my UTIL spots since I have 2. And I will just bench whoever is slumping.
  12. I'd make the trade. I like the improved draft slot, from the 5th RD to the 3rd RD (big jump), and Chase Edmonds is a very talented RB, therefore, he is a "legit" handcuff. Talented RBs in a direct back-up role, are prime handcuff candidates. Note: Chase Edmonds was not in AZ when Johnson missed the 2017 season. Keep your eye on Wes Hills in AZ as well...not saying he'll leap frog Edmonds, but Hills was drafted by the current coaching staff, and he's been compared to DJ. Ozigbo in NO is no slouch either, and could definitely eat into Murray's carries as the COP RB2 or RB1 (injury to Kamara) in NO. Murray started 6 games in Minny last season, putting up starter worthy numbers in 3 of them, and only ran for 50+ yds 4 times on the entire season (with 3 of those being in starts) and he scored 6 total TDs (with 5 of those coming in starts.) So, unless Kamara goes down, I doubt Latavius sees your starting line-up < Same with Edmonds/DJ, but you get the improved draft RD along w/ the security blanket.
  13. Agree with this as well. James Washington and moncrief are outside guys.
  14. I guess that means yes. You know what happens: if I don't draft Cook he stays healthy. If I do, he gets knocked out for most of the year.
  15. Agree, however it is/was slated to be a two-start week for weekly leagues and I couldn't sit him. This season feels cursed for him after the rolled ankle, but hopefully he's doing better by the weekend.
  16. I still think he's going to see the slot quite a bit. Guys don't tend to get doubled in the slot.
  17. Yeah that’ll be interesting. One thing I will say is Pittsburgh does a phenomenal job of scheming up open looks. A few years there AB didn’t have much help, was always double teamed, and they always had ways to get him open. Plus, teams aren’t going to just flat out double him all game every game. Most defensive coordinators don’t want to double someone, it hurts the defense.
  18. Forecast doesnt look great in DC. Chance of thunderstorms all evening with what looks like pockets of heavy rain. Not quite as bad in Atlanta but still a chance of thunderstorms. I would guess they attempt to get both games in but it could affect the starters. Of course I have 3 Braves, 2 Nats and 2 Phillies.
  19. Franchise history isn’t really relevant to this conversation. Historically Boston is far better than SD, but it has nothing to do with deciding between Bogaerts and Tatis. Tatis is the better player in a dynasty regardless of what team he’s on. Lineups change and previously bad teams have good runs, while previously good teams go into decade-long slumps. You go with talent in dynasty not anything else. In fact, what if Tatis gets traded to the Yankees or Red Sox? Or signs with either as a free agent? I don’t see him getting traded there, but just pointing out that Tatis may not even finish his career in SD.
  20. Yeah, except, and this to me is the more interesting discussion, obviously he's going to face stronger defense, including double teams. It's easier to excel when you have another top receiver on the field drawing coverage.
  21. QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, FLEX Kamara is a 5th and Allen is a 6th Looking at projected keepers for other teams: Mahomes, Mayfield, Luck are the only 3 I think might get kept. Thanks for the input!
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