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  2. His velocity was fine. Hit 96 towards the end of his outing. Slider was looking solid too. His line is a result of a mixture of getting really squeezed by the ump, Sandy Leon not being there to catch, and the Astros. He had a couple mix ups with the catcher as well. I've had Sale the past three years and he's just a completely different pitcher when Sandy catches for him compared to anyone else. I wouldn't find the line too concerning in terms of his ROS outlook.
  3. Rotowire blurb, sorry for the formatting. The Pirates have considered recalling Keller but would like him to first develop his new slider/cutter pitch, general manager Neal Huntington told 93.7 The Fan on Sunday. Analysis: Three of Keller's last four starts have gone well, but the organization is looking for better consistency from the righty. It's possible that the organization doesn't believe Keller has the tools to succeed at the major league level with just two reliable pitches (his fastball and curve). The 22-year-old was dreadful in three Grapefruit League outings this spring, surrendering 10 earned runs on 10 hits and three walks without striking out a batter in four innings. Keller has compiled a 3.83 ERA, 1.50 WHIP and 50:19 K:BB in 40 Triple-A innings in 2019.
  4. I was responding to the concept of Brate having zero stand alone value, yet still cutting into OJ Howard's limited opportunities.
  5. He is not one of they're top prospects. He just needs a chance with a few at bats and he can take advantage!.
  6. He’s a 60ish WAR guy that plays second base. He’s already a Hall of Famer imo. He’s already surpassed Ryne Sandberg in bWAR and is right on his heels in fWAR.
  7. How was his velocity today? Not a great start but He did pretty good. 5.1 innings 10 Ks 3 runs 5 walks 4 hits
  8. You mean Chris Martin. Kelly has been on the IL.
  9. I have a feeling he could be this year’s Pete Alonso. Prior to last year, I don’t think there was much hype around him. Then he tore up the minors last year similar to Cron. Hopefully he can carve out a similar path this season.
  10. Can't understand why they traded away Dwight Smith Jr for garbage. They got the very Underrated Eric Sogard. He won't bat .300 but he does walk at a very nice rate. Imagine a Sogard-Smith Jr- Vladdy Lineup1-2-3. That 's actually something you can build around.
  11. Top 10 lock next year. Top 5 the rest of the decade until his metabolism starts to decline.
  12. If there is any injury to a offensive bat I would assume so.
  13. He's beaten the helpless Blue Jays twice. The true test comes vs Houston. If he throws well..he becomes a must own pitcher.
  14. I like him..but I'm worried he gets benched more often than not against LHP.
  15. I paid the 4th round price for Vlad as well. I absolutely understand I overpaid, but he was available at a point where there was a hole/wait in my overall draft strategy and I grabbed him for the upside and the entertainment value. Obviously most of us on these boards follow a lot of players, it's entertaining to watch the 'unknown' and see what happens. I will never forget Harper vs. Hamels - and it's all because I had Harper on my team that I saw it live On a side note - I LOVE the low K rate guys. Give me points everyday consistently over random chunks where it's frustrating when they produce nothing.
  16. Does he have a good shot at getting called up before the all start break?
  17. Because he's very HR prone right now ..though he pitches half his games in a very anti -HR environment. If he gets traded to the Phillies for example, the extra HRs will probbaly ruin his ERA.
  18. By the time he's on the ballot, I bet the stance against PED'ers will be nearly non existent. Ortiz will change all of that.
  19. Buxton's career OPS batting 5th is .894 albeit in a small sample size. Career OPS in the 9 hole is .690 So if it's true that he can't handle the pressure of hitting higher in the order ,,why did he hit so much better in the 5th spot? Sure there are small sample sizes but so is the sample size to him batting leadoff or 3rd. There's no evidence that players "can't handle the pressure" of batting higher in the order but batting 9th hurts his number of PAs per game and diminishes his fantasy value.
  20. Enough to work with to at least make it interesting. I am interested.
  21. Today
  22. Hey guy, I also compared him with a couple other fatties. I think those got deleted though in all the fun.
  23. The Fangraphs guys were strangely high on him before the year began and now we're seeing why. He was already a guy to watch but if he keeps this up he'll shoot into the top 100, maybe top 50 since some evaluators were waiting for this breakout.
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