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  2. LaConfora speculating that HE WHO CANNOT BE NAMED is gonna draw serious burn after trade deadline ...
  3. I’m hoping he puts up zero points today so I can buy low.
  4. 1point ppr need a rb2 and flex out of ekeler @tenn michel @ Jets singletary vs Miami mclauren vs49ers my rb1 is bell and my 2 we are Hill and cooks
  5. I'd start Boyd and Gallup GL
  6. Hunter Henry for me. A-Rob will be covered today by Lattimore. Good luck!
  7. I was hoping he’d sit out, but I guess I have to play him. Hopefully he doesn't leave the game early.
  8. Full point PPR 10 teams...Team is 5-1 best record most points...had Mahomes go down already this week with just 7 points.. Mahomes/Stafford Barkley/Gordan...bench...Ekeler/Murray Cooper/Chark/Fitz...bench...J.Brown (buff)..on byes..DJ Moore..Evans Whitten..bench..Hockerson...lost Dissley last week in first loss.... I still think i can pull out this is what i have so far.. Mahomes/already played Barkley/Gordan Cooper/Chark ...Flex / Fitz Copper is a risk and i got advice here yesterday saying start Brown instead...not sold on Coop..but i am having real issues sitting him.. AS of now I am going with Gordan ..however I am itching to play Murray....thoughts ???
  9. That is a tough one: Here are the projections I have this week. You have to decide who you prefer. Jeffery Fuller Diggs all projected for 14.9 pts Tate projected 14 pts. Myself I'd start Jeffery and Fuller GL
  10. I would like him more, but gets absolutely no stocks and his assists are mediocre, even with minutes/opportunity. Basically a more expensive version of Reggie Jackson.
  11. Im new to the Goff party as I picked him up on waivers, but this is a must start matchup right? Falcons don't have a pass rush and have a terrible pass defense, Gurley is back, vegas predicting a high scoring game. Am I getting Minshewed again? Stacking Goff and Cooks has me nervous because they're both risky but this seems like a no brainer.
  12. Dude is the new #2 (1 with Adams out) for the Pack no matter which other crap route running bad hand bozo plays Coach Matt LaFleur challenged him to now build upon his performance against the Raiders. “That’s a fair question,” LaFleur said when asked if he erred in not playing Lazard more. “Certainly, he went out there (against the Lions) and he performed really well. Hindsight’s 20/20, but I’m just excited for where he could go. Anybody can do it one time, and that’s what we say. But now you’ve got to do it each and every time. That’s the expectation, and that’s the standard." .....He is here to stay “He obviously proved something,” Adams said. “His mind is one of his best tools. He works diligently. He studies. He’s naturally smart, and a guy that’s naturally smart that applies himself, that’s how you gain an extra advantage in this league. That’s being a pro. He obviously has a lot of confidence in his ability. He’s not the fastest guy in the world, but he understands how his game functions and what he has to do to make play.“
  13. Hi bro, solid team but maybe not so good in getting double doubles. thanks for replying on mine
  14. DJ and Gallup for me Thanks for helping yesterday dude, good luck!!
  15. Do not love either side but Drake blows so by default take Sanders as a lotto ticket..... TY for the help
  16. Need 1 of Allen Robinson Dante Pettis ( also starting Kittle) Hunter Henry. ( PS if I don't start Pettis and he has blah game might drop him for another player who hasn't played yet like corey Davis who gets Tampa next week) WHIR!
  17. Close between Lazard and Edmonds for me. I’d probably go edmunds because I think he’ll get close to 50% workload with DJ banged up
  18. Tate and Jeffery Hey man thanks for the advice yesterday also, good luck to ya!!
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