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  2. People always got fool by his triple double in past few seasons,personally I don't think he is a very good player(both in real life and fantasy).Low pts,3s,poor FT% ,his main contribution is assists and stls only
  3. Been getting offers for Godwin for Kamara, been declining, but each week it has been harder. Hopefully Brees does return in week 8, but as of now this offense is a shadow of what it used to be at least in terms for Kamara.
  4. That’s obvioualy not sustainable. Plus I’d rather have consistency over boom/bust guy. I already have Mike Evans who can’t stay consistent this year
  5. Was Big Ben healthy in Week 1? He was complaining of elbow pain during practice before Week 2, but was kept off the injury report. It’s possible the issue had been bothering him for longer than has been reported, which would explain a lot about that Pats game. If that’s the case, maybe the NE defense can give up points vs. a good offense, and we just haven’t seen it. I have a feeling that at some point in the back half of the season, when the Pats play a few legit teams, fantasy owners are going to overthink it and sit studs based on how their defense performed against the Dolphins and the Falk-led Jets.
  6. This. Judging by how he’s being used in the preseason, he should be starting at the 4 over an aging Tolliver, and play minutes at the 5 as a backup to Whiteside (don’t think they’ll play him over 30 min a game).
  7. I hit a 4 game parlay but had 6 games I was confident to bet on. My games on the parlay were NO+3, SEA, SF+3, and ARI+2.5. My other 2 were the Jets and Texans to cover but was scared of including them so I just side bet them, but a victory is a victory so I’ll take it.
  8. Doesn’t sound crazy at all. Darnold has legit weapons. The Rams are toast
  9. Oh, you are talking fantasy. Gotcha. I agree. Yep I am picking Acuna or Soto over Torres
  10. I agree. I think he can be around 19/3/3 with two threes. He also said it's a goal to be a 90% FT shooter and I actually think he can do it. That's not a stat that relies on others so if he sets his mind to it he can probably get there, or close to it. I heard a podcast about how it's interesting that he was projected to me a 3 and D specialist but people had reservations about his scoring ability. Last year in scored in bunches but no defense. If he can get over one steal so his final line is 19/3/3 with 2 threes, 1 steal 45%/90% and can stay under 2.5 TOs then that's Jamal Murray territory. He's not that far off as is. I think he has top 100 potential.
  11. 1/2 ppr Should I make an offer to trade my Conner/Boyd for Carson/Adams? I am hearing Adams could be back next week but it could also be up to 4 weeks. I could also just keep my team as is. WHIR Thanks. QB: Jared Goff RB1: James Conner RB2: Nick Chubb WR1: Chris Godwin WR2: Tyler Boyd TE: Darren Waller FLEX: Aaron Jones D/ST: Cowboys K: Jake Elliott Bench: Jacoby Brissett, Miles Sanders, Ronald Jones, Justice Hill, DJ Moore, Christian Kirk, Mark Andrews
  12. 1. Best trade you can get , but owner will say no especially after Hill’s game yesterday. Might have to add mike williams. Try the trade first and see what he says. 3. Most possible due to Obj underperforming and a buy low candidate.
  13. yes considering he only took one drive off
  14. I can see Ricky Seals Jones being relevant until Njoku come back
  15. He wasn’t good, but he did do considerably better than Ekeler who seems to be losing gas. So that’s a positive for Gordon owners.
  16. Wait and see,they have Jacob Hollister aswell
  17. Collusion is owners conspiring against the league to give themselves an unfair advantage. You had every chance to get yourself a kicker.
  18. This seems like a pain tolerance injury to me, Gurley wasn’t able to play 10 days after suffering one so we’ll see. Just a hunch though but if he gets a long term contract in the next week I think he’ll heal a lot quicker.
  19. -18 for 6 turnovers,thankfully our league awards a 5 pt bonus for a 400 yard game That said as of this morning he is still the #10 QB in our league scoring,Rodgers and/or Stafford or both could pass him tonight but it's going to take big games to do so.
  20. This post will not age well through the second half of the season
  21. I got him while everyone chased after Hollywood. I was last pick but didn't need to put in a claim for him.
  22. It's not that crazy nyj has a good schedule coming up. Lol
  23. Collin Sexton I think deserves a call out here, if he hasn't already. Nobody will provide you high points on decent FG and high FT after pick 120. He has shown he can hit threes as well. I don't think Garland will impact him as much as people think.
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