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  2. I still think you go RBs here. Julio/Connor/Mixon all scored relatively close in points last season and I expect that to be similar again this season (mixon probably getting a bump with more work and maybe connor down a bit with AB gone and samuels there) But since its 2RB + Flex, I like RB more since their standard deviations tend to be lower than WR. Julio usually has a few boom weeks and other games 9-12 points which isnt bad but the 15ish is better.
  3. I’m leaning to side A but it is close. Huge Bregman fan here. But I can see both sides being happy with this. Good luck! Help with mine?
  4. 2 doubles to the left-center gap.. Really good sign that he's locking back in at the plate
  5. I actually agree with you. D Williams’ value is highly volatile. Not what I want out of a top few rounds pick in redraft. But I only play dynasty nowadays, where he is a clear buy at his low price point. People are getting him for as low as a mid to late 1st round pick, which is just bonkers seeing as he has the potential to be a league winner. Most players going at that price in dynasty are closer to equivalent to about 5-7th round redraft picks
  6. I know, his OBP might drop below .550. Oh noes! As he promptly goes yard.
  7. Im getting worried. I have Polanco, Donaldson and Mancini and I can't move them to my starting lineup.
  8. In a points league, which side do you prefer? A: Bregman/D.Gordon B: Moncada/Bryant
  9. Drop Devers and/or Ketel Marte for any of these batters? DeJong, Gordon, Semien, Tim Anderson, Wong, Pederson, Adam Jones, Christian Walker,McNeil, Polanco, Hunter Dozier, Lowe also available McMahon Kingery Frazier
  10. The Phillies are 1-15 with RISP and have left 18 men on base tonight.
  11. Dropped for Jay Bruce. Now I get way more HR and more steaks too. I’ll sacrifice a little avg. lol seriously just a little.In my other family and friends league another owner dropped him for Bruce also.
  12. Id probably accept. Beckham - Mayfield connection could be good for awhile. Im not sure whats going to happen with big ben the next few years
  13. 8 IP, 2 hits, zero walks, 5K's... (Suarez HR and a Puig excuse me single) 87 pitches in 8 IP is a fine night!
  14. i mean hes only 29. is it possible he made an adjustment or 2 andhe can put together another 2012 year? 25 ish homers and 20 sb with a 270 avg? @taobball i summon you. i know youre a cubs fan, have you watched him at all?
  15. Franmil with some ugly at bats tonight.
  16. I saw Toussant pitch last weekend and he looked unhittable. I do like both, but I’d have to go with the pitcher on the better team here. But I can see logic in going for either really. Good luck! Help with mine?
  17. Thanks for helping me. I think it’s fine. German’s FIP and xFIP don’t look good and Bauer’s is a WW player. Abreu is the best player in the deal.
  18. I figure it’s nearly impossible to figure out the revolving door of closers. At this point I would go with the better player at the time in this case. I’d go with Diaz. Good luck. Help with mine?
  19. Wind was also wild. Blowing in to boot, I believe.
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