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  2. Activated. Enjoy the next week while he's healthy.
  3. So you are selecting the Jets TE? A player who racked up a measly 500 yards and 4 TDs last year and is now facing a league suspension because he has been convicted of DUI this winter? Ahead of the likely starting TE of the New England Patriots? Thank you for playing, you are dismissed.
  4. Double and sb today with no k’ more day.
  5. Sure. But surface numbers are entirely past. The point of literally everything that an analyst does is the future. I'm not making the argument that Aguilar was bad last year and never have. I made the argument that he was overpriced and overrated coming into this year and that pitchers have been adjusting to him more and more. Maybe that's wrong. Maybe that's right. But that's what I believe. Also "saber" is such a crude bulking of concepts. You can call it whatever you want. I don't think of myself as a "Saber" guy or a "math" guy. But between watching baseball and writing numbers, the latter is much more easy to communicate concepts with than "I've watched him and think he's got some flaws." I don't really think Saber covers pitch-specific, but I've never really cared about what Saber is either. IN 2018 (BA) .371 v. 4SFB .288 v. Sinker .163 v. Change .188 v. Slider .214 v. Curve I'm out, make of it what you will.
  6. You are welcome. I dropped him earlier today.
  7. Not too worried about this guy. Players go through slumps it hasn't even been a month. Im not a huge fan of paying attention to BABIP but a BABIP ~70 points lower than his career average may have something to do with it. He's only 32 he's not old he should be fine especially when those summer Coors games come around.
  8. 12-team keeper league, traditional 5x5 roto, keeper have rounds attached to them. I am struggling big time at the 1B position. I kept Aguilar as a 23rd round keeper...he's sucked. Drafted Cron late for my CI...he's sucked outside of two days. I picked up Vogelbach, but we all know that run is coming to an end. I picked up Tellez, but...meh. So I have an offer to receive Matt Carpenter if I give up Frankie Montas and Vogelbach. None of the three are likely to be keeper considerations for me, so that part isn't a big deal. What do you guys think? Make the deal? My other SPs: Nola, Marquez, Castillo, CSmith, EdRod, Rodon, Musgrove. I do need to cut some SP fat from my roster. We have a 1600 IP limit, and the sweet spot is generally 7 SP.
  9. Not sure how much longer I can hold him in my keeper league.
  10. Fantasy owners forget baseball minds don't merely look at a pitcher's high K rate. Touki's great but I'm not sure he's there yet. But Soroka's got the composure, confidence, etc. needed on a contending rotation (as mentioned above). If you've listened to any of the Braves managerial staff talk about Soroka, it'll become quite clear Soroka isn't just one of the Braves' prized arms but perhaps the crown jewel. They just want to make sure he can have a long career. With that said, if Soroka can last the next 24 hours without being optioned (for health reasons), I'll be very excited.
  11. Owner has abandoned the league and now we need an active, replacement manager. The team actually looks pretty solid. Free Yahoo league, 12 team, H2H, 7x7, 5 keepers Team - Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  12. Wait...what? Who on earth drafted Charlie Blackmon expecting 16 HRs and 4 steals and would be satisfied by those numbers?
  13. Considering Fulmer threw today, that's not happening.
  14. 2 more hits today and a SB. Everyone is saying sell high but i think i am going to hold. He was already a 20/20 guy and the batting average is going to be higher then last year. I think he could be a 20/40 guy with a good batting average.
  15. Well, at least he's slowly sorta moving away from being a predictable 2 pitch guy. The FC (cutter) was out and fairly exciting today, threw 9--7 for strikes with 3 whiffs, pitch had all kinds of action on it at 87.5 MPH FB (93.6 MPH) and CH (84 MPH) were mostly around the zone (accounting for 80 of his 93 pitches today overall) got 7 whiffs apiece with each! Mixed in 6 Curves, OK shape to the pitch and it comes in just over 80 MPH...
  16. Well the surface numbers are what count in my leagues, so they mean something to me and the vast majority of his owners. I believe there's a place for saber, and I check the "inside" numbers out, too. I completely get that they can signal what is to come. And frankly, if I hadn't kept Aguilar as a 23rd round keeper (30 rds), I wouldn't have drafted him because I thought his ADP was too high for a guy I thought would end up .260-30-100 (which looks to have been shooting for the moon at this point). But when it comes down to it, it's those surface numbers that are totaled up.
  17. Not i that is until i get my adds back sunday when games lock 👀 def should be added in most leagues tho
  18. His stuff mixed with his composure on the mound, at just 21 years old, makes him the best pitching prospect on that team. Ultimately, he will be their best pitcher. Special talent.
  19. 14 team espn league- 1 team needs owner:must be active shining stars- mfl league-
  20. 100% logical, however the statement discounts emotion, and coaches and players and turmoil (i.e. fumbles) on the field gets heavily emotional yielding actionable consequences.
  21. I'm going to assume recently recalled Carson Fulmer would be the favorite to start, but i dont think anything has been announced yet.
  22. Here's a look behind the start today: FB (2-seam variety) threw 23, 17 for strikes at average of 93.3 MPH, 2 whiffs, pitch had solid action to it. FB (4-seamer) threw 16, 10 for strikes at average of over 94 MPH, 4 whiffs and it had even more vert action the the 2-seamer. SL was thrown 31 times, 21 for strikes at 84 MPH, generated 5 whiffs and it had some nice shape to it with horizontal break CH threw 16 times, 10 for strikes at 81 MPH, had 2 whiffs, good darting break to it. I like the velo separation on his stuff and he seems to command it pretty well based on scouting reports, etc. Some good raw ingredients here, exciting imo.
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