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  2. You would win that trade easily, might be a low-ball imo, but I like the sell high on Ryu. May as well send it.
  3. depends on how many keepers but even in redraft 2nd option seems close enough to take the deal with keepers
  4. The issue is Springer and Altuve coming back. So they'll have to send two players back down or cut bait with White. I agree with you though, it would be great to see a lineup like this.. Springer Altuve Brantley Bregman Alvarez Correa Tucker Chirinos Reddick
  5. u mean to tell me theres a difference between dropping votto in 15 team nl only league vs 10 team mixed?
  6. According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the team is concerned about his K-rate, which has actually gone up this season. Still, the person who wrote the article expects him to be up sometime in July. I'll post the link to the article as the forum here messes it up if I copy and paste it (either the font is huge or it formats it horribly wrong)...
  7. I like it. not a lot has change imo vlad is still > tatis in dynasty. donadson is fine price to pay. your team is a light on sb but I don't think that should play a roll in getting vlad
  8. 12 team 5x5 redraft h2h want jt real and buehler but not sure if garver is close enough to being a solid catcher give garver, ryu, kershaw get jt real, buehler, flaherty only own a couple shares of flarhety and didn't invest much in him so not really burned/bummed out on him (road/home splits) my sp sp Kershaw, ryu, maeda, hill, bum, peacock, lucchesi, kikuchi, Porcello, Pablo, turnbell
  9. I am debating whether or not to offer my Tatis and Donaldson for Guerrero Jr in a dynasty league. I also have SS Jorge Polanco, Wander Franco and Trea Turner. Would like to get rid of one. Dynasty, h2h, standard cats
  10. I’ve actually been calling you out regularly the past 3 weeks. You’re the “Plawecki” guy.
  11. All depends on your when asking questions like this, details are important
  12. Very close trade IMO, however when its this close, I usually side with the best player. So in this circumstance, I like the Bregman side. Hes a proven stud and top 10 overall hitter. Torres and Eloy have great upside, but still somewhat question marks. Keep the stud, rather than chasing Stud upside
  13. Only because Realmuto is getting the day off, but it's still nice to see regardless. I think it will take an injury to one of the 5 guys normally ahead of him for him to be up in the upper half regularly.
  14. I think that was meant that he would be their daily DH and the backup 1B option when Voit rested. Much has been talked about the effects this move has on the value of other guys on the roster but very little when it comes to EE. His value is spectacular right now and this move should definitely boost his stats. As an owner I couldn’t be happier about the scenario. As a baseball fan I hate it because I’m a Sox fan.
  15. If by strategy u mean “pick studs and play against other studs”....then yes. Not enough depth to reward players willing to draft unconventional. I enjoy a good 10 team banger as much as the next guy- but it’s simple and devoid of any real strategy IMO.
  16. Good Lord, jump on that trade in a heartbeat. The only real asset you are giving up is Hicks IMO, and closers are volatile as can be. To add Kluber and JoRam is a great gamble in dynasty, and Caleb Smith is a solid top 40 SP. In due time, the Marlins have to start getting better, right? Well, maybe not but hes still a good SP who will help in points as long as you dont go negative for losses. I would do that trade for sure
  17. If you do end up going, you better not jinx him and make this his 2nd game without a hit. I'd be ok without a HR as he can't do it every game, but I still want production. 😀
  18. ? And? The wire will always have more options available no matter how big or deep your league is. The idea that "Strategy doesn't apply to 10 team leagues because the waiver wire is always full" is blatantly absurd.
  19. I'm rolling out Jurado, no senzel, he has been ptiching good and the reds don't terrify me. Obviously going to jinx it lol but they really haven't been scoring a ton of runs either. Worst case in my opinion is he gives up 3-5... Best case I could see 6 innings 2 ER 6 k's
  20. Roster mgt I mean obviously. I don't know if they're good at meetings.
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