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  2. what we lookin at for WCS? i feel like this year will be his make it or break it season and can go either way.. projections?
  3. Got Edmonds but missed DJ Moore. I guess I kind if wanted Moore....feeling upser abt that. Should have dropped JWill or Fitz for him
  4. What’s the season projection for him? Are we expecting same numbers from last season?
  5. Because they have one of the best DCs as HC. I'm happy I'm only playing in IDP leagues. Never get why DST is such a big thing.
  6. he was benched cuz of this:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1186818096964739073&
  7. To me they price says nothing about fantasy value. I read the Patriots' salary cap is maxed, so maybe the price was so high (I don't consider Sanu being worth a late second) because the Falcons pay his salary for the rest of the season.
  8. lmao @ all these replies without any mention of ingram i swear, 99% of fantasy basketball heads must only read box scores and study bruski player data sheets
  9. Auction draft Towns 70$, Vucevic 35, Drummond 31, Cp3 28, and I just filled the rest hah
  10. he looked good out there vogel shoulda used him more to expose clippers lack of size .. lakers looked like they needed a rim protector more times than not, but javale spent most the game on the bench.
  11. should “normalize“? he was 21 years old last year.. “normal” would be showing growth until he’s at least 24-25
  12. Looked real good out there. Worth the max extension he was given, looked comfortable assuming top dog for the Raptors. The rebounds were a nice surprise
  13. That's what I said... Tend to shy away from players with high valuations that I got for nothing the season before (also see DM, JC). Enjoy the ride.
  14. those are normal shots for kawhi. He makes those contested mid range Js more often than not. Picks his spots real well around the floor. Definitely the best player in the NBA today and would be yearly favorite for MVP if he will play enough games
  15. I don't play ESPN but WHAT?? he only gets C position now? So what position was WCJ playing all of last year PF??
  16. Always loved Lowry, so maybe I'm a little biased. I was expecting a rough start considering that he was injured before the World Cup, but besides from FG% he put up a very good line and was crucial in some important possessions late in the game. I'm still confident in him finishing top 50 this year once the FG% will rise, he brought me 2 championships in the last 3 years in my auction league and I hope that he will get my third this year
  17. I think i will have good FGM, 3PTM, REB and Assists. Desperately need defensive stats as well as FTM Ross, Ingles and Dragic are their teams primary 6th man and i think its good for them to play against opponents' 2nd unit. In Dragic's case, i doubt he will be relevant if he plays alongside Jimmy Butler and Winslow anyway; Ingles can still play 28min+ as a 6th man Question is, who can i take to improve my team? BLK, STL, FTM, 3PT% This is my team: Deandre Ayton Luka Doncic D'Angelo Russell Jonas Valanciunas Thomas Bryant Joe Ingles Sabonis Zach Collins Terrence Ross Goran Dragic Dario Saric PJ Washington Available FAs : NAW, Garland, Thybulle, Osman, Cody White, Culver, Chriss, DJ Augustin, Bazemore, Kennard, Bamba
  18. It's crossed my mind as well, especially with him on a bye next week. I actually think it'd be cathartic. No longer even have to think about that colossal bust.
  19. Gary Harris - bounce back season if he’s as healthy as he appears. Top 35 2 seasons ago. Looked good pre season Zach Collins - Balled out during the playoffs last season. Getting major minutes as starting pf and backup center to whiteside. Block potential is cash money Taurean Prince - perfect fit in a spaced out offense. I can see a career year in 3s for sweet prince. Sprinkled in with defensive stocks. Jerami Grant - can play multiple positions, even backup center. I think his defense will edge out milsap as the season progresses. Nobody should trust milsap to play many minutes this season opening more opportunity for jerami. Tyler Herro - he’s a baller.
  20. Wont panic yet. I will wait a couple of weeks up to a month to see if this usage stays the same.
  21. Another thing, and I know it's captain obvious, but great matchups always give your D the option of holding the opponent to under ten points. NE isn't holding a team like KC, or even Baltimore to under 10 points, so then you need a TD to have a double digit week.
  22. Hmm, let's see in the upcoming games. We see what happened to Wiggins. He has the chance to prove he's not another Wiggins in terms of stats.
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  24. Is it me or did WCJ just get the center position added to him on ESPN in the past 48 hours
  25. Doesnt worth the hold unless u are in deeeeep leagues. I mean both D12 and McGee.
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