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  2. Royce looked better than Lindsay last night. Given my RB troubles, he may be a decent RB2/Flex moving forward, especially in PPR since he is getting 3-4 catches a night.
  3. Any concern about Moreau is overblown. The whole appeal of Waller in August was the idea that the Raiders were extremely thin at pass catcher behind AB. We were expecting AB to catch over 100 balls and score double-digit TDs, and even in that scenario, Waller had appeal as a secondary passing game option because the TE landscape is that weak. Now obviously, AB’s flameout pushed Waller into a heavier target share than we could have dreamed of on draft night, but Carr can’t just throw to one guy. Moreau is getting targets because all of their WRs are hurt and/or bad at football. He’s not “vulturing” anything. Nobody gets 20 targets per game.
  4. Fair enough. Most drafted Damien before the McCoy signing. Going into this season, a lead back in that KC Mahomes lead high-powered offense and given how Damien ended the last season, his ADP wasnt ridiculous. Just didnt work out.
  5. If he plays this week, that will be a pleasant surprise. I'm glad he's doing well and looks to be on track to return next week at the earliest.
  6. If I lose this week im dropping my entire team for the miami dolphins starting lineup
  7. John elway needs to get a lot of heat for this sorry offense.
  8. Yeah, this is the first time I fell for drafting a late season RB surge. I thankfully didn't waste a top 3 pick on him, but I sure as hell wish I had Chris Carson over Damien. Both were there in the 4th round and I went with Damien.. With Mahomes out, KC's offense is going to be a mess moving forward. Damien is now just a handcuff in case McCoy goes down, and even if that happens, he'll be in a timeshare with the other Williams.
  9. Im getting tired of this guys bum hammies. He on the aj green plan or what?
  10. I sat Freeman and he put up the 16 points I figured. Hopefully Gordon can match or better that. I’m not worried that Gore will put up at least that much against Miami.
  11. Yes, Arian Foster is a notable exception, there may be more. The original should be amended slightly to 'Never use high draft capital on RBs that had late season surges due to injuries or other circumstances particularly if that RB has been in the league for 5 years and had done nothing prior to that and everyone on the planet knew he was a JAG'
  12. Not sure who's high here, McDermott or the Rotoworld guys. Pretty sure the Bills are not playing the Jaguars. Either way this post irritated the sh*t out of me.
  13. I have Lindsay getting tripped up replaying in my head. Oh what could have been.🤦‍♂️
  14. Hard no on Eifert. Saw this movie before with the Saints picking up Fleener who supposedly Drew Brees would jump start his career. Sometimes a guy like Eifert or Gary Barnidge puts together a decent season or season and a half and folks spend the next 6 years chasing those past points. Especially in the Saints case where they don't use their TEs that much; aside from one season of Shockey and 3 of Graham (who they had no problem trading to SEA for an OL) and was used basically as a WR anyway.
  15. If no, I will drop Lazard for Dorsett. Half PPR, would only be if MVS, Allison and Adams are out.
  16. extremely lucky. the whole offense was horrid and Freeman was very fortunate to get enough 3 yard plods and a GL plunge. Nothing to see here.
  17. Agree - he is a "safe" WR2. Capped upside but very safe floor.
  18. Good fantasy game, 16 points in PPR.
  19. Attention all fantasy basketball players: I am looking for owners for my ESPN league drafting this Sunday (10/20) at 9:00 ET. The entry fee is $20 via LeagueSafe. Looking for dedicated players for a fun but serious low-stakes league. Settings: Matchups are based on H2H Points Scoring Fairly standard scoring, check settings for details Draft format will be Snake Draft Payouts: 1st Place: $120 2nd Place: $60 3rd Place: $20 If you're interested or know anyone interested please reply or email me:
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