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  2. Isn't everything between games merely an exercise in the hypothetical?
  3. I believe it’s truly a solid bruised thigh.. until you have a bruised thigh on top of a bum knee you won’t know how much one affects the other.. and w that much money on the line (his contract) you probably want to play it as safe as possible. But in the same sense, they’re obviously going for gold w the Ramsey trade, so I think that shines well upon him. They’re putting all of their eggs in one basket. I can’t see him not getting a lot of run at some point
  4. So it sounds like Steelers & Darnold are the best pickups. Drops should be Packers & Pollard? Or Williams? I'll likely drop Minshew after his matchup this week with CIN.
  5. Thanks guys. He wants to keep Terry for this week and trade next week so he has some TE insurance so I’ll pull the trigger then. Hopefully Henry survives a game!
  6. I don't remember Sir Charles having injury issues to lower body early in his career though. Some people can handle it but most cannot. Not everyone built the same. Just saying for people who are expecting Zion to be the savior of their fantasy teams, you have got to temper your expectations
  7. His usage rate is top 15 in the league and actually has the highest yards per route run in the league. Limited sample size yes but I actually think he’s better than fuller. He can have a good game this weekend
  8. Traded Brandin Cooks for David Montgomery in full point ppr. What do you think? I had Matt Breida, Marlon Mack, AP, Kenyan Drake, Latavius Murray and Chase Edmonds as my RBz and Davante Adams, Juju, Curtis Samuel, Terry McClauren, Robby Anderson as my Wr
  9. Lol.. i definitely understand man. I was just havin fun, you’re posts usually give me a good chuckle, but i was having trouble following this one
  10. Why is this dude so LAZY to grab a rebound?? Even the freebies off a free throw, he'll just let the other guy grab it. The lack of effort is really concerning
  11. Dropped Knox to take a flier on this guy. Hoping he becomes Mindshew's security blanket and makes big plays.
  12. I'm pretty confident I can win this week against a struggling 1 win team, even without a defense. So I'm willing to sit on the Jets if need be.
  13. guy I am playing has Latavius to my Kamara....I need justice, he has DJ and I got Chase
  14. I agree Zion will be fine. I always thought Barkley was shorter and heavier than his official height and weight..
  15. This. The team was hyping ty but anyone who watched tape of him in college knew it wasn’t going to happen outside of SIGNIFICANT strides as a player. As a lions fan, I haven’t heard the rumors, but I would be excited to land drake. Mainly because the lions draft game has been mostly trash for the past... century? Might as well give the 4th rounder that doesn’t matter for a quality compliment to Kj
  16. Yup that's exactly what I did too. Good luck to us both!
  17. at Saints - 42% Jaguars - 38% at Chargers - 53%
  18. I'd say to drop Stafford and do that ASAP
  19. Logical statement relatively scarce in this thread, Unless the mountain from game of thrones walloped him in the thigh I am also skeptical.
  21. I have to say I was off the mark on his production this year. I thought he could have the talent to do well long term, but the poor OL etc would produce more off than on rookie numbers. Looks like AZ knew what they were doing after all.
  22. For those concerned about Zion both short term and long term because of his weight: Barkley is my favorite player of all time. At one point he was 280. He eventually got it down to 252. He was a freight train at 280 and at 252. He’s 6’4. Even shorter than Zion. I know it was a different time but Barkley played with so much force in his prime and he was fine for a good decade. Some injuries eventually occurred but Barkley developed a nice post game along the way. Zion has always reminded me of a young Barkley. Zion is going to be fine. Edit: I forgot - Charles was actually 300 during his college days.
  23. Dropped. Talk about turning the page.. I think I’ve reached for dude since the season. Gonna use the roster spot as just one of those shameless waiver wire moves for the flavor of the week. For reference, I picked up Samwise Darnold to see how he fairs against the best def in anticipation for action Jackson’s bye next week. Best of luck to the rest of you. They might finally have to put up points and I could be proved dead wrong, but I doubt it. Horrible line play on top of horrible usage (for fantasy purposes)
  24. 12TM, H2H, STANDARD 9 CAT+DOUBLE/DOUBLES START PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, 3UTIL, 4BENCH I had the 6th pick. 1. KAT 2. Trae Young 3. Draymond Green 4. Mike Conley 5. Thomas Bryant 6. Ja Morant 7. Whiteside 8. Miles Bridges 9. Delon Wright 10. TJ Warren 11. Prince 12. Bacon 13. PJ Washington 14. Kevin Looney. What am I good at, what am I weak at? Leave a link.
  25. Even with teh bad matchup, I like Terry the most out of all of those options
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