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  2. I would agree with you. Glorified Marwin Gonzo right now, is all he is. The team and pedigree helped for sure. That's not to say he won't get hot again, though. But for now he can rest on the WW.
  3. i would honestly love to put in ray to get this deal. i just find ray really hard to own - especially if youre in a QS league. he just doesnt get deep into games i dont think he's any closer to adding efficiency + a new pitch such as a curve ball to his game. adding these items in and getting his IP/game closer to 6IP would be huge for his value. i just dont think hes ready to take that next step just yet. long story short, i'd be totally okay moving him unless there are some wonky long term / value based keeper rules in place. however, as the above posters said, i would also want to way a few days to get these good days beyond torres before throwing something out there.
  4. Out of the lineup 2 straight days. So I’m guessing he’s hurt. Even if they don’t respect his bat in the 9 slot yet, there’s a huge difference with his glove in CF vs. running Kepler out there to try to run down fly balls.
  5. I don't see why. He hasn't been good against LHP this year. He'll likely lead off vs. RHP and drop down vs. LHP, which is fine by me as well. It might help him out.
  6. Not a bad rotation, but I like it more with Berrios in it. I think you have enough pop without Torres. Plus I think he has 10 HR vs Balt and two against the field. Not great.
  7. Boyd's dealing early. Might be in for a mighty fine day against the Fish.
  8. It's not a bad idea to keep a guy around a little past his likely expiration date if he's giving you a warm body at 2 or 3 positions of need, but I also feel like there are enough multi-position guys in standard formats (at least on Yahoo) to be able to cycle through them pretty easily. Marwin's pretty hot and still available in a lot of places, Danny Santana was providing value at multiple positions for a while, as was Ronny Rodriguez. Kike's pedigree and team context made him a little more exciting, but it seems like it was just a hot stretch.
  9. A lot of it isn't complaining. Hiura is going to be a star. I think there's little question about that. It's just when he'll make his full impact. Mike Moustakas signed a one year deal with the Brewers. If the Brewers see a future for Shaw at 3B (with Hiura at 2B in 2020), once Moustakas leaves this offseason, they're not going give up on him completely after back to back 30 home run seasons. Meaning, Hiura has to truly stand out to stay up in the majors and look major league ready to make it worthwhile to kick Shaw to the curb. If Hiura were on any other team, with no competition at 2B, he's up for good, no questions asked. In keeper league, stay fully invested. In redraft, who knows, you might want to sell high. I'm sure, if Hiura keeps hitting homers, you can feel confident about Hiura taking Shaw's spot. This interview leaves me with the impression Counsell wants Shaw back.
  10. 1B : Luke Voit 2B : Albies, Odor 3B: Hunter Dozier SS: Machado OF: Bellinger, Betts, Blackmon, Meadows, Hicks SP: Corbin, Berrios, Corbin Martin, Ryu, Castillo RP: Maeda, Greg Holland, Woodruff IL: Clevinger
  11. I've been pretty active in the trade market over the last month in my 10-team 5x5 keep forever dynasty league: Gave: Mitch Haniger, German Marquez, Harrison Bader Got: Clayton Kershaw, Elvis Andrus, Shane Greene Gave: Domingo Santana, Kyle Freeland Got: Yu Darvish, Raisel Iglesias Gave: Edwin Encarnacion, Brad Hand, Willie Calhoun, Casey Mize Got: Carlos Carrasco, Kyle Gibson, Greg Holland Gave: Trevor Bauer, Daniel Murphy, Yu Darvish, Andrew Heaney, J.A. Happ, Luke Jackson Got: Zack Greinke, Paul Goldschmidt, AJ Pollock, Franmil Reyes, Zack Eflin All moves focused toward competing this year, and particularly on improving starting pitching.
  12. I actually like the value there a lot. You've got a few guys coming off the IL in the coming weeks that will stabilize the rest of your lineup. I have no issues with it.
  13. Recently touted him... he's widely available. I like him a lot right now. Sitting on an .812 ops with nice counting stats.
  14. and the Yanks can't turn 2...ugh....1-0 Orioles. Believe Torres took an extra side step delaying the throw which the runner beat by half step.
  15. Go Boyd, Matz, & Giolito for me... I'm starting him too. I picked him up because I believe in him this year.
  16. I'm on my phone. Signatures don't show up on mobile.
  17. Mack is a lot better than Ajayi. Teams bring in players all the time for depth purposes.
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