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  2. I think I'd make that trade, especially in a dynasty. You'll just need to ride out Mahomes injury for the next three weeks, but it should be worth it. Once he's back you're arguably getting two best player in the trade.
  3. I think he should have opted for sports hernia surgery. He could have been put on IR and returned later and the Eagles could have shopped for someone.
  4. To me, it's still just a matter of time until Henry gets hurt again, but can't have enough RB
  5. So Matt Patricia said he talked to Kerryon today and he said "he's fine". Whatever that means...
  6. I can't figure out how to delete a post on here, but I see I'm still in the league it just wasn't popping up for me, will pay now!
  7. I got him in the 70s in a couple places. But that’s not what’s interesting. I got him for $20 in a 9 cat roto league, the sort of league where it’s just not as much risk if he gets injured, and people were laughing at how I must be a big fan? Top 30 player for $ what if he misses 30 games? 50 games of a top 30 player should still be 30ish.
  8. While it's too bad that week 2 and 3 were anomalies, Lockett has still performed well given he's only seeing 4-6 targets a game. I suspect that will be his usage moving forward. He won't be a WR1 all of us were hoping for, but he'll be a solid WR2
  9. Hate to say it, but I’d bet this time next week, this post will still ring true.
  10. Well, at least he didn't drop it. So technically it's an improvement.
  11. Agree. I guess it's the name allure/appeal? Reports he hasn't improved from his injury therefore he's a DNT (do not touch) for me. Waste of a roster spot IMHO.
  12. Pretty simple guys lets not over think it.., They put DJ in a few plays.. Sub'ed in Edmonds and things went pretty good.. why roll DJ out when he is banged up and Edmonds is doing just fine.. Wrecked my fantasy week for sure.. But I do understand why he didnt see the field again, no point to roll him out there when Edmonds was more than enough to handle NYG .. DJ will be back ; however, I will not be starting him again until I see him log full practices.. Got lucky and picked up Murray so i am hoping I can ride that train a week or so and patiently wait for DJ
  13. This is just another way in tell the other NFL teams that he is healthy enough to play without restrictions and ready to be traded.
  14. Yes, Henry looks good and the Jets schedule is ridiculously good coming up.
  15. Funny that the 2nd best player of the team that won the league just got 15M more than Brown. That's a big L for Ainge.
  16. Obviously the Celtics think Jaylen is a Kawhi clone. Lol Celtics.
  17. It's called mother nature and genetics. Some guys hardly have them while others are ingrained into their DNA. Anyone think Fuller is toast ROS? I mean why hold him? Guy can't stay on the field. I'm considering picking up Stills.
  18. 67% owned in Yahoo. It's mind-boggling. He's not even worth an IR stash. The Eagles bye is Week 10. This is going to be interesting if he even attempts to come back before then.
  19. Format: 2 divisions of 6 top 3 make playoffs from each with the 1 seed getting a bye in week 14. 1 point for every 10 yards regardless of position, 1 PPR (with 1 or for 5 completions as well). All TDs worth 6-9 points depending on length. So QBs are worth a decent bit more than average leagues, wouldn’t say SF values but pretty close We start 1 RB, 1WR, 1 TE and 2 flexes my roster is: QB: Wilson, Winston RB: Gurley, Conner, Barkley WR: Hill, Godwin, Cooper, Moore TE: Olsen, Walker (yuck) Currently I am 4-3 (due to extremely bad injury luck) but have a 2 game lead on the 4 seed so I’m pretty confident I’ll get in the playoffs as either the 2 or 3 seed probably won’t get the one seed though which leads me to the question; Should I trade Wilson, Cooper and Olsen for Mahomes, Jeffery and Kittle. Im sick and tired of not having a TE and this seems like a decent offer should I try it and see what happens WHIR!!!
  20. “I just want to see him practice.” Well, let him participate then.
  21. I agree, his pass catching corps is a combination of suck/injured. He is not the problem, but his lack of production is a problem for those of us that roster him. As a Wentz owner, I’d love to see an AJ Green trade in the near future...
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