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  2. PPR, ten teams, redraft. Carlos Hyde or Miles Sanders?
  3. That's great that DH has more yards and catches. I own DH as a keeper in 2 leagues but you cannot compare DH to RoJo right now. You might not like RoJo and thats fine but you haven't been following whats going on in Tampa and how well RoJo has played when given the opportunity. Anyways this is the wrong thread for this discussion. Drake isn't going to fix TBs problems.
  4. Sounds like sweetness and LT had a baby named Darrell Henderson. World beater in the making.
  5. duh! Is anyone seriously considering benching him? It doesn't matter who Julio plays he is capable of having a big game against anyone or a down game against anyone. You just play him no matter what
  6. That's about where I have him projected too.
  7. I'd personally pick Middleton BUT I think that Lowry is going to have a really good year without Kawhi. He's been falling to the 5th round in a lot of the mock drafts I've done and I think he's pretty good value there. Injury is of course always a concern with him.
  8. Might be a great flex , bye week guy this week. Was CFLs best WR for what's thats worth . Would have been s 1st round WR in draft but he broke a teammates jaw and was shunned at draft, Ginslinger QB, opportuniyy , produced last game , great matchup and with brown nursing a groun injury path to more work. Could be next weeks waiver star. Or could bust .ya never know. John Brown (groin) was a limited participant in Wednesday's practice. Coach Sean McDermott didn't mention Brown would be limited when speaking to the media prior to practice, so it's possible their No. 1 wideout injured himself mid-session. Brown's participation the rest of the week will be telling. He's expected to start alongside Duke Williams and Cole Beasley if healthy.
  9. Yea you would but in Standard league TE have been living up to expectations anyways especially Kelce who I assume you drafted early rounds. You could Probably package Kelce with someone to another player who has no te depth at all for a decent player. And yes for cmc should I would ask atleast 1High and 1low Wr/Rb no high2 at all. Hes to much of a machine. - I own CMC in my league and those are the offers I would get
  10. Yahoo still has his projections at 0. Talk about disrespect lol.
  11. I wouldn't make the trade either. I would try to do something about your lack of depth at WR though. It's really your only weak spot. That's a ridiculous roster for 14 team league.
  12. When he is thrown the ball he has been great in the passing game. He's averaging over 15 yards per catch. He has also graded out as one of the best pass pros in the first 5 games. Rojo 100% deserves more play time and touches in Tampa's offense. Arians just seems to want to give Dare a bunch of the passing work when RoJo has been very good when given the chance. As mentioned above its already a 3 headed mess in Tampa, Drake isn't going to fix that when they could just give more work to RoJo.
  13. The problem is he has not established anything yet. He's come from being a non factor to heating up two games showing signs of breaking out to running into the brick wall of SFs defense that shut the whole offense down. It has yet to be seen whether he can be a consistent high level contributor as the entire offense including Kupp took a pause this week. If he does nothing against Atlanta this week then there will be good reason to believe he still won't be consistently reliable, but if possible I think he's still a hold and play if you don't have a top option.
  14. Those teams make no sense at all to me, but I don't follow either one that closely. Both appear to have established starters and strong back-ups.
  15. Gotta wait for Everett to have a good game.
  16. You start your studs. I rather see Crowder or R Woods go off on my bench and julio have a mediocre julio game than Julio go off on my bench for Crowder or woods because im trying to be cute and avoid Ramsey. (I have crowder and woods, both on bench this week).
  17. Not sure what to do with Everett. I think he's shown too much promise to drop but he's my 3rd TE behind Engram & Henry. After laying an egg last week nobody is that interested in trading for him. Could just be another flash in the pan. I guess I'll hang onto him for another week and see what happens. If nothing else I have great depth at the TE position and will be preventing anyone else from having this potential weekly play at the position.
  18. Hurry up and be declared out so I can stash you in my IR slot.
  19. 200+ if he doesn't take that extra 20% of plays off.
  20. I think this was a really good draft with players that I think could really outperform their ADP (LMA (always finishes top 35ish), Lavine, Valanciunas, Rubio)! I'd just stream the last two spots.
  21. Zenner is no star but he has a cult following because he passes the eye test for many and a lot of people think he is better than his career has gone. Somehow he can't stick to a roster though. You never know if this is the spot for him. Although this has been mentioned already, the last game he started (against GB) he went 93 yards on 21 carries, plus a 30 yard reception. Only one game of course but the potential is there. You're picking him up in case Kamara's ankle is way worse than they are letting on (usually when they say "high ankle" its bad), and Latavius flops. Latavius flopping is always a possibility.
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