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  2. When does the eligibility kick in? Still doesn't have it on yahoo atm
  3. He hit homer #5 tonight. He's walking more than he's striking out. His pull % and fly ball rates are at career highs (both of which are very important for power). Yeah, his fly ball rate is still too low, but everything is supporting his claim of trying to hit the ball in the air more. This hype train still has open seats. Grab them while you can!
  4. 32/96/94 .268/.817ops 162 game pace for his career still a little too early to sell high.
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  6. Current OFs: Harper Cain Markakis Pederson Schwarber Mancini (eligible OF) McNeil (eligible OF) I need some RP help and need to drop one of these guys. Thinking possibly Schwarber. What do y’all think? Thanks!
  7. Manny has pretty much contributed to that statement as well - I didn't expect a career year or anything, but he's been disappointing so far
  8. I was just curious on what peoples thoughts are on value here? ***I actually offered Voit and Donaldson for Dozier...
  9. He's reporting to AAA 4/21.
  10. Yep, which is why I mentioned it. Guys who are poor fielders and/or playing out of position are going to have a lot of mental strain trying not to embarrass themselves out in the field. For some of these guys, the relief of DHing is going to make a tangible difference with their hitting if they have the right mindset. Obviously there are a lot of established players who hate DHing, and this is going to skew things. But in the case of Nunez, who is not a good fielder, it's clearly a positive and he's also on one of the only teams in baseball that was bad enough to hand him at bats.
  11. ETA it says the tweet was embedded but it's not showing up on my end. Is there any chance that Aaron Judge avoids the injured list? “Probably not, no.” - Aaron Boone
  12. The Braves & their reporters really screwed me here... Had Soroka expecting the callup, then the plan changed so i swapped him for Touki, then the plan changed again but Soroka was sniped... now I have nothing in Touki and someone else gets Soroka for his upcoming incredible rookie season 😅
  13. going to watch him next weekend.
  14. I am aware. I just don't think you can go this far for the strategy and still win. I have never seen it done. I am not saying to empty out your RPs-just to trade one for an upgrade at SP. I think that can be done while keeping while still prioritizing pitching categories.
  15. it is marmol strategy, win era, whip, sv, min 15 IP, so punnting SP cept a couple low ratio guys to make up innings
  16. They are on a 3 games winning streak since Sogard and his glasses been call-up #Shatkins
  17. Closer. Maybe a stronger OF2 behind Trout.
  18. Yes Happy Easter here's hoping everyone's pitchers don't lay a egg today.
  19. what I mean is there bullpen is deep and they will use other guys when their team is in the lead. They may save Pressly just for holds situations in the 8th. I am in weekly leagues and can recall having Astros' in the bullpen that have not worked at all during a week...
  20. Not necessarily. You can go 0 for 1 in the extra at bat and still get benefit out of it (ie. get an RBI, reach base, score a run or steal a base after reaching base).
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