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  2. Why wouldn't he have 3 better plays? Nobody outside of 14 team leagues or superflexes drafted McLaurin and it's reasonable to assume he drafted 3 good WRs or 2 and made another great pickup.
  3. Ugh I'm terrified to start him on TNF, plus Scary Terry. Whatever I do I know it will be end up being the wrong decision.
  4. I know you said no yahoo but a bunch of other people posted and maybe their interested, I have 2 250$ head to head category (10 categories minutes played is 10th) 1 win leagues I'm trying to get to draft tonight and here are the links if anyone's interested.
  5. He had another TD pass go right thru his hands in a key point in the game yesterday. It was not even that tough of a catch. The Vikes missed the subsequent FG and it looked like Det might get the momentum back. He has had a couple of drops, ball goes through hands and bounces of face mask for an Int in prior weeks. He could have had much bigger games if he was really concentrating.
  6. What is everyone doing with this guy? I’m in a 10 teamer and he’s starting to look more and more like I just need to cut ties. Dede, stills and even C Davis and AJB are looking more appealing than him by the day. Has done nothing since week 1.
  7. Post your team or draft here, and let others comment on it, give advice, or just get your dreams pooped on. Either way, you should get some honest advice, and we can all help each other! Include ALL relevant details about your league, each situation is different Yahoo, ESPN, etc roto, h2h points, 8-cat, 9-cat # teams auction, snaking if keeper/dynasty, #players, #years, cost to keep
  8. Babytron is a volatile WR2. He will always be that in a Matthew Stafford-run offense. He will never be a WR1. In 10-team he's WR3, and may be WR2 in 12-team, I don't know. I think he will finish the season as a WR2. His breakout was supposed to come when Tate was traded last year. After watching Stafford ignore him in tough matchups, I knew his ceiling was capped. He has a shot at low-end WR1, but that's if he gets a boom game like MJJ.
  9. Devin Booker is dealing with a sprained middle finger on his left (non-shooting) hand, but said that he's "fine." After Booker saw Jaylen Brown's 4-yr $115m extension.
  10. IS it understood that he's the starter? Or does Robert Williams/Enes Kanter have a chance?
  11. By that logic, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris werent rosterable when he was in Philly. That makes no sense bruh.
  12. All depends on how the league manager set things up. You should be able to see what the waiver period is in your league settings. The default settings should work as you’re expecting. If the player is on a bye and dropped yesterday, today would be the one day default waiver period, and would clear tomorrow morning. Good luck
  13. Three better plays? You must have some good WRs. Terry is currently #12 overall in standard scoring, even with the bye. If you go by average points per game, he's #10. This is including yesterday's debacle. He's quite a bit lower in PPR, so maybe that's the disconnect.
  14. Head to head 1 win 10 cat faab league. Here is the link to join, you can join and read the rest of the settings if you are unsure whether you want to play.
  15. Forget the game-time decision b.s. Now that they know Edmonds is more than capable of carrying the load, let DJ sit out a game to heal.
  16. (fun fact this is The Hound from GoT)
  17. Dude, your team isn’t as bad as you’d like to think. I would get rid of the last 3 picks, send Kanter packing for a PG, and maybe even move one of your other bigs for an assist PG/wing. Challenge yourself to salvage this roster!!!!
  18. Yea I 100% know what you mean, but against a leaky defense like that, I think Wilson will be slinging a couple of long TD passes. Hopefully one will be to Lockett 🤞🏻
  19. Bad teams have a tendency to melt all the way down on TNF. I'm not sure Terry is a must-start after seeing how low the floor can be. I wouldn't fault anyone for just shrugging off yesterday's dud and starting him anyway, but I'm pretty sure I have three better plays in Week 8.
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