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  2. Agreed. But to be honest, at the very least this means Edmonds has a little bit more likelihood of being a usable flex for those who may be that desperate...which...may or may not be me.....
  3. Meyers could be a sneaky play in deep PPR leagues this week. Gordon is likely out, Dorsett is coming off a hamstring injury, Edelman is banged up, the tight ends are hurting, this could be a breakout week for him.
  4. Some of you seem to somehow be forgetting that oh btw that's Moore throwing to him, not Mahomes. There's a reason Moore was teaching 10th graders how to dissect a frog earlier this year vs prepping for the upcoming season. He cannot improvise or escape trouble or toss the ball nearly as well. This is a huge hit for Hill and it has nothing to do with Hill's ability. How huge we don't know yet but it's 3 weeks of WR stress for Hill owners lol
  5. Not enough IF you think kamara will return to form.
  6. Yeah, I feel like the one constant, is that Giannis is usually ranked in the #4-5 position, with Curry, Harden and AD swapping places.
  7. I'm leaning towards Tate. Think A Rob will have a rough day with Lattimore.
  8. Tried something different this week with a 2, 3 and 4 team parlay all building on each other. My four games I went with were 1. Chiefs -3.5, Mahomes scared me but we pulled through so they’re all still alive 2. Houston +1, I think they’re the better team and win. (These 2 are in all my bets) 3. Detroit +2, I think they win coming off the MNF robbery 4. Philly +3, homer pick to wrap up my 4 team parlay. Made bet when it looked like all the cowboys were going to miss the game now that they’re playing I’m much less confident
  9. Do you have any space in your league?? please reach out -
  10. I may be inclined to pass, with Mahomes out for a period of time. I think HH does well ros, as does Carson. But if you believe more in Kelce, not a bad trade.
  11. Haha, my exact dilemma all season. It's been rough for sure but everyone can have a string of bad luck, at least it's centered more in one position...?
  12. Tough matchup but I'd probably go with Latavius as he should see plenty of work. Close though.
  13. I'm also looking for leagues to join Any price range please reach out -
  14. Hahahaha much appreciated! Still a solid squad if they perform, here's how it looks today: QB - Daniel Jones / Jimmy G RB - Zeke, MG3, Mixon, Mattison, Pollard, Henderson WR - Cheetah, Julio, Chark, Hollywood, Landry TE - Kelce D/ST - Niners 12-team $200 auction budget + 2 keeper league. I walked into the draft with $250 (we can trade draft budget). Cost me $45 to keep zeke and $23 to keep cheetah.
  15. Yeah, it’s tough because people have emotional attachment to their top 5 pick. This particular owner is 1-5 though, so that definitely changes the mindset.
  16. In a .5 PPR league and having a tough time deciding between the two. Jamaal Williams vs Oakland or Latavius Murray vs Chicago
  17. Wonder what Wiggins does during the off-season? I'd imagine anything and everything that's not basketball related.
  18. Half. Giving him another chance in a good matchup plus bye week hell. Could be a sneaky shootout...
  19. Keeper auction league. Kept Zeke & Cheetah. And you are able to trade for draft budget from season to season. Walked in with max budget, went heavy on Julio / Mixon / Kelce.
  20. I think you couldn't hurt taking a flier on him. Like comments mentioned above CHA are in a rebuild mode and there is no incentive in trying to win now. PJ will have higher usage MPG than some of the other rookies.. Whether or not he produces during the regular season we won't know.. I'm sure you'd be able to find someone to replace immediately on WW on a 10 team if he doesnt pan out.
  21. Full PPR. If Kirk doesn't play I'll have to drop mattison to pickup a guy off the wire or trade breida for John brown. What would you do? Here's my roster, we start 2wr, 2rb, 1 flex. QB- Watson, Darnold RB- Bell, Carson, Coleman, Breida, Edmonds, Mattison WR- Godwin(bye), Fuller, Kirk TE- Engram DST- SF, Pit
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