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  2. You guys selling Darvish for 70 cents on the dollar? I got him in the 11th round this year and was just offered a 13th round pick for 2020
  3. Yeah, Eric Longenhagen of Fangraphs said this about him a week ago in his prospect notes:
  4. At least Yu hasn't walked anyone yet! Contreras is going to be exhausted after this game.
  5. That's where you're supposed to have your catcher call a pitch out, then throw one right down the middle that bounces off the plate.... make that ump dance! Oooops, sorry blue, missed the sign
  6. Thanks for the analysis Coach Mattingly.
  7. Darvish is basically unrosterable at this point
  8. I think some of you guys are underselling Tucker's upside, especially in the power department. Before this year, scouts identified him as someone who hadn't finished filling out, and could potentially develop a bit of power if he ever did. Well, word on the street is that he looks noticeably bigger this year and the power numbers have trended upward in accordance. With respectable strikeout and walk rates, and his obvious speed, the addition of some power could make for an intriguing offensive profile. Granted it's a small sample size, his numbers at AAA to start the year are very encouraging. It would not surprise me at all if he ends up being one of this year's pop up guys.
  9. tauchman been looking good too 108mph exit velocity yanks going for 500 record!! they should easyily be a few games over
  10. OK, one of my teams is 2-2 now with a HR (Escobar and Walker). Here’s to a day of batting 1.000 with 28 HR!
  11. Previous guy had the perfect reply and then you went and overdid it. Classic overkill. If you guys aren't careful Im gonna post a picture of my virtual yahoo trophy case.
  12. Your offense has got to be the best in league, while your pitching in my opinion is not bad at all. Obviously if you drafted a team like that, you know what to do to improve your pitching. That will be a championship style team. Luck factor should be your biggest fear, which actually will help you in playoffs when you stream pitching to win it all.
  13. Babe Tauchman with a 3-run shot for the Yankees.
  14. This is awesome. Hate it when rookies get called up only to bat 8th or 9th, especially speed guys. Need me some Rs and SBs.
  15. Hahaha. Looking at the post its pretty funny, but that's what I was going for. I had a spot deep on my bench in two keeper leagues ... If a guy takes an oversized poop he gets picked up so you gotta be first and then figure it out later when it comes to prospects. Didnt touch him in my redrafts. I picked him up first, analyzed second, kept him in one where it makes sense and booted him in another where it did not.
  16. good that he got 3 SBs for anyone that owns him in fantasy but stupid on his part to attempt stealing (twice) in the 9th inning with his team down by 2 runs ... not smart baseball
  17. Dear Mr. Brown Your Yankee love affair is more than admirable sir but you can't expect every single call.
  18. Just do it.....You'll feel much better
  19. Yu reminds me of the garbage version of Rick Vaughn.
  20. Please tell me not to rage drop Darvish.
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