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  2. He doesn't pitch well against his former 29 teams.
  3. Agree, hang on to Hoskins. Blackmon + Sanchez is a good one to go for. Help?
  4. Agree with above, stick with Corbin / Hoskins. Help?
  5. Bryant and Muncy Help?
  6. Price left I’m the 1st with an issue
  7. David Price was just pulled after two batters
  8. David Price pulled in the first inning. Cora game running out to get him. Something physical.
  9. In a h2h dynasty league, which side do you prefer? Kris Bryant Max Muncy or Hunter Dozier Pete Alonso?
  10. 16 team dynasty, QS and OPS I'm trying to compete, but dont want to give up too much. I give: Glasnow, Bichette, Pearson, Gilbert I get: deGrom and marcell Ozuna Would you do it?
  11. I desperately need a good start from Soroka tonight.
  12. Wind blowing out in Wrigley with a flyball heavy pitcher was a bad mix.
  13. Orioles. simply them. Chris Tillman, Alex Cobb, bundy, cashner, strailey.
  14. I asked this elsewhere, but what's the comp for Damien Williams having a successful career arc? I don't know of any NFL player who ever had zero draft capital, played a part time role for 4-5 years, was a consensus JAG, then found sustained success as an NFL starter. Nothing is impossible, but a lot of you are counting on something that would be completely unprecedented.
  15. Hmm... Lindsay and Jones are going to be more in RBBCs than people expect, despite having almost the exact same casts around them. Dexter Williams is the only new RB on either team, and he's not much of a pass catcher. Meanwhile, KC added Carlos Hyde (a proven NFL workhorse), Darwin Thompson (a guy who got Tarik Cohen comps before the draft), and James Williams (the guy most said was the best pass catching back in this class). But yeah, it's Jones and Lindsay who face more competition for targets this year. *Head Explodes*
  16. 2 hits and both the opposite way. So, that's a good sign.
  17. That depends on whether you think Jo-Ram bounces back. If you have serious enough doubts, then yes. Sell him while you can. Help?
  18. Because I generally think pitching is easier to find I might say no, but it's an even offer. Help?
  19. 12 team 5x5 league, I am in 7th place. Do you make the move for Kris Bryant? My team is in the signature.
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