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  2. He was available to play Sunday "in an emergency", which means he was healthy enough to play but they didn't want to risk it. Which means another week and he should be more than fine.
  3. Toe bone connected to the foot bone Foot bone connected to the heel bone Heel bone connected to the ankle bone Ankle bone connected to the shin bone Shin bone connected to the knee bone Therefore, if Mahomes knee is better, Adams toe will be better. It's science people.
  4. Lol I'm not trying to argue with you and say otherwise.....
  5. I'd do it. You have Henry so don't really need Waller.
  6. This is the same thing I said with PJ Washington 😂
  7. IMHO more of a tacit admission that TB12 is trending further away from the longball with his average attempted air yards being 7.7 (15th ranked QB). His OL isn't as good as prior years making it harder to provide the time to allow long plays to develop, thus having the value of having a volatile field stretcher like Josh Gordon is reduced. Especially when that volatile field stretcher is a real life distraction that's battling substance abuse and such. Sanu fits more with where TB12's current sweet spot is. Plus Sanu has got a helluva arm so both him and Edelman are viable options for throwing TD passes themselves.
  8. He’s been similar to Wentz fantasy wise at least. Terrible real life QB though.
  9. I don't think NFL teams think this way. Every NFL team is dangerous, even the Dolphins. Weren't the Fins up against the Bills into the 4th quarter? GB will field its best team. If Adams can play, he will play.
  10. Waller for Evans seems like a smart sell high / buy low to me. I'd do it.
  11. Yeah sorry about that haha didnt want to clutter the board with multiple posts but probably should've split them up. The DJ owner who has brady is a Pats fan so he won't deal Brady
  12. The Starter Kanter! Jk, love Domas, he has asts and that's already a leg up over Kanter
  13. fixed, because Mahomes status doesn't mean a f'n thing if Adams toe is still wonky.
  14. He got some value out of the trade... Preseason wise, Bledsoe is probably in the 50-60 (55 Y! ADP) range and Isaac in the 60-70 (68 Y! ADP) range. More about team fit as he's stated.
  15. Given that DJ was a game time decision the week prior and still yielded a lion's share of the work, against a defense that had been hemorrhaging pass yards, that Daniel Jones had looked competent in some previous starts and the Cardinals defense had been a disaster, and that Edmonds has had two useable games in his career prior to this and DJ was a first rounder, and that his role has been difficult to peg with him in the lineup, I can't agree with you that starting two backs on this offense seemed smart WITHOUT the benefit of hindsight. I suppose you could say, "didn't you look a the weather report" but in the past passing games have been functional with light winds even in the rain. Of course if you had a bunch of injuries or byes starting both may have been your only option. But I don't think putting Edmonds in your lineup on Sunday was the "smart" call. I think it was the lucky call.
  16. yeah kinda hoping so but i doubt it. So many things went wrong in this match up. From Murray losing yards from Kneeling (come on), to DJ not playing, Fuller getting hurt, golladay getting 2 targets. I was ok with the loss but New England D pushed me that close. FFS
  17. I have hunter henry and Davante Adams is hurt for me..i really dont like the buccs but i know evans can be a monster
  18. Love TJ, but he gets weird injuries. Still can't get over that lost season with the mysterious head injury...
  19. Bell looked great and Miami, NYG, Washington, Oakland, Cinci, Miami is on the horizon
  20. I would think Edelman stays in the slot & Sanu has an outside role. Easier to learn offense from a set position rather than running various motions & option routes from the slot, where Edelman has made his living
  21. Thanks for mine. I wouldn't take it that deal. If I'm giving up MT I'd need a better RB than Gordon coming back, MT is just too damn good for fantasy. I'd rather have Kittle vs. Ertz as well.
  22. Doubt he plays this week with mahomes out
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