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  2. The schedule is cakey. If he does anything short of earning the LEAGUEWINNER tag then I'm holding him and everyone recommending him personally accountable.
  3. He’s right, you should grab J Will and sow up this GB backfield. Then you can rest easy my son
  4. Lazard is your best play this week since there is no one else to throw to in GB. Adams is out and both MVS and Allison are hurt and not on the same page as Rodgers.
  5. Drop for J. Williams cause he's part of a time share and has independent value as well as your handcuff to Jones
  6. Anyone benching KA after three straight duds? Wasn’t planning to, but after Amari was looking iffy, was forced to start Hardman last night (who did ok). Now it’s looking like Amari will be active lol, so I’m slotting him back in. (3rd receiver is Fitz.) Wasn’t my original intent to bench Allen, mind you, but I’m now thinking he might be a good sit this week anyhow. He’s definitely in a slump, and Tennessee has a fairly decent pass D. Thoughts?
  7. John Brown is the logical choice especially that juicy matchup. But what does your heart tell you huh ? Is it yelling out Scarrry Terry !!! Or F1 Mclaurin !!! Well then you’ll already know your answer . GL
  8. Mikal bridges, grant (denver), FVV, anunoby, carter Jr? Need to drop one. Also can drop 2 and get murray (spurs) or sato, should I? 12t h2h 9cat
  9. On the bright side, this will all be over in 2 weeks time
  10. At 4-2 I think you can hold out hope in Adams but I don't like that their is no real timetable for his return. Could be next week or a month from now. Lockett is real good and SEA is clicking so I like him but I don't see the value in Walker since you have OJ and Herndon. Herdon should be good when he returns and OJ is a stop gap till then. Walker hasn't been special and is basically a streamer TE at this point. I can't remember if Tannehill liked to throw to the TE or not. I just remember him throwing exclusively to Landry
  11. Negative. Go Ridley as your WR2 and Scary Terry ! As your Flex . Boom bam
  12. If this is any sort of PPR format, I would drop Tyrell for Crowder. Lazard’s value could very well disappear when MVS, Geronimo, Adams return. Crowder should have solid PPR value rest of season.
  13. Negative, Melvin Gordon is a beast . Just watch
  14. If you don’t believe this is an exact science, shame on you.
  15. I’d hang onto Gordon and Henry. Both have potential to be top tier at their position down the stretch. The other package just doesn’t have enough overall value to consider giving them up.
  16. Stop tempting fate with all this overthinking. Set. Forget. Come back for the circle jerk each mon/tues.
  17. Gross since he can totally implode but Winston vs ARI he has the biggest upside. I can totally see IND go clock managing and have Mack run the ball down their throats
  18. Tate for sure. He’s steadily been getting looks from Dalton. It’s hard to predict what Henderson’s role will be.
  19. Steeler DST since they play MIA next week and Sam Darnold who's schedule gets juicy after this week against NE
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