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  2. Because you don’t want your franchise qb running the ball? Hope this helps. Mahomes doesn’t take hits normally, I agree. Jackson on the other hand runs way too much and will get injured eventually.
  3. Benched him and McCoy. Pissed I listened to the "experts" instead of my gut and drafted him in the second round of a 14 team league (like 3 hours before Shady was signed). I'm hoping I strike gold with Singletary in the draft or else I'll be riding. 500 for the year and will probably miss the playoffs.
  4. Him and Sutton were the only players who showed up tonight for Denver
  5. What should I trade for Josh Allen or Darnold
  6. Ditto but probably won’t happen till Saturday or Sunday.
  7. Tom Brady does it every game. Had 2 QB sneaks for TDs last week on Thursday night in case you forgot. He is an old man and just as valuable to his team and definitely more fragile but yeah, you DEFINITELY know better than Bellichick and Reid. It's just insane you haven't gotten a Head Coaching job since you clearly know better than those 2 Hall of Fame head coaches. .
  8. Julio is one receiver I just never worry about. You put him at WR1 and never even consider any change except his bye. Now Adams, Cooper and Diggs on the other hand...
  9. Is it premature to think Mahomes should not have gone #10? I don't think it's premature at all to say Mayfield was a waste of a #1 pick and Jackson was a huge value at #32. Browns in hindsight could have had Saquon Barkley and Lamar Jackson. I think Mahomes and Jackson will cause the mindset to change. The mobile/passing/athletic QB should be going top 5 at worst. As you said there are more slow pocket passers available so why are they being picked early?
  10. I tore my ACL. Was able to walk around fine also. His knee didn't explode. That's a good thing. Being able to walk around doesn't mean he doesn't have a season ending knee injury.
  11. The only thing we can say for sure is he won't be rushed back unless he is 100 percent. Two weeks is pie in the sky... dude was playing gimpy tonight. Alot of pressure to protect the franchise I would expect...
  12. I always forget that people who play fantasy football tend to be some of the most irrational people on Earth (myself included).
  13. Hope it isn’t serious. I feel like the state of quarterback play league wide is the worst it’s been in a long time. As for Reid, yes it is a freak injury. Mahomes has been nursing a bad ankle though people are going to question the decision whether it’s justified or not. The worst possible outcome happened.
  14. watch another Manning go win a SB in Denver as he declines into retirement. 😂
  15. The targets in the second half were down more because they had zero need to throw the ball. They'll likely have better gamescripts for Kelce now that Moore is their starter 😕
  16. Yeah, run your franchise quarterback who is already hobbled under a pile of 300 pound men and see how it turns out. I mean, who could predict . . .
  17. As a Broncos fan, I’m terrified that might actually be Elway’s next move
  18. this is why drafting a TE in the first is stupid
  19. Is this meant to be an actual argument? Lamar is in his 2nd season. 😂
  20. What if you’re the Kenyan drake guy and you have Kenyan Drake? Asking for a friend.
  21. never forget Vick going into Lambeau and knocking off Favre in the playoffs.
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