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  2. Very nice trade for you. Wish I could get offers like that. Lol!
  3. Frazier could be huge but I would take that trade. With pitching the way it is, Morton is very solid, just doesn't go deep into games much.
  4. Exactly. No way I’m dropping Stripling unless I’m completely desperate.
  5. No way, give me CMC all day. I'm taking the overall #1 RB and the guy breaking records over the older RB that we haven't seen play well in 3 years.
  6. Cause a 23 year old just needs some rest on a Monday, right
  7. I would, yes. Even with some diminished velocity, he's a top-5 closing option on a team that will still erk out wins. Help here?
  8. And also, fwiw, I didn't think Tucker should be up. I think super 2 is kinda irrelevant with the way things are going. How many arbitration eligible guys are signing extensions now like Eloy, acuna, Albies, Snell, etc did? Plus by the time that comes the next CBA will have come and gone. Changes are coming. Alvarez 2019 ETA. Write it down folks.
  9. They say defensively he’s like pirela which is really really bad
  10. Simple question... I send: Yandy Diaz and AJ Minter I get: Adrolis Chapman Do I make this deal? Team 14 League H2H C - Wilson Ramos 1B - Rhys Hoskins (OF), Ryan McMahon, Matt Olsen (IL) 2B - Ozzie Albies, Niko Goodrum SS - Trevor Story, Adalberto Mondesi (UTIL)3B - Matt Chapman, Yandy Diaz (1B) OF - Nicholas Castellanos, Jessie Winkler, Clint Frazier, Arron Judge (IL) UTIL - Shohei Ohtani (IL) SP - Jack Flaherty, David Price, Luis Castillo, Robbie Ray RP - Jordan Hicks, Ryan Brassier, AJ Minter, Anthony Swarzak, Ty Buttery
  11. My OF (after a recent trade and player coming off IR) projects to be very crowded. We are a 5OF league, but even then, with my situation I've got excess for sure--right now my OF holds the following: Clint Frazier David Dahl Charlie Blackmon Andrew Benintendi Jesse Winker BN: Gregory Polanco (starting in my UTL spot once he gets going) Jorge Soler, Jason Heyward, Franmil Reyes I'll likely have to finally give up on Franmil, and I currently have an offer with Jorge floating out there, but I'm wondering if a deal of Frazier for Groundchuck would be fair for both sides? Am I asking for too little, given Frazier's firm grasp on fantasy value at the moment? WHIR 100% just link and reply. Thanks
  12. No, he is not. He is a below average runner and is a low end level back up RB overall, somewhere in the 45-60 RB range as a talent. There are 1-2 RBs on every team in the league that are better than him. These are the RBs in the last two years with significant usage that shared the backfield with Hyde and well outplayed him: Breida, Chubb, Duke Johnson, Fournette, Yeldon
  13. I'm thinking of adding Stephenson too. I know at one time he was a nice spec and seems to be doing very well
  14. You are missing it, badly. To answer your question about Hyde and his usage in 2017: In the final 5 games of the season, his targets halved. He had 49 receptions in the first 11 games. In the final 5, he had 10 receptions for 55 yards total. He was completely phased out of the passing game and then let walk by Shanahan shortly thereafter. Further, in the 49ers 10 losses that year, Hyde averaged 5.3 receptions. In their 6 wins, as he was being completely phased out of the pass game, he averaged exactly 2. Even more, he only scored in 5 games that year, mostly in garbage time, and never once, over 88 targets and 59 receptions, through the air. In 11 games, he didn’t score a touchdown, as a high volume RB with 240 carries and 88 targets. Yikes. And, here are UDFA RB, and Carlos Hyde’s backfield teammate, Matt Breida’s receiving stats in limited usage in 2017: 36 targets, 21 receptions, 180 yards, 1 TD. Hyde averaged 3.9 ypc and 5.9 ypr in 2017. Breida averaged 4.4 ypc and 8.6 ypr in 2017. On top of everything, Carlos Hyde graded out as the worst pass blocker in the league at the RB position for players with qualifying number of snaps. Youre barking up the wrong tree.
  15. And what did Tucker do when he was up? What's he doing now? Gaudy stat lines don't always mean a guy is ready. There is a belief for some that you can stunt a guy bringing him up too soon. I think Alvarez is up this summer.
  16. Hyde's pretty good when healthy, think most agree.
  17. That's not necessarily true. Bregman was up early and got an extended stay. I don't think Tucker is ready. Whitley has yet to log major innings in the minors.
  18. Lol my bad I saw the bobs and it threw me off. And I was referring to it not being lopsided, not who wins the trade.
  19. Hate when I see a thread bumped and I’m expecting an update, only to see an empty “Any updates??”
  20. 5 spot changes his value significantly. This is potentially massive for his value.
  21. Any updates? Just struck a deal for the injured guy. Wondering how much longer..
  22. The more I analyze it, especially with Benny getting hot, the more I'm blown away. Aguilar is just lost right now. I'm on cloud nine--getting a leadoff hitter for one of the best league's offenses. That all said, my only concern is this leaves my OF overcrowded. I may need to make a few more deals.
  23. He'll always be tempting to anyone who had him on their roster during that ridiculous stretch in early 2017. I know I'll at least keep him on my watch list.
  24. Yea he put those numbers up. But that’s nothing special when you have 3 1B who can do that as well. Plus Archer is going to put up 200+ K’s and finally put up the best ratios of his career.
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