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  2. 2016 he was awful without a QB. 2015 his QBs were weak (Hoyer / Mallett) in real life, but they were decent fantasy QBs. But if your QB hits 2016 Brock Osweiler / Tom Savage levels, no WR can produce. Even with them, he went 954 / 4 tds, but with his talent, he should never be under 1000 yards barring injury.
  3. Why would anyone offer you those to for Hooper only? Of course you take that trade!
  4. Melli has looked good, and could fit well into the NOP rotation. However, top sleeper is a little much to anoint him with. Maybe he is a solid rotation guy and can fill out categories late like a mini-swiss army knife, but a top sleeper is someone like Siakam from last year, who was a mid round guy who completely blew the doors off projections and made himself into an unquestioned early round guy.
  5. Why would you want to trade him for Bryant? I had both of them last year and Mitch has way more upside than Bryant IMO.
  6. Breakout week written all over his name... absolultely must start.
  7. Trading away Odell for this guy. All aboard!!
  8. Receive Mark Ingram Send Boyd, James White Receive Davante Adams Send Sony Michele, Robert Woods
  9. I am sitting Terry, they are shutting other (way better) teams down.
  10. The x-factor is one has a good coach and the other doesn't.
  11. Do you think guys that I could trade him for Thomas Bryant? I have KAT, Porzingis and Turner and other good stocks players (the Bridges, Lord Cov, Smart)
  12. Nope just me being an idiot and tinkering last second. I started Fitzmagic that week why the hell would I swap out Hopkins for Jarvis Landry? Literally would've won the millionaire maker. f--- why do I bring this up it just pisses me off!
  13. Mayo is a good call with NY being so shorthanded at LB. He’s mediocre but there’s going to be a lot of opportunity. Allen is interesting. Been getting it done with both tackles and sacks. He did do it against O-lines that have been struggling. Worth a look though for sure.
  14. Probably cause you didn't see the talent in him at the time, kind of like some of you not seeing the talent in Charknado
  15. I remember Hopkins scoring 4 TDs with Fitzmagic throwing to him. Switched him out of my fanduel lineup last second. Still hurts 5 years later.
  16. Hang on to Montgomery. His schedule from week 10 on is silly nice. He and Singletary both have silly amazing schedules. Look for these two to carry you too and through the playoffs
  17. I remember Hopkins not having a qb once too
  18. Wouldnt it mean that now he has locked up that money, he doesn't need to worry about an injury ruining his potential contract (if he was unsigned)?
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