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  2. Was offered Pham/LeClerc for my Gallo. Thinking I should do it, but I don't see a clear drop on my roster. Thinking ERod, Happ, or Swarzak? Is having 6 closers overkill? Pitching slots are SPx2 RPx2 Px4 with 5 total bench slots. WHIR 1000%
  3. He needs to be owned in every league at this point, even shallow 8-team leagues. He probably won't amass a ton of wins, but his ratios will be fantastic. His stuff isn't overpowering, but he knows how to pitch.
  4. He’s throwing his changeup 10% more this year and it’s already the 7th best rated in baseball. Getting a ton of whiffs and weak contact. He’s fully grasped the third pitch. If that trend continues you have a full on top 15-20 SP breakout in progress. Buy buy buy.
  5. in AP's defense (and i am no fan of his by any stretch, what he did was borderline barbaric) he did not have a prior incident, especially one so heinous as Hill with the pregnant GF. furthermore, i believe AP is just some dumb backwoods cat who honestly could not grasp the serious nature of his transgression ... yeah, the guy is stoooopit. he saw what he did as normal, as per how he saw fit to discipline. now, conversely, people forget that a couple years prior AP had a son who was beaten to death by the baby momma's then boyfriend ... apparently he couldn't give two sheets about that kid - horrible parenting on his part, but being a dopey human, in and of itself, does not make him culpable in any way. just makes him a very flawed person. garbage guy, imo ... but not on Tyreek's level. Hill looks to be a serial abuser - my mom worked in the field for 30+ years with victims of domestic violence, and the rate of recidivism is astronomical, moreso than addicts ... if it happened once you can be damn sure it will repeat. once the first incident of abuse is carried out it becomes second nature ... Hill's a straight up bad guy. this will not be the last time we hear of an incident involving him, sadly. and i say "sadly" for those who will be on the receiving end of it. tl;dr - AP is a dumb dude who knows/knew no better, Hill is a recidivist abuser.
  6. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t AP survive admitting to beating his kid with a switch? I believe he was actually charged with a crime also. Any differences on why he’d be suspended and allowed to play again, while people are saying Hill is banned for life? Is that just hyperbole in reaction to shocking news or a legitimate take?
  7. this season and beyond. meaning potential in a keeper league included. points league. k=2. caleb smith domingo german max fried matthew boyd touki toussaint
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  9. Who do you drop in a points league - and WHY? Dwight Smith Jr. Or Eloy Jimenez
  10. 15% of season played and we are playing mvp and #1 player card?
  11. Career OPS judge .961 cody .913 Career wOBA Judge .402 cody .378 .48 points higher OPS .24 point higher wOBA Judge has been better so far and I don't think it's a debate If you want to debate rest of career from here on out ok I'm taking judge
  12. 0 chance I would add any of those bats over voit in any league. (not even to hedge)
  13. He did shoot an insane % - 55% with 1 3PM (37%), eFG% of 59%, TS% of 63% (both top 20 in the league filtering players under 20mpg and under 20 GP). Who are you Tracey McGrady? T-Mac: "Has Siakam even improved this season or just got more minutes"...yeah nice hot-take T-Mac... I'm a massive fan of Pascal IRL especially - him and Kawhi are literally my two favourite players in the league (life is bloody good as a Raps fan right now!!). Having a go at people about giving props to an amazing player, on an amazing improvement curve - that is being a downer. Give smiling and positivity a go once in a while, works for me
  14. Hmm...I'd lean towards Maeda. Darvish is lost too though.
  15. Fenway is a joke too. Actually, Fenway is far more favorable to RHH than Yankee Stadium is.
  16. He's been dropped in my league. I don't know where he goes from here but I think there's some upside.
  17. I'm suffering through it too. [...] Gonna let Turner relax on the bench for a minute.
  18. 16-teamer, keep 15 forever, 10x10 custom cats currently using Ji-man Choi as a 1B I have Tatis Jr, Pinder, Villar, ARos, and Andrus as SS I give: Andrus, Justus Sheffield I get: Votto Votto is having a really bad start, and a bad 2nd half last year, too. Is he not relevant anymore? Or is it a good time to buy low?
  19. What's his innings limit look like this year? 150 MAX? He might not be there come playoff time....
  20. The categories are: W, L, ERA, WHIP, K Kenta Maeda Yu Darvish Eduardo Rodriguez Domingo German (innings limit/might not be there come playoff time)
  21. Wrigley is kinda mid, could be worst or best . Miller park, GAB both rank higher NLC imo. Camden , Coors, and Miller feel the most dangerous
  22. Yeah Gruden seemed to have completely lost his mind in 2018, but that looks quite different now. Suddenly they look like a contender.
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