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  2. How confident are we in starting Soroka today? My ratios are real good so far this week, cant afford a bad outing! 😂
  3. Lol no Jesus again. Jesus that’s bad news. Fire up your Bicep Boy shares for sure now. Toast.
  4. He ended the season in AAA last year and was hurt this year while playing at AAA. I think I get where youre coming from but I dont think they would have started him anywhere else. If he hits, I'm guessing we see him in 2 weeks. If he starts slow and the other Reds outfielders start to hit, who knows, could be June.
  5. He’ll be sitting semi regularly now. Now that Vogelbach has emerged they were rotating a ton of guys but this guy is clearly the worst of the bunch. That embarrassment in CF last night will likely earn a trip to the doghouse. Maybe would be easier to play defense without a 5 pound chain around your neck flailing into your face as you run after balls. He’ll probably play 3-4 times a week still but don’t be shocked if the DNPs start rolling in more frequently.
  6. this dude is a little beast! wish I owned shares.
  7. Nope -- Arenado is a stud and I have him ranked a head of Max prior to the season. Max's stock has only gone down since the season began.
  8. I hope some of my competition feels so strong a few weeks into the season on players....not just Soto but on many other slow starters I see things like "useless", "droppable" "bums" "busts" way too much - it's just over the 1st 10% of the fantasy football terms we are talking less than 1 is a marathon....some players start fast...some hate the cold or need a few weeks to get in a groove....patience is essential but if owners feel Soto is useless Ill be there to scoop him up off a rage drop or with a low ball offer to steal him.....I think soto will be just fine when all is said and done...he's a baby in his shock he's a little slow out of the gate and who knows he may have a dip from last yrs break out...but Im very confident he will be a contributing player throughout the year.
  9. Can't believe I am saying this, but I would pass on this. While you could use another SP, Max hasn't been quite as sharp as last year & he is also banged up. Can't fault you for accepting the trade, but just make sure Max is completely healthy after his side session today. Don't want to trade & then find out he is out for significant time.
  10. Not saying you are wrong but how do you arrive at this number? CBS is showing him on pace for 356 ABs this season. I see him at 44 ABs over 21 games for the Twins and my math (162/21 x 44 = 339) puts that at 339 ABs.
  11. Excellent start to season at Lansing in the midwest league: through 15 games-1 HR, 13.6% BB rate, 19.7% K rate. .368 AVG. I'm sold on this guy. Think he is a top 50 prospect talent but may not be ranked there for a bit on lists so still opportunity to buy in dynasty leagues.
  12. Up to 51st in my y! h2h cats league so I took the flyer. Statcast doesnt love his contact but ride the hot hand.
  13. You may be able to trade McMahon or Winker for another decent SP, if you want to add to your rotation. The down side is, even the studs like DeGrom, Max, & Sale are struggling. With your staff though, I think I would wait it out. They all can't be this bad all season, can they?? Good luck!!
  14. This might just be me being nitpicky, but I've never really considered him a JAG; when I think of a JAG I think of the perennial two WAR players that you use to fill out your roster. He never quite reached the level many thought he could, but he's still a career .266/.357/.472 hitter. I do think he should get to 30 again this year, remember he was hurt or playing hurt for a decent portion of last season. Still early but he already has seven home runs.
  15. That's a tough one. Given the categories I don't think I'd do it. Scherzer is an ace but I don't think he's enough for the every day bat that Arenado brings.
  16. I think that's a tough thing to do for a lot of fantasy managers. When players don't live up to their hype people sometimes devalue them more than they deserve. It sucks hes not the first round guy we hoped but at this 40+ ADP this year I'm not than happy with his floor/ceiling combo. I made a similar argument with Archer this year too (although a bit less confidently). No he's not an ace which sucks but a low 4 ERA with high 3 potential and a good shot at 200+ IP and K could be solid value at 120+.
  17. i don't know about you guys but I've added and dropped this guy 2-3 times already. I think ill just hold and wait for the inevitable HR tear to begin.
  18. Semantically it might not be exactly correct to say that, but a RB who can do such a thing is invaluable regardless. It shows what makes Drake so good that we have all seen on tape, and coupled with his speed, elusively, and pass catching paints a very bright picture of him as a possibly elite RB given the touches
  19. I can see him coming up next season and never looking back, going to be a draft day stash target of mine next season in keepers
  20. If you think he gets signed in the next week or so, I would say yeah, probably worth it. Especially if you have room & don't have to drop anyone solid. Once signed, it may take him 3-4 weeks to get stretched out in some minor league games, before he comes up. But it may not take as much, since he has been throwing a simulation type game, about 95 pitches, every 5 days, so that will help the process some.
  21. Your pitcbhing should even out. Nola and Buehler will get better. Maybe be patient for now help :
  22. Im looking for 2 excellent managers. You should be highly active, at least somewhat social, have knowledge of college players before the NFL draft and know the difference between managing a dynasty vs redraft team. You also need to know when to rebuild, buy or stand pat, as well understand the risks of acquiring old players etc etc. Real GM stuff. I only want the best managers. This league is highly active and managers that dont meet these standards are eventually replaced. If youre interested in a league that comes as close to simulating a real life GM's job as possible, you will likely love this league. All the settings are geared towards this. Its a difficult league, but many of the managers have said its their favorite. As i mentioned, its 16 teams. Deep benches (12) to simulate a farm system. This also creates a thin waiver wire situation. There are a handful of nice adds each year, but you will not be able to fix your problems through free agent adds, just like in real life. You need to value your bench, picks and truly understand the asset management aspect of managing a team in order to compete consistently. There are reserve spots for any player thats on a real life reserve list (NFI, suspension, PUP, IR etc). We have expanded rosters during the spring/summer for prospecting purposes. We also have a 3 round rookie draft. Scoring is fairly basic, but it makes more sense than the default settings imo. A field goal from anywhere on the field in the NFL is worth 3 points. Same in this league. When a QB throws a TD in the NFL its worth 6 points. Same in this league. This setting also gives the QB value a slight boost, which I believe is appropriate. Defensive scoring is also higher in this league to reflect the real life impact a NFL defense has to a teams success, so having knowledge of defensive units is helpful. Team defenses score about an average of 15 - 20 points per week. Theres more to it, but everything is setup with creating a realistic experience/challenge in mind. This is a leaguesafe league. $75. $800 for the winner. Two side pots of $160. Last man standing (lowest scoring team each week is eliminated) & most improved manager (by points not wins). $5 goes into the Dynasty Pot which usually carries over year to year. This pot can be won by winning all 3 annual pots, back to back championships or a perfect season (15-0). We have also just added a prize of pick 2.17 for the winner of the consolation bracket, so theres plenty of things to win aside from the championship. The league is played on Yahoo and we have a very detailed Google Sheets page for the off season which includes all rosters, picks, trades, dues, draft order and more. The player pool for the dispersal draft is a bit thin, so be prepared for a building year. The good news is, bad teams usually have a big edge in the most improved manager pot the following year, so theres a good chance your building year will be paid for in the future. Gaining a high draft slot in 2020 will also be beneficial to these teams in the long run, so its not all bad. If youre interested or have any question, feel free to ask. I will ask you a few questions to anyone interested and choose the two best fits in the near future. you can contact me at Thanks for reading.
  23. Yeah you are correct. Don’t know how I messed that one up, thanks
  24. Team in sig. Two weeks in a row I've set bad records. Worst ERA for the Week, All Time and Worst WHIP for the Week, All time (set the record week 2, broke it week 3). On paper this pitching staff should not be this bad. I'm frustrated and starting to panic. There isn't much on the waiver wire right now either. Top available names by current rank: Chase Anderson, Derek Holland, Shark, Margevicius, Ryne Stanek (more of a RP), Spencer Turnbull, Chris Bassitt, Vince Velasquez, Jake Odorizzi, Daniel Ponce de Leon. Should I just relax and hold on or try to make some moves?
  25. to be a little better than he was earlier this year. Not sure if he's a difference maker - he was really bad the first few weeks of season.
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