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  2. On the trade block in my league. Tempted to buy low but man he's been atrocious since July...
  3. From what I can tell the bullpen was used wisely. Neris struck out the side in the 9th, Morgan and Neshek handled 7th and 8th without damage. Maybe using Sir Anthony for a single hitter in the 6th annoyed the poster??
  4. Does the league count walks or OBP? then Vogelbach easily. I also think I like Seattle's lineup better. Slight endge to Danmy boy.
  5. I'd go with Caleb Smith. My gut tells me Caleb Smith will be excellent this year and emerge as the Marlins Ace. I like Touki as well but there's still so much unknown.
  6. Yeah I agree ..Voit is too potentially valuable to drop plus your league is using BB as a category whcih he gets a lot of. Batting 4th or 5th in a really good lineup, thats hard to find. I'd drop bell over Voit and pickup Sonny Gray.
  7. I'd do that in a second. I think Posey's best days are behind him and his team is terrible. Posey's just a brand name. Mchugh is off to a good start but I doubt he keeps this up all season.
  8. I run a league that has been going on for about 19 years & we have been on ESPN for the past six years or so. This league is probably different from any one you have ever played in before & it requires a little more dedication than a standard fantasy baseball league. Outside of our standard keeper league, we also have a dynasty minor league too. Each June we draft three players from the MLB draft. I won't go into all of the details, but you have this whole stable of minor league guys on your team that you control. You get to keep those guys until they have been in the majors for two years. Once they hit two years there are three slots where you can keep those players forever. It is a little complicated at first, but easy & fun when you get used to it. It is kind of cool to draft a guy like Clayton Kershaw at 18, watch him in the minors & have him on your team the entire time. Here is the info on the regular ESPN league. Eight teams. Huge 34 player rosters. 3 DL slots. 12 daily hitter slots. Five starting Starting Pitcher slots & two Relief Pitcher Slots, but there is a limit for starting pitcher games per week. Weekly H2H points games. Four regular keepers (not including players in your minor league system). We like to trade. We have one team that has an opening. Here are some of the top players from the team: Altuve, Manny Machadao, Arenado, DeGrom, Joey Gallo, Paxton, Sonny Gray & Fernando Tatis Jr. If you would be interested in taking over this team, please email me. Thanks. 
  9. Hey I did too last year. Just because I didn't use any facts and stuff should be a plus, right? 😉
  10. Reynolds might get a couple starts at 1B while he starts at 2B. But yeah, he was well on his way until Murphy got hurt.
  11. What happened? Only Phillie reliever I still have is Sir Anthony in one league and I saw he was perfect getting out his one lone batter. Progress there.
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  13. Can someone call him and tell him to relax. Last two starts: 1IP, 5H, 3ER, 0K, 2L
  14. It works fine now in all 4 of my leagues so, sorry to hear that. I guess you are on Bigcat from Buffalo's black list or something. Try feeding him some canned tuna. Maybe that will help.
  15. I don't think its that ridiculous. McMahon has been sitting against all lefties. And the NL West seems to haven an inordinate amount of lefty starters. Plus there's an open question as to if you want to start him outside of Coors. Maybe you do, but it also depends on the alternatives and league settings. But most Rockies hitters have a solid home/road split disparity. For example, over the last 3 seasons, Trevor Story has a .971 OPS at home, but a .752 on the road.
  16. I'd take the deal, with Barnes not really being the closer like you said it's an easy move to make. Like Gramps said, take the better player and right now that's Diaz.
  17. B for sure, more power and that’s what wins in points leagues.
  18. Active owner - if Team is still open would like to join league - Eddie
  19. Have to agree with the above. I’d have to lose Pillar on this one as well. Good luck! Help with mine?
  20. Even Machado is struggling a bit. Myers has been playing well, but not consistently. Hosmer/Kinsler are god awful, and Renfroe/Reyes can't keep it together. Margot was looking good, but out for a few days. Tatis is by far the most dynamic player on the team. Those last two SBs really should have been defensive indifferences, but I'm not complaining. They said it on an earlier broadcast, that he really took a jump at AA when they put him at leadoff. They were waiting with him at 6th-ish to make sure he had a grasp of the MLB level and felt this was the time to bump him up. Clearly working. Hosmer needs to clear out of that 2-hole. Go Tatis-Myers-Machado-Reyes.
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