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  2. Comparing QB rushes to RB rushes is a terrible take because of play design. You think if you put Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray into the backfield, behind a QB they'd have the same numbers? You're also comparing backs with 65 attempts (Breida) and 45 attempts (Mostert) to the actual backs who get constant run. You do realize every year there are backs who average 5+ypc because they get 1/3 of the runs as starting, workhorse backs. YPC is a terrible stat to look at, especially 6 games into the season.
  3. 9cat 12 teams: points, assists, steals, DD, 3pt, Rebounds, FG%, FT% & Blocks. PG/SG: Harden, Jrue Holiday, SGA, Delon Wright & Oladipo(In IR spot) SF: DE’Andre Hunter & Michael Porter Jr PF: Zion, Porzingis & Brandon Clarke Centers: Adebayo, Dright Howard, Brook Lopez & Thomas Bryant
  4. I still remember that time when a dude in this thread said Penny was “just as good as Carson”...
  5. I almost think it doesn't matter about Jameis playing better. If he doesn't turn it over, Godwin maybe gets more scoring opportunities. If he does turn it over, Godwin seems to thrive in trash time. As long as Jameis doesn't play bad enough to get pulled, I think Godwin is pretty safe.
  6. I have - Lonzo, Lowry, Morant, J Butler, DSJ, Oladipo* E Gordon F- Kawhi, Kristaps, Hachimura, Warren -Jokic, Robinson pls help. waivers- Ingram, Reddish, Dragic, Culver, Fournier, McGee
  7. -1 in our league for INT. 4 pt TD. He had 19.4 total
  8. I’d do this before he/she realizes how much they are fleecing themselves
  9. Everyone I named has enough rushes to qualify for leaderboards- so the better question is why wouldnt they be included. Go check,, profootballreference and seeing who is leading the league in YPC. In the NFL 6.25 attempts per game qualify you for leaderboards (Jackson and Murray average higher). In my comment I'm sure to let the reader know that the 2 leaders are QB's. Im not here to cherry pick the stats- I give the whole truth. Funny how you say I had a "horrible" take meanwhile you didnt even attack my point that McCoy is the best performer in the backfield. You choose to attack my (accurate) sample lol. Good luck to you buddy.
  10. Ahem..... 2 losses in a row..... since Damien came back...... WAKE UP REID YOU CLOWN
  11. Am I in the ballpark with this trade offer? The other owner just lost Dissly and his only other TE is Hockenson. GIVE - H.Henry / Fitzgerald GET - Ker. Johnson MY TEAM QB - Watson - Bye Week 10 WR - K.Allen - Bye Week 12 WR - Boyd - Bye Week 9 RB - Chubb - Bye Week 7 RB - D.Johnson - Bye Week 12 TE - Kittle - Bye Week 4 W/R/T - Dev. Freeman - Bye Week 9 K - Crosby - Bye Week 11 DEF - Baltimore - Bye Week 8 BN - Fitzgerald - Bye Week 12 BN - Sutton - Bye Week 10 BN - AJ Green - Bye Week 9 BN - Penny - Bye Week 11 BN - Singletary - Bye Week 6 BN - H.Henry - Bye Week 12
  12. My team is now 3-3, ive made some serious trades these past few weeks and finally feel somewhat competitive in my 12 team league. My team is: Qb: lamar jackson Rb: chubb, james conner, breida, malcom brown, benny snell, hilliman Wr: juju, cooks, robby anderson, curtis samuel te: hooper, herndon So now i have an issue, next week I have chubb, conner, juju, curtis, snell all on BYE while robby is playing NE defense. And theres a chance gurley is back and malcom isnt even a desperation option. The guy im playing is 1-4 but projects to destroy me. He has Bell, mack, damien williams, boyd, Fitzgerald, mark andrews. So my question is, do i just pray I can overcome a loss this week and put out the best lineup i can with the waiver wire options (no one projected more than 7 points) or do i try to trade some of my BYE players and potentially downgrade rest of season to try to secure a win this week and keep my playoff hopes alive
  13. Down 9 pts in .5 PPR. I have Prater and one of MVS or Jamaal. HELP
  14. Should I trade Terry Mclaurin for Devonta Freeman in a 10 team .5ppr league? This is my current roster: QB: Patrick Mahomes, Jacoby Brissett RB: Alvin Kamara, James White, Tevin Coleman, Royce Freeman, Devin Singletary WR: Adam Thielen, TY Hilton, Kenny Golladay, Sammy Watkins, Josh Gordon, Terry Mclaurin TE: George Kittle, Will Dissly D/ST: 49ers K: Robbie Gould
  15. 10 team keeper league needs 3 people
  16. You can get more for Mack. A much higher Tier of WR. Sony for those 2 or even 1 is more understandable
  17. I'd boot the guy out of the league after one season.
  18. While it's horrible to wish injury on anyone, the most beneficial injury for the KC RBs would be to Mahomes. Then they will have to shift to a run based attack (or at least a balanced one). WIth Mahomes there, these guys are like the opposite of the Vikings and Ravens. They pass first and mix in the run to keep the defense honest. Usually it's the other way around.
  19. I think I'd go Godwin. Both of their QBs are struggling but he definitely has less competition for targets on a weekly basis. I'd also like to think that Jameis will get better as he gets a better grasp of the offense.
  20. This one is pretty even but id lean towards Tate when Barkley is back it should open up more of the offense
  21. its a gamble. all depends when he gets back losing 2 good players and not getting your player back for 6 weeks. it might not matter then because you could easily lose your weeks. Plus you should be getting Green back here soon who has WR1 upside
  22. Keenan always does this. He has stretches of insane production then stretches of duds. Usually he has his duds in the early part of the season and goes crazy towards the latter half. Basically the mirror opposite to Thielen before where he would be crazy early and go cold at the end. It's a nice little wrinkle that Keenan went insane at the start this year, but I wouldn't be worried. Rivers is usually at his most productive late anyways.
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