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  2. this ^ remember, it was Ertz who was supposedly on the block a few weeks ago when the Jalen Ramsey to Iggles deal was floated/speculated.
  3. I can't see your team. Write it out like the rest of us if you want some feedback.
  4. the argument isn’t whether you or anyone will roster him, it’s whether he should go over Washington, and that’s a resounding no.
  5. I'm starting up at 12 team yahoo 9cat head to head league and need 6 more players. It will be a $20 entry on leaguesafe with payouts of $120 to first, $60 to second, $20 to third, and $40 to regular season first place. The following seasons you will pick between 2 and 3 keepers which count as the first 3 rounds of the draft. If you only keep 2 you will get a 3rd round pick. The draft is TONIGHT October 21 at 900PM EST. The league join link and leaguesafe link is below. Once you join the league, PLEASE join the leagesafe as well. Thanks!
  6. Pour some zingis on me! Oooooh in the name of love. Pour some zingis on me! Come on, fire me up!
  7. I don't know any more than the next guy but wouldn't Ertz and his bigger contract be the more likely player to get traded?
  8. I like SGA for the upside. But I am biased as you can see
  9. “At shootaround before the Timberwolves’ final preseason game in Milwaukee, Andrew Wiggins and Josh Okogie were firing up halfcourt shots, seeing who could best the other. Wiggins made one, but Okogie answered. Wiggins went back for another shot and banked it in again. Okogie missed his next one, and Wiggins prevailed. As he walked over to the bench area, Wiggins flashed his recognizable wide smile.” smh...
  10. Could use some 3s and stls. Not sure about thybulle. Is he roster worthy in 10teamers? Other than that looks solid.
  11. You reckon I can grab Gobert for Lowry + Horford?
  12. I took a 0 from the kicker position this week because I didn’t want to drop him and felt I couldn’t drop anyone else on my team. Looks like I’ll still escape with a win. Our league does use total points as a tie breaker, but I feel like the perhaps 7-10 points I would have gotten from another kicker can easily be made up over the next 6 weeks by having Slye.
  13. unless he is traded to a TE needy team.....NE?.....SEA?....before or at the trade deadline
  14. Glorified garbage man on one of the best teams in the league at 30 MPG means a solid fantasy glue guy to me.
  15. I agree on the situation, but i'm not agreeing you can only play matchups with him. If he catches 50% of his targets you have a decent floor, right? I tried the matchup strategy as well, with Noah Fant against one of the worst defenses, which backfired (1 pt - 1 target). It doesn't make sense to play these garbage TE's matchup based, they just need the volume and this guy has it.
  16. He only hit seven boards in one game during preseason. If he starts he should be a lock for double digit points and a some stats right across the board. Based on preseason around five boards seems more likely early on anyway.
  17. Agree that the TE position is such trash, but Zach Ertz isn’t what he once was. They are involving the other TE so much more now, plus lots of other receiving options. Of course, you can start him easily but I don’t think he’s an auto start anymore. More of a matchup type.
  18. there is really nothing to suggest Looney is going to start hitting threes - we haven’t seen him at all; not to say he isn’t capable, but so far he’s playing a glorified garbage big man role. Maybe they want him to eventually cede Draymond and be that multi contributor, but PJ is already showing us those skills, so why would I take a guy who could “theoretically” do it instead of the guy who’s actually doing it?
  19. Just traded for him, this guy has the targets. With this kinda volume in this kinda dumpsterfire of a TE pool, you're a fool if you bench this guy. I'm not saying i like what I see, but hey, I have started Noah Fant as well.
  20. I remember last year fox heading into his 2nd season I didn’t think he would break out til year 3, dropped fox and regretted it all season. Sexton avg’d 20 PPG 47% fg and I believe 39% from 3 post all star break. Now I don’t think he will be as good as fox last season I do like the things they have been saying about him, trying to be more of a leader on the team, trying to be a better playmaker, trying to shot 90% from the FT line. Given the roster make up of Cleveland and a clear shot at 30 MPG I don’t see why he can’t average 20 pts on decent %s
  21. Looney is adding three point range. The Warriors have WCS and Chriss (who crushed preseason). I'd be more worried about that.
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