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  2. I have augustin should i make a switch? also barton has been dropped.
  3. albeit a small sample size he averaged: 27.8 ppg (53% FG) 1.5 3FGM 7.5 RPG 2.5 APG post all-star break last year once he seemed to put it together. so i duno what u goin on about, what i said is a str8 fact. not saying he’s going to be kd level, but he’s definitely had stretches where he looked elite.
  4. Any chance we can see your triple punt team? Curious to see how that goes
  5. Good chance he will get some starts at center but regardless his value in blocks means he can do damage in limited minutes.
  6. that’s a good point, but i think they’re in win now mode, as opposed to development mode.... so if dj is the better player, he should still see more PT. im guessing a timeshare tho, despite who starts.. something similar to javale and dwight with the lakeshow.
  7. Yeah, I currently have Robert Williams for my last roster spot. You think He’ll eventually leapfrog Kanter and Theis in minutes? I’m torn between him and DJJ but can only add one atm. DJ looking really good this preseason.
  8. The same Packers home D that let up: - 20/154/1 and 3/37 to Dalvin - 36/144/1 and 8/59 to Lindsay/Freeman - 26/159/2 and 3/28/1 to Sanders/Howard ??????? Once again, I’m one of the biggest proponents of Kerryon, but the rose colored glasses here are obvious. He has graded out as the worst running back in football this year, partially due to a large volume of carries in short yardage/GL situations, partly because of stacked boxes and Oline, and partly because of missed holes and bad decision making. I expect him to improve, but he has looked much much worse (albeit in a much better situation) than as a rookie.
  9. And pretty sure there's a number of options on each play and Darnold is the QB who makes the decision on who to throw the ball to.
  10. Main concern is he doesn't destroy that knee. For a guy with his weight landing on those knees could be worrying in the long run but should have a good year nonetheless
  11. a lot of bodies in brooklyn back court but he should have a better season that last year. Pre season is going pretty well for him too
  12. ESPN H2H Most Categories -free entry Draft Monday Oct 21, 2019 @ 9:00 PM GMT+2 8 teams (3 teams available) Europe based, laid back league with active owners. Everybody is welcome (!!), it's just that the draft is at a more sensible time if you live in europe (if you want to live draft).
  13. 100% will happen, and if it doesn't, they will still share playing time. 20-25 each best case scenario
  14. Does AJ finish as an middle pack RB2 ros?
  15. Jump back on the Chris Herndon train where he was dropped. Might miss another week yes, but Darnoud looked good in his return and these two had a nice rapport last year.
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  17. And I'm pretty sure that Gase is the one drawing up the plays, not Darnold.
  18. I am high on Kemba this season! His PPG will for sure drop due to less FGA, but every other category should go up, especially FG, FTA and AST. He has never been in such a situation where he actually has solid teammates and a great coaching stuff and a real shot of making a deep run into the playoffs. On top of that he plays almost all the games which makes him more valuable than Kyrie or Holiday for me.
  19. His email is
  20. He will still come off the bench, so I don’t think the issue will be there with PG and Kawhi that he loses a lot of shots. And if they are together on the field it rather opens up some shots for him which should benefit his FG. Pretty underrated player like every year, I think we can expect solid numbers again from him and maybe even more when PG and Kawhi sit.
  21. KD Level? Maybe after he tore his Achilles, then yes, Ingram was definitely on KD’s Level... 🙄 I think Ingram absolutely has the talent to become an All Star player and now should be the perfect time to break out in a young team where the pressure is on the shoulders of other players, if not this season then it probably never happens. fwiw I got him at the end of my bench with Pick 130 or so since it seems nobody in my league believes in him, I’ll give it another shot with no risk and if he failes then I just put him back to the waivers. Kinda hoping for a similar development like other former Lakers picks who broke out after they got traded (D’Angelo Russell, Thomas Bryant for example)
  22. If you start a league with Adam Sutton or any name with Sutton he won't pay you your payouts
  23. Nice line today from him without AD 12 points 13 rebounds 6 assists 4 steals 1 block 2/4 fgm 8/10 ftm I think he can still perform.. just doesn't have much opportunity they way it looks at the moment.
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