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  2. I would definitely grab Burdi in leagues that include holds as I expect him to be in there regularly soon. If in a saves league I would go with Nick Anderson though as he has very similar numbers and would have an easier path to saves there. If neither saves nor holds were a consideration then Burdi would be first on my list...
  3. Pretty clear this is an All Star and career year.
  4. bad luck. he went into the 7th last game and gave up 3 runs. hes a hold at this point
  5. No that's his finger unless Murphy has the longest thumb in the world.
  6. That’s to be expected. He’s most likely wearing a splint under his batting glove to keep the last joint of that finger in a straight position. With mallet finger a splint is worn for a minimum of 4 weeks (and up to 8 weeks) to let the tendon heal. He’s been given clearance to take bp with the splint on to start working on hitting again. Once he is allowed to ditch the splint he’ll be game ready soon after. I’d guesstimate about 2-3 weeks from now.
  7. I thought he could be 17 3.50 1.20 175K this year but it's not looking good. Is he declining or just bad luck? Currently: SwStr% 11.3 (best of his career) HR/FB 22.2% (double his career norm) BABIP .339 (50pts higher than career norm) Soft/Hard contact% in line with career norm, same with FB/LD/GB distribution. He's getting killed at home, just like last year when he was traded to the Yankees. I haven't been able to watch him pitch. Is this guy just not fit to pitch in NY, like Sonny Gray?
  8. any pitt fans here? what do you guys think of Nick Burdi? im in a league that has a 6th pitching stat of k/bb and burdi is sitting at 15:1. i usually like carrying 2 relievers like that to basically get a good starter out of them. edit: sorry just read through lat 2 pages
  9. once I sort through the pixels I'll get back to you
  10. This is truly a beautiful and true-to-heart display of your routine Mariners/Angels game
  11. Cody Allen craps the bed in a tie game. 2 hits, 2 walks, one earned run.
  12. Yeah he’s just not being tested by high A Pitching. He’s going to the plate with a swing at everything approach and because these pitchers mostly don’t have much in the way of off speed offerings he is crushing everything. AA Is where we will actually see what he can do against legit pitching.
  13. Yes but since total bags, singles doubles and triples and ops are all categories comparing him and Voit it becomes a lot closer
  14. "The blast actually left the ballpark completely, landing in a parking lot beyond the left-field bleachers of Pawtucket's McCoy Stadium with an exit velocity of 107 mph, according to Jessica Camerato of Guerrero is slashing .412/.500/.824 through 20 plate appearances for Buffalo with a double, two homers and a 3:0 BB:K, and at least at the plate he clearly has nothing left to learn in the minors."
  15. Today
  16. 3-5 again today with a HR and a 2B. BAVG still .482 up to 6 steals and 6 HRs. he won the Carolina League Player of the week last week and has prolly clinched it already for the second week. Maybe they are leaving him in Winston Salem for a teams future promotion Luis Robert bobblehead night maybe?
  17. Just getting ready to point out all those hits when we recovers
  18. have to take moncada deal. you could ride the pete Alonso train ROS and I wouldn't have much to say but Abreu has track record and you know what you are getting. no don't drop voit for cano. drop mcneil befor voit. no hrs or sb pretty empty avg
  19. I would think they would bring him up this next week - 5 home games, so shorter week, and all at home. He could play Friday and/or Saturday. And get a nice, short, comfortable week at home to adjust to his new surroundings. That's my thought. The only other argument I see is defense I guess. The game 7 argument is good. But - they could simply call him up and sit him on the bench that first game to adjust, which fits into my first argument! Either way, he's in at 3rd in my lineup next week until the last second it locks, because it's weekly
  20. I think you are trading for an injury risk in Kershaw who knows if Stanton injury lingers and I think Yelich is too good to move
  21. If u can find someone to sell high to I would jump on it. Murphy is back real soon at 1B which moves McMahon back to 2B, which moves Hampson to Utility guy and spare outfielder. not sure how the OF plays out with Dahl, Desmond, Blackmon starting and Tapia 4. When a team gets 3 guys back from the DL in a 3 day span it is sure to impact playing time for their replacements. Maybe Desmond will get benched or DFA?
  22. As much as I love me some Acuna I don't think I like this trade. I think you'd be selling low on Benintendi too. Yelich is reigning MVP and looks like it again this year, while Stanton's still on IL Kershaw could be there again and may not be as valuable anymore.
  23. you would be taking more injury risk but would get the clear upside here. A closer even at Chapman's level is almost a throw-in when talking players at this level. Do it...
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