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  2. Uh what? They're 5-2. Say Mahomes misses 6 games. If they can go 3-3 and he returns when they are 8-5, they are back to being Superbowl contenders this year. Zero chance they throw in the towel with Mahomes at 5-2.
  3. The cruel thing about all of this is if he does miss any significant time, his bye week is so late.
  4. He looked more inept than Eli Manning out there
  5. Damien(i dont own him) is trash but give Mccoy (I own him) 20 touches and he will be in an ambulance. I forgot I'm in the Mccoy thread though where optimism is strong.
  6. Who to start in my FLEX this week? I'm feelin Waller is due for a TD, but love White's floor and matchup vs the Jets. For reference, here's the rest of my team:
  7. Agree. This is the dude that said Davante might not miss any time.
  8. getting this out of the way in advance. Of course John Brown goes off for 150 yds and a TD the week I face him in all 3 of my leagues
  9. Had to jump ship with the uncertainty of mahomes. Good luck this year guys, I’ll be back next year. Go cheetah!
  10. I love when another team chooses Wiggins. One less team I have to worry about. Wiggins is the worst. He is never going to get it. Is there a more untradable contract at this point? Even achilles injured John Wall I would rather have.
  11. What I believe the Chiefs should do regarding Patrick Mahomes. shut him down. Now trying to get Patrick to agree afterall we all know he wants to play but he should be concentrating on being healthy for 2020. his health is the number 1 priority for the Chiefs.
  12. You will regret that. All kidding aside though, I'd probably make that deal too for Chubb.
  13. Your fault. The other dude is a crap person though.
  14. Hmmmmm it’s almost like I called this or something.
  15. Depending on which Carrie, that’s very likely more valuable than what he’s getting right now. 📈
  16. Damien has now rushed 41 times for 70 yards which equals 1.7 ypc. You’re right... Damien isn’t going anywhere.
  17. Should have been allowed to go through.
  18. This is going to be the hottest thread today. 🔥
  19. I actually wanted it to go through as it was a lowball but the commish vetoes it. That is why I ask. Haven’t seen it before. I always take down trades when games start.
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