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  2. It is as Wyzzil said the draft is 5 phases. (First Top 8 QB prospects are shared out.) Then it is skill positions (QB, WR, RB, TE) with 8 rounds. Then Offensive Line 8 rounds, Defensive Front 8 Rounds. Defensive Backs 8 rounds. Then a 30 round of whoever is left.
  3. Me checking my teams and seeing I have Thybulle on half of them...
  4. The draft is held in phases. So skill positions went and then there was a separate draft for oline, then defensive front and then finally DB I think.
  5. Schedule ROS is flat out gorgeous (beside Chicago Week 17)
  6. I guess I would go for it. I was really high on Montgomery as a talent but he has been underwhelming from what I have seen. I am alright with moving on here
  7. 12 team ppr. I have waiver claim 4 in my league. Would it be worth it to use it on buffalo DST or SF DST? They are both on waivers and it seems like both have great matchups for next couple of weeks or should I risk it and keep my waiver claim. Who would you pick up out of the 2? Ten DST is on waivers but I'm sure it will clear so picking up Ten would be my worst case scenario. I currently roster GB
  8. Looking at how preseason played out, PJ is their PF and Miles is their SF.
  9. He's definitely worth a late round flier - Batum is done. If you missed out on Herro, Garland, or Culver, or want to take 2 from the group in the final rounds, PJ is in that mix along with NWA (in that order). His shooting isn't sustainable (he's at something like 65% and almost perfect from 3 and FT and it's preseason), but there is some intriguing multi-cat here for 1/1/1 but some out of position dimes as well and decent %'s. It's really hard to project bigs once the regular season starts, just look what Chriss is doing for the Warriors. He won't be facing bums and third string backups or developmental projects the rest of the season.
  10. Thanks for your post. Your team looks good. I would stay put.
  11. Stafford, Jimmy G, Cousins, and Flacco are prob the best on there right now. Jimmy G let me down twice, maybe Cousins but a reliable QB like Brady could be nice so I can save more auction wire $ instead of streaming each week and slowly depleting. Also just seems like Jacobs is just starting to turn it up and Bell has been weak and Ekeler is so much weaker with Gordon back.
  12. Just finished a 3-team trade, but I basically did: Gave up: Curtis Samuel + Buffalo D Received: Joe Mixon Standard scoring.
  13. They could slide Bridges to SF if Batum is dealt and let PJ play 4 or 5.
  14. Yea bruh Raiders play Packers this week I hope he logs a couple practices this week. He sat out Monday I don’t know bout today’s practice.
  15. Thanks for your post. I would do the deal for Mixon.
  16. Jesus Christ, I need some sleep. Does Jaire Alexander shadow? LOL
  17. kind of figured this would be someones answer lol
  18. Outside of 14-teamers or deeper, Desean should've been dropped weeks ago.
  19. No one cares about turnovers lol. Seriously. Or else Otto Porter Jr would be a backend 1st / early 2nd round player. Players with godly counting stats will turnover the ball.
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