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  2. yeah but he doesnt have the stats to demand that $$$$....especially when he plays on a team that runs through rivers...if he was on a team with josh rosen as his qb he would probably be benched at some point for mark walton lol
  3. Am I crazy that i'm considering benching Mixon in favor of Singletarry? Singletarry vs Dolphins ~ Singletarry is explosive and playing the lowly Dolphins. Mixon vs Jags ~ Mixon has an awful O line and bengals are often not running. Jags D good. half point ppr. 12 team league. Already starting the following: QB- Jackson RB- Carson & Fournette WR- A Robinson & Diggs TE- Andrews Flex- Mixon or Singletarry? Defense- Eagles Bench- J Allen, C Samuel, R Anderson, L Murrary, Dorsett
  4. if he’s back at 30-34%, that’s fine with me
  5. Barton is definitely a drop for Nance.
  6. Just curious, but what tells us that Rodgers likes him? Not sure if one quarter of action is telling.
  7. Gore , look what AP did last week and that was with no offensive line and a horrible offense.....+ Singletary will be eased back into touches meaning his 1st game back from a hammy injury vs. the worst team in the league = not many touches compared to what gores going to get
  8. Not realistic for 2020 given how much money he is owed. Best case is you hope he comes back in 2020, does reasonably well to at least the level of what he did in 2018 and then you deal him eating part of his contract in the process and hopefully getting something decent in return. With what they owe him, trading him now is just going to a fool's bet imo.
  9. Just answered yours. my wrs are hurting a bit because I had AB. They are Beckham, Sutton, Hollywood Brown, tyrell Williams, and Robby Anderson. He has Ty Hilton and Julio jones.
  10. I would be receiving the following: (Standard Scoring League) Todd Gurley Evan Engram Latavious Murray FOR Melvin Gurley Stephon Diggs Dawson Knox Thanks!!!
  11. Christian Wood. Nice fantasy stat line C, good FT%, shoot 3s and block shots. Worth a look since BG injury prone or even if he gets waived will be be picked up by teams that need a C and given minutes?
  12. Tate, because of match up, Shepard still out, & even more so if Barkley returns. ARI will have to obviously respect Barkley, which can open up play action. Thanks for mine!
  13. I think I would try to offer it as a 2 for 1 first. Juju has enough name value that he could consider it. Plus, there’s uncertainty about greens return and Michel getting a lot of goaline work and tds vultured. Thanks for the help in mine.
  14. I think itd be enough if brown is out.
  15. I would of not drafted Steph at 2. He will be fine, but I KAT personally. Josh Richardson is on team where he may be the 4th option. You definitely have 3s, steals, ft%, pts and maybe assist in competition. I would see if you could get one more big somewhere. Maybe trade vucevic for 2 bigs like Adam's and JV. But overall, solid picks
  16. 0-7? C'mawn. Just traded for this guy too
  17. Agreed. Ekeler is still a better option than JWilliams this week. Gore and Breida of course plus their matchups Help?
  18. If you can do Zeke/Evans for Barkley/Jacobs, that may work. Not sure you get B Cooks thrown in there. Would ask them what they will give up for Zeke/Evans or Zeke/Godwin.
  19. Please explain to me how numbing his toe will not risk further injury? lol.
  20. 10 team league we play 2 QB's and we only have 4 bench spots Current Roster: Record 5-1 QB: Matt Ryan QB: Jameis Winston *Bye* RB: David Johnson *Questionable* RB: David Montgomery WR: Julio Jones *Questionable* WR: DJ Moore *Bye* TE: Jared Cook *Questionable* DST: Patriots K: Harrison Butler Bench: Antonio Brown (WR), James White (RB), Emmanuel Sanders (WR), Courtland Sutton (WR) ( only 4 bench spots) If all the *Questionable* players are out along with the bye week people, it might be tough to fill the roster out for this week. I could drop Antonio Brown for a filler QB (top fa QB are Dalton, Flacco)
  21. There aren't many other players in the draft that can almost single-handedly win you a category most weeks. Good chance Mitch Rob leads the league in blocks this season. That is still valuable. Does that equate to 3rd or 4th round value? Maybe, we'll see.
  22. I would do it since you have Waller as a cushion but you have solid RBs already which makes me curious about your WRs. Return the favor?
  23. Since these are starting and there's already one for Hampson, might as well do McMahon next. He's an interesting player. Positives: * Hit 17 HR and 47 RBI in 2nd half, which would prorate to 38 HR and 104 RBI over a full season. * 91.4 avg exit velocity and 47.7% hard hit rate both among the best in the league. Want a guy who hits the ball really hard in Coors? * Was a fairly touted prospect, plus he's still young - turns 25 in December. * Eligible at 1B, 2B and 3B in some formats. Negatives: * 29.7% K rate and 50.8% GB rate - oof. About 60% of his PAs were strikeouts or grounders. * His K and GB rates actually got worse during the 2nd half. His "breakout" was fueled by an unsustainable 40.5 HR/FB%. * Only produced 0.6 WAR and is no lock for PT with Hampson and Rodgers in the 2B mix. Take him out of Colorado and I'd be beyond uninterested. Those K and GB rates are gross and there's no guarantee he has a job. But the upside remains really tantalizing, and his ADP based on 2EarlyMocks is 174. At that point it might be worth a shot. Who's buying?
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