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  2. I thought walker and lamb were sharing time at 1st? Maybe lamb goes to 3rd if he comes back. But they can't bench walker at this point.
  3. He's in a 10 team league there's always going to be pitching available on the wire.
  4. the 31.1 K% is concerning, and so is .396 BABIP with only 21.1 hard hit%.
  5. He can be cut. Even in a deep league. In my deep league there is better upside on the wire.
  6. That's nice. But it sucks that the Angels are worse than pretty much all those teams. Someone can debate me about KC.
  7. What the hell. I had the understanding that west coast teams didn’t know how to play baseball before 11AM
  8. .463 BABIP with a 20% GB rate. Don't exactly see that continuing long term
  9. His swing reminds me of JD's. He has similar hard hit and fly ball percentages so it might not be a coincidence.
  10. I just posted about the 100 AAA players hitting over .350 currently. Chris Carter is hitting over .400 right now. JP Crawford was a top 10 prospect purely on his glove, not his bat work. SS is like that.
  11. I look at it like this Goldy/Corbin for Max then Bryant for Blackmon. I like the trade as you can move Josh to 3B and Goldy becomes your CI.
  12. We can go back and forth all day... facts are he's killing it right now.. remains to be seen if it's something he can maintain or if it translates to the majors... it's a waiting game... we all have fliers spec adds or prospects we are holding hoping the all go bat tihs on the league... if a guy wants to hold someone why are we telling him it's a waste cause he'll never translate or ever breakout? Stop arguing with lokki...
  13. You should not get count up on who is a top prospect or who is not because that success rate is so low. All that mather is the end results and I'll tell you if you stick with the prospects that seems to get results in the minors and give up on the ones that don't you will find your success rate to be far better then 40 % and most of the duds will be low minors success that don't hold. Also on the juiced ball, That is a poor reply on your part to explain Biggio high average this year. If it had a real effect on batting Average everyone would be hitting .400. Only thing the Juice ball seems to do is make easier to hit Home Runs. So it's all about the results and he's in the high minors and he's still getting good results and you can't stay he doesn't have a better chance then say a JP Crawford who once was a Top 10 prospects that never had all the great results to begin with.
  14. The Mexican League alone has 13 guys hitting .400, including Chris Carter and Junior Lake. Between all the AAA leagues about 100 guys are hitting over .350. Ya, juiced ball doesn't matter a bit.
  15. I think it is. Max > Corbin, but Corbin is pitching much better right now. Goldy > KB, especially right now & Blackmon is starting to heat up.
  16. 12 team h2h each cat scoring. keeper league, keep 10 players each year. I give: Kris Bryant, and Max Scherzer I get: Paul Goldschmidt, Charlie Blackmon, and Patrick Corbin Thoughts?
  17. Pete Alonso never played AAA with the juiced ball that was introduced this season lmao. Jake Elmore is hitting over .400 right now in the international league, should everyone pick him up too? What about Alcides Escobar hitting .400? Austin Nola? Travis Snider? Maybe Ben Ruta? Take a large step back and realize this kid struggled with the bat overall in AA last year... the same level where his team was crushing all season around him.
  18. The pirates hit the cut off man and still let the guy advance to 2nd with 0 outs..
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  20. Jacoby is official caller of the Yankee IL Bingo league. (They used to play canasta, but too many people felt left out this year.)
  21. Another one?! I feel like this guy is for real. Lamb is in trouble.
  22. Greinkes hair style is horrid today.
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