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  2. I'll just keep darnold. I'm lucky im 4-3 considering ive had terrible QB play the whole season (cam first 2 games, danny dimes post his blow out and brissets 10 point game lol). I don't think my QBS have given me more then 11 points on the season. Darnold's ros looks great and if i can get Jets D that i don't need the steelers D. Thanks!
  3. That’s exactly the point. He will be off ball more and he’s one of the best catch and shoot pgs in the league. Assists go down. Threes go up.
  4. From Schefter: Lions’ RB Kerryon Johnson is expected to miss “some time” with a knee injury, per source. For now, Johnson will be called week to week.
  5. Ya that’s what I’m thinking. I been rolling out Lamar ngl but fine with Watson as an every week guy. Plus I just snagged Henry for Waller’s bye so this is funny. (This is the owner who cut him😅)
  6. ESPN have him projected to score 14ppg 🤦‍♂️
  7. He’s active...anyone picking him up before the game?
  8. Yeah dude, I knew that. I wanted him to be ruled out, so I could put him on IR. Could have picked up Ty Johnson with that extra bench spot.
  9. I don't think the blame does not lie only at Gordon's feet. This is an OL issue. Rivers himself has been barely ownable this year. The entire offense is in disarray and Okung's return is required to fix it (if it even happens). Ekeler has instant acceleration to get on the perimeter, which is why he's the best skill player on this team right now. If SD's line was right Gordon would magically look better again. Does any of that help anyone here? No. But it helps to see the problem as it truly is, and I really believe this line is making everyone look bad, except BMW, whom I'm more and more labeling a career bust who looks bad on a good day.
  10. Ya the Niners d is solid already so you’re good as is.
  11. I don't know your league. But they should be the top waiver wire choice this week for streamers. I picked up the Steelers last week - just planning ahead.
  12. No matter you hate him or love him in real life,I think most of people will agree harden is the most reliable and durable fantasy player in first round(The other one maybe Towns)
  13. Week 8 Seattle vs. Falcons and Schaub (if Ryan sits) Jacksonville vs. Jets
  14. I would take it. Your trading backups for one maybe two starters. I still believe Mixon is too talented to be completely worthless the rest of the season.
  15. I would go for Allen or green straight up and see what they say
  16. Do you think i can end up with the steelers D though wtih my waiver wire 5?
  17. I doubt he plays, he hasn’t practiced at all. Edit: he is officially out:
  18. I still think Kyler is better RoS, he has a rushing floor and worse defense and more volume than Rodgers. A lot cloudier then before Sunday though! Lol
  19. I would stay put that is way too much to give up for Allen and mixon
  20. I might be more tempted to keep Darnold and let Dimes go and get the Steelers D. Darnold has a good schedule coming up. I made sure to pick up Robby Anderson partly because of this
  21. While I’m not stoked about it I’m also not that bummed. QB isn’t a big deal in a 12 team, 1 QB league. I’m a lot more bummed about having people like Montgomery, Juju, Fitz, and Jamaal Williams who aren’t great but also have enough potential to not want to drop.
  22. Call me crazy, but I actually like them tonight vs NE. But I'm crazy so don't mind me.
  23. Just to clarify I don't like owning him as I don't enjoy watching him play. At all. I understand he's a great fantasy asset
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