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  2. It will be interesting to see who the Yankees have in the outfield. Gardner, Tauchman (now the second oldest member of the Yankee outfield still active) and who? Their brand new outfielder, Cameron Maybin? In other news Max Muncy sits for the third straight day. Missed 4 out of the 5 last games. Dave Roberts, your good will you earned for that steal in 2004 for my Sox is now officially used up.
  3. I like Kieboom but we really have to remember to take these PCL numbers with a grain of salt. He had an OPS of .721 in AA last year. The Fresno Grizzlies as a team have an .860 OPS and if we're going strictly in terms of expecting their current stats to help right away in the middle infield, then his teammate, Jacob Wilson, has the better credentials with a 1.234 OPS. All I'm saying is don't get too excited about this stat line just yet.
  4. According my leagues rating system (Fantrax), Aguilar is the worst owned player in our 11 team league (Not counting injured players). He cant be suddenly this bad, but I guess playing time is becoming the real issue.
  5. ..... jeopardy theme song...... Don't need nitpick injuries to sideline his ascension to AA.
  6. Are the Yankees dead set on breaking the record for injured players or what? So it is come to this. Cameron Maybin, wow. What is it about Yankee outfielders? Did Jacoby Ellsbury spread some plague in the outfield and it is just becoming active this year?
  7. The guy is a career .251/.332/.521 hitter and a 24.2% K rate, only slightly above average. He has had one down year (last year - shoulder injury) and two great ones. No middle ground?
  8. This dude was just dropped prior to last nights 2hr game. I feel like taking a flier but how does everyone feel about him ROS? Just a streaky hitter? Heโ€™s almost halfway to the HRs he hit last year. Maybe he gets close to 20? Could he possibly be a 65/18/80/10/.255 guy? That would be useful with his multi position eligibility.
  9. 10 team pts h2h would you trade SALE for Kris Bryant (3b/of)? Sale has to get better, noooo?
  10. I personally just dont believe will grier is very good. Average arm, average athlete at qb, doesnt create alot plays on his own, seems to be a rhythm passer. He plays qb in a good system that puts up alot of points and yards year in and year out. Similar to how Texas tech has put up alot of points for a decade now but only pat mahomes has been worth a damn and I'm sure will grier isnt the next pat mahomes. Not to mention his conference is the worst defensive conference in football. I couldnt name 3 defensive players from the big 12 in the draft. But kyler murray is in the same conference and he got a heisman and probably #1 pick in the draft so what do I know.
  11. I'm holding onto him. Not sure why all the doubters. He's been consistently solid his whole career and is in a pretty solid lineup. He may have some cold streaks but I'm sticking with him
  12. While this back and forth has been stimulating (not really), I am bowing out. You can never have a fair/fun debate with an ego maniac.
  13. Guy is single handedly saving my team. Best pick up this year. Do not regret.
  14. Are we holding onto him? Heโ€™s been productive but his underlying statistics reveal regression is coming. Weak contact but will give you a solid average. I feel like heโ€™s in a very streaky lineup where he could be useful but in my other leagues people have already jumped ship. Curious as to how this board views him ROS
  15. yes. I spent 44$ on this guy as my top bat in my keeper auction league and he and Castellanos are testing my patience. I'm sure he'll have a scorching may so don't panic yet but yeah, he looks pretty lost at the plate. The NL has not treated him well. We'll see if he can adjust.
  16. We should have a informal wager pool on who makes the stupidest decisions in the draft this year. I'm guessing the Raiders could achieve the trifecta of stupid but something tells me another team will take the top spot. Once upon a time you could count on at least 1 or 2 stupid things from the Browns each draft but it looks like the Giants might be looking to assume that role.
  17. They call him.......Caballo Blanco ๐Ÿด
  18. Thames looks to have the job. I have since replaced aguilar with walker, dozier, and thames so it's fine
  19. Yeah. He is back to being listed "IL" so I was able to add someone - but if I had missed out on that player I would have been pissed.
  20. In one roto league I dropped Frazier because he was on IL in another league he was showing DTD.
  21. I wasnt wrong about anything. I said he can tell them none of their business and his role in their investigation ends right there, he can sue for harassment and violation of employee rights if they discipline him for that. I never said he couldnt be suspended, I mentioned multiple times in this thread the NFL can suspend him for whatever their reason is but more than likely they wouldnt win in the end. Maybe you should educate yourself on state laws In case you didnt know the CBA/union agreement does not pre-empt state laws. . . nice try though. ๐Ÿ˜œ The clause you posted is saying that the NFL can discipline him for not being cooperative but what you fail to understand is that can be challenged in the actual legal system. Let me give u an example, NFL investigating a domestic abuse issue with a wife. investigator asks the player was he in an extra marital affair player says none of your business, NFL deems that answer as uncooperative and disciplines. Player then challenges that action based on the line of questioning as a violation and will win. So there goes your NFL is all powerful theory . . .๐Ÿ˜‚ Glad you put up that clause because in his attorneys statement Hill did not invoke his 5th amendment rights when interviewed by authorities. So what do u honestly think an NFL investigation is going to prove where a DA's investigation failed? Again your original premise of waiting for a CPS investigation to support suspension was flawed and now you are pulling at straws not even related to your premise because you want to be right about something or win a debate against me. ๐Ÿค“ Seriously dude let it go.
  22. 12 Team AL Only Roto w/ $26 budget Auction ... should I give up Wander Franco(un-activated, no cost until then) and Eloy Jimenez($1 next year) for Adalberto Mondesi (will be up for auction next year, but I would have rights to retain for $.10 more) and Hansel Robles($1 next year)? I only have Jose Alvarez as a closer so could use Robles *if* he gets the closer gig. Also I am middle of the pack in SB. Mondesi could really swing that for me and add a lot. I am in fourth overall right now. Offense is where I am weak, but get to activate Vlad next week.
  23. I dont disagree with the 25 bombs or the 300 avg but 90 RBI in 5 months when Toronto's team On Base % is .295 might be asking a lot.
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