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  2. Jesus Christ. I’m not dealing with a year of this fizdale bs. Goodbye Dennis.
  3. I was offered Barkley and Chark for Thomas and Bell and I think I’m going to pass. No way I’d do Gurley
  4. Three unbelievable lines that would be among the best of the season at least until Christmas most seasons. It's cool, but on the other hand it devalues everyone else, so that's a bit of a bummer.
  5. This communities infatuation with this guy is truly baffling. This board sure loves its spandex test heroes who had a couple good games in garbage time a bunch of years ago.
  6. 3 way timeshare with dunn and white, probably not going to be consistent enough to warrant holding
  7. And AJ would have never called him again.
  8. Kyrie tangles up his feet and throws up an unanswered prayer as the Wolves win 127-126 in OT in NJ. Kyrie had 50 with 8reb, 7ast and 1 block. Waller-Prince came alive in 2nd half and ended up with 15pts 11reb, 2ast, 2stl and 1 block. Harris was big with 4/6 from 3pt. land. Allen had 5 blocks. Jordan was non-existent. Real difference in the game was Nets were 15/26 from the FT line. Wolves were 22/28.
  9. 50 and all, but he the loss is on Kyrie's shoulder. watched the entire 4th and OT, this is the most selfish basketball that I have seen since Kobe Bryant. The last 5 minutes of the 4th and OT kyrie was the only one touching the ball on offense. ZERO ball movement except on 2 instances when he ran a PNR with Allen and dropped the ball off to Allen. The only play they ran during this time was when they got the ball back off a replay. Inbounds pass to Prince off ball screen for Harris and Harris nailed the 3. Levert, Prince, Harris were reduced to becoming spectators the entire time. No one was touching the ball except for Kyrie forcing shots and shots even if he was highly contested. The guy is special so he will hit them from time to time, but that was an UGLY basketball game to watch. And on the other side KAT stopped getting the ball even if he was cooking, and Wiggins took over with ISO plays of his own in OT.
  10. I’ve been incredibly frustrated with Nagy as a Montgomery owner, so I’ve jumped on the train of this Patricia RB!! 😉
  11. Damn Love and Thompson just steal so many minutes... really don’t get it why a coach on a rebuilding team is playing those dudes instead of this young guy
  12. 2 years? if he plays like this he’s an all-star rn
  13. Is AJ Brown available in your league? I'd take a flyer on him this week over those guys.
  14. My God. He looks slow and fat lol. He'll be alright tho.
  15. 12 man 9 cat h2h yahoo league. My Team: Anthony Davis Drummond Lowry CJ Mocculum Khris Middleton Sabonis Tauren Prince Javale Mcgee Serge Ibaka Tomas Satoransky Jerami Grant Robert Williams Darius Garland
  16. I'm running him out as a bye week fill in. He's looked fairly competent the last couple weeks.
  17. Announcers say this or something? Source?
  18. Bump. thats what I was thinking. Is giving up the RB2 for Deshaun a worthy gamble, considering no flex, and the upgrade over Goff?
  19. I think he can seriously be an All-Star within 2 years if the Bulls get their Ws up. Wish I owned him in 1 of my 3 teams. I might try and trade for him just because I love his game.
  20. Yeah wanting to grab but not sure yet. I got OJ anuoby sitting there debating booting? he has put up a lot of shots which looks good.
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