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  2. I like McNeil, then Santana if you make a switch. For Didi, I'd probably hold still unless you have too many other holes to fill and you can't be patient. In that killer Yanks lineup I'd probably wait longer for Didi to come around myself.
  3. I would lean towards picking up Merill Kelly or Hudson, but getting Stroman vs KC isn't a bad streamer. With your league counting W's, it's hard for Stroman to consistently get those with the TOR offense. Good luck!
  4. Only drop I see is Boyd, but both of them are close this season. Think I would hold onto Boyd, as he may get traded to a contender. Although, NYM may also deal Wheeler too, so definitely keep an eye on both.
  5. I generally really enjoy talking about fantasy football, which is why I spend my downtime at work on this message board in mid-June. I like the RB depth this year. And I find myself consistently grabbing Diggs in the fourth round as a WR2. The past two years I've gone RB in Round 2 and I got burned twice (Jordan Howard, Dalvin Cook), but I'll chalk it up to bad luck and not some poor draft strategy. Or, that I didn't read into teams offensive lines as much as I need to this year. The league I invest the most in certainly drafts differently than mock drafts. I want Andrew Luck this year, but I feel like someone in my league has the same interest and will reach for him in round 3. I think I'd be more comfortable drafting Carson Wentz later on this year. It's been a long time since I've hit the nail on the head with a Quarterback pre-waiver wire. I'm itching for football and I do mock drafts more for the love of it rather than some kind of preparation.
  6. Nice idea, but Howard is slightly bigger and has a good reputation in the red zone (35 carries for 107 yard and 9 TDs last season, which is top-6).
  7. Seems to have flown under the radar compared to all the other big breakout years by other players. Which was good for us owners so we could pick him up when no one was noticing. Right up there with Garrett Cooper as waiver wire steal of the year right now.
  8. Interested, you use GroupMe or anything?
  9. rather have LaMahieu ROS than Jose Ramirez and maybe rest of career.
  10. Hey everybody, I already searched google but I didn’t find the correct answer, maybe you can clear this pretty quickly for me: we have an IR Spot next season in our league, I can put a player there when he is listed as OUT. When he now comes back and gets a Q or D2D sign, how long does it take to activate him again? First I need a free roster spot, so I have to drop somebody, correct? If I do not drop anybody, is the IR player becoming a waiver? And if I drop someone for the IR player, is he immediately available or does it take the waiver period until he is on the roster again? Thanks in advance guys!
  11. He should demand a trade to a real team.
  12. 12 team 6x6 roto (obp and ip added) - $260 keeper league (keep 6) - 2C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 5OF, 5SP, 4RP I have a comfortable lead at this point in the season. However my SP is shaky (even though I have the second most points in pitching). I'm dominating 5 of the 6 hitting categories (mid pack in SB). 25+ year old league that is difficult to win. Want to go for it this year. I've been offered his Verlander $38, Chapman $17 and Ozuna $20 for my Brantley $10, Dahl $10 and Vlad Jr $10. Would you take the deal or hold steady? My Roster: ($ = what players can be kept for next year.) My roster: C - Posey $5 C - Lucroy $12 1B - Bell $16 2B - Moncada $12 SS - Andrus $5 3B - Rendon $33 MI - Moustakas $16 CI - Vlad Jr. $10 OF - Yelich $28 OF - Hoskins $20 OF - Dahl $10 OF - Brantley $10 OF - Soler $5 DH - Cron $5 Bench bats: Correa (SS- IL) $28, Chavis (2B, 3B, 1B) $5, McMahon (1B, 2B), Bryan Reynolds (OF) $5 SP - Bauer $40 SP - Strasburg $21 SP - Soroka $5 SP - Richards $5 SP - Musgrove $5 (Bench SP that I stream: Duffy $5, Darvish $5, ERod $13, Kikuchi $5, Wood-IL $5, Urias $5) RP - Smith $12 RP - Kennedy $5 RP - Doolittle $12 RP - Giles $5
  13. I personally dismiss all the backs they had last year- that run game was poor with all those guys, they're nothing I consider when wondering how carries get shared. Howard's likely getting a shot at a decent workload, but if that's all Sanders has to beat, i'm in. Its possible that the plan is to split it up no matter what, but considering Sanders's price right now, he's a steal if they decide he's getting even a 51% share, in an explosive offense. If he becomes the goal line back, that's all you really need for him to pay dividends
  14. I like Ja Morant, Jaxon Hayes, Darius Garland. Jarrett Culver really intrigues me as I feel like they are ready to move on from Andrew Wiggins.
  15. yea it doesn't make sense even with 20/10 and stocks if hes trash in ft and t/o doesn't seem possible to return 25 type line he would have to be Drummond out the gate to be drafted as top 25 player. drums line 17/15/1 3.5 stocks 53% 59% 2.2 t/o doable but wont be doing it on my teams outside some very specific punts
  16. He was with going by memory not looking what RB 9 last season? That was in the worst offense ITL. No way he cant beat that finish if hes healthy.
  17. Mixon is trending upwards right now. Hes going to be in the Gurley roll of that offense. To me he RB6 right after DJ and I think I prefer starting my draft with him then grabbing Adams/Hopkins. Really good value if you're doing bestballs or drafting early.
  18. In redraft would you drop Paddack for Stroman ? Paddack has been a pretty lousy lately, he's got good stuff but for redraft this might not be the season to keep rolling with him. Stroman has been very solid and also has KC with Mondesi out of the lineup, nice match up. Hudson, Merill Kelly, are also available, but I can only grab one if dropping Paddack. Was leaning towards Stroman. Our categories W K ERA WHIP SV.
  19. Had him all year in a deeper league. Been on fire last week and a half or so. Been super frustrating to own otherwise. I think as long as he’s playing every day he is a deeper league option but in 12 teamers I’d think he’d be a tough to roster outside of riding a hot streak like the current one.
  20. Orphaned Dynasty Team/12 Team League in its 6th Season. We Do an annual Offline Draft. Draft Starts July 20th On Saturday. Keepers Lock July 7th Team Roster: QB: matthew Stafford, ben roethislberger RB: Dalvin Cook, derrick henry, Duke Johnson, Alfred Morris, WR: Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Calvin ridley, Sammy Watkins, Allen Robinson TE: eric Ebron, Kicker Matt Prater. Houston Texans Defense/Special Teams.  Send me your application at and I will need to know you read and agreed to the rules; I will need a confirmation email once you have joined. If you any other questions about the rules, settings or the scoring system, contact me at the email provided.   Rules:  Only players who are true hardcore fantasy football fans Only players who are active including trades Respond to trade offers (Don’t ignore them, accept or reject the offers) You must check in weekly You must set your team lineup every week (No inactives and no empty lineup spots) Inactive members will be removed Players who don't follow these rules will also beremoved I want dedicated players who will be here all year long No Roster Dumping (Had a member do that last year) Add a name and logo to your team (This is more of a suggestion than a rule but please feel obligated to do so) Standard Waiver and Trade Rules expect for league manager veto on trade review 6 Team Playoff Format (Playoffs Weeks 14, 15, and 16) 16 Roster Spots 12 Keepers Positions: 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 RB/WR/TE 1 K 1 DEF/ST 7 Bench Players 2 IR  Scoring System Offense Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards Passing Touchdowns: 4 points Interceptions Thrown: -2 points Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points Fumble Recovered for TD: 6 points Fumbles Lost: -2 points 2-Point Conversions: 2 points  Kicking  PAT Made: 1 point FG Made 0-19: 3 points FG Made 20-29: 3 points FG Made 30-39: 3 points FG Made 40-49: 3 points FG Made 50+: 5 points Defense / Special Teams Sacks: 1 point Interceptions: 2 points Fumbles Recovered: 2 points Safeties: 2 points Touchdowns: 6 points Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points Defensive 2 Point Conversions: 2 Points Points Allowed 0: 10 points Points Allowed 1-6: 7 points Points Allowed 7-13: 4 points Points Allowed 14-20: 1 point Points Allowed 21-27: 0 points Points Allowed 28-34: -1 point Points Allowed 35+: -4 points
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  22. RJ going to be very frustrating to roster. Dynasty outside of Zion and Ja....I love Clarke, Thybulle, Goga, Hayes, Fernando
  23. Pham has been a legit 5 cat guy, and has in the past as well. He's on pace for, what, 85 runs, 25 homers, 85 RBI, 15-20 steals and a .290 BA? Story is looking to blow past those, but I also believe in Seager and Correa both as top ~50 bats when they are healthy. Seager couldn't have gotten hurt as a worse time. Correa was looking great, on pace for ~80 runs, 35 homers, 110 RBI and a strong BA. If it's a league where there are playoffs, I keep these 3. In roto I can see making the deal. But, the extend of Story's thumb injury is the x-factor, and no way I'm paying what I feel like it pretty much full price on him right now. I wouldn't do it if I owned the 3, but I can see why someone would.
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