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  2. I meant to say the fantasy baseball analysts on the internet.. not in this specific thread
  3. OPS 5 keeper league was just offered my Tatis for his Trevor Story do I take this?
  4. Coming of the IL against the Brewers on Saturday. Anyone plan on starting him?
  5. Team in the sig. I have a lot of bats but my pitching has let me down. Would you trade Conforto. He’s a OBP monster
  6. I just want to point out how ironic it is that this one didn't happen (even if this was meant to be a joke more than anything). For the record, Simmons was 0/6 on the season from 3.
  7. That’s fine...just take the best game away from every qb if we’re going to be fair.
  8. He dominated a very good lineup on the road generating whiff after whiff. This guys skillset is really legit
  9. People actually seem pretty relaxed, tbh. But it’s not going well right now and I’m sure owners are frustrated. But I haven’t really seen anyone complain like you see in many other threads. But the possibility of a decline this year looks possible, sadly.
  10. I watched every single game snap of the 49ers in 2017, as I do every year. Hyde was decidedly average as a runner, and incredibly bad as a receiver. He was peppered with usage and targets but put up ABYSMAL numbers in that situation in a Shanahan offense. So bad, that Shanahan immediately moved on from him at the end of 2017 and sought out McKinnon. In 2017, Breida outperformed Hyde majorly in every metric. Here are Hyde’s 2017 receiving stats, for example: 88 targets, 59 receptions, 350 yards, 5.9 ypr, 0 TDs. Historically, that is the worst performance OF ALL TIME for any RB in NFL history on that many targets. Yeah. That’s not good. On top of that, he is one of the worst pass blockers currently in the league, and PFF ratings back that up. On top of that, he is two years removed from that one season that seemed good from him, although it was actually 3.9 ypc and 5.9 ypr on high usage and terrible pass blocking. Last year he was even worse. Dont know what you see in him but he isn’t a starting level back in the NFL by any stretch of the imagination.
  11. Looking at BBM's final rankings, Simmons was the biggest bust of anyone in the top 100. ADP of 15, final ranking of 72, for a difference of negative 57. That kind of thing will probably keep happening unless he shores up his deficiencies. His owner in my main league finished with a 1 in FT's and a 1 in 3's, as expected, and he didn't come close to placing. Will be avoiding him next year at all costs.
  12. Only one of his homers if off a lefty, so yes at least two of them were
  13. Innocent until proven guilty and all but with this guys past transgressions and now these accusations, I'm starting to think he truly is a piece of garbage.
  14. Davies 5 IP 0 ER Corbin 7.1 1 ER 9 K, Soroka 5 1ER 6K, Urias 6 0 ER 9 K Paddock TBD Great day
  15. He's athletic. You don't play shortstop without being so. But let's not kid ourselves, he's no Billy Hamilton. Maybe I should rephrase my statement, I mean he's not a basestealer.. Actually you know what, I was looking at his dad's stats. Junior has stolen a few bases. Not great, but better. So I retract that part of my statement. Still not a great OBP in all likelihood for 2019. But a fun hitter
  16. On my bench like the coward I am. 🤦‍♂️
  17. fair enough. a good point. but i still suggest we count the 6-TD game against the bucs as an anomaly: without that game, we have 14 TDs in nine games, 9 INTs. if we look at all games before trubisky hurt his shoulder, 40% of these were 200 yards or less; 40% were 1 TD or less (20% 1 TD, 20% 0 TDs). 40% chance of dud is dangerous for anyone's starting QB. i like trubisky, and i'm looking forward to seeing him develop. he has some weapons. but based on what we've seen, i'm not drafting him as my QB, regardless of his late-round ADP.
  18. I gotta say I like this guy. Yes, he will have streaks where he strikes out 5 out of 10 times, but this dude's power is legit. If he can balance the s---y moments with the grand ones, he could be a factor. Also he's a nice story...the dude has worked his a** off, paid dues and is likable. Nothing wrong with taking a flier on a guy who can hit a ball 450 feet.
  19. Avasail Garcia looking juicy af this year.
  20. They're pretty even going forward. So, like HighHeat said, it kinda comes down to who you'd replace them with.
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