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  2. This is so ironic, as what you are doing is the trolling. I am calling posters out for posting nonsense and not reading threads and rehashing and reposting 100% BS stances based on absolutely nothing. It would be nice if more than about 4 of us here posted with a mind to actually help and educate each other, because no one can do all of the research and analysis on every player on their own. I know I've only become an expert on about 7-10 players in the league that I can share in depth, thoughtful content about - again, itd be nice if others did the same rather than ****posting
  3. Yeah, but cherry picking stats and going too hard for the schtick kills it for me.
  4. I think they want him to continue to run a bit becuase I think they want the threat of him running to be there when Cruz and Rosario are up. Sprint Speed wise he's nothing elite, but he's above average (Albies has a very similar sprint speed). He's also good at judging pitches from the Batter's Box, so I think there's a chance he gets better at judging pitches / being predictive from first. I think saying he has been a bad base stealer in the past is fair. I still think he's young enough that it's also fair to say "he's not a good base stealer YET" as much as "he's not a good base stealer." With his foot speed I'm hoping he gets to 10-15. I haven't seen him be in too many SB situations yet, personally. But he's been in a few neutral cases and ran only once. -- Add to some of the earlier nubmers, this hasn't been updated with today's performance, but via xStats Polanco: .322 xBA .614 xSLG .422 xwOBA (19th) So like... yeah the system suggests he's been a bit "fortunate," but Polanco is very clearly not just "getting lucky" right now. He's absolutely tearing the cover off the ball. -- Today was 0-4. 0-3 K against LHP Miley. But don't think it was all bad. First AB he got a little robbed. Yes I'm biased but it wasn't a strike. And he was working a good AB too. If the pitch was (correctly) ruled a ball it would've been a 7 or 8 pitch AB that Polanco had drawn to even at 2-2. ((And again maybe I'm a bit biased, but I believe that's like two of his last three Ks that were on bad calls see: Trent Thornton)). The second AB v. Miley he jumped the first pitch and sent it pretty much to the warning track with some authority. You keep making contact like that everyday and good things are going to happen. I wish his K:BB would start improving v. LHP / from the RH side but in total was satisfied with this start despite the 0Fer. Felt more like a game where you weren't great but didn't catch a break as opposed to looking out-matched at any point of the ballgame.
  5. I would imagine all these ESPN double-header doubled up stats errors will be corrected when the site rejigs to the next day overnight. But it certainly doesn't look good on them for not getting it right same day, among all the other snafus they've had and continue to have with their new format. Wasn't broken last year. Yet they decided to "fix it". And killed it.
  6. 1 💣 2 💣 Alot of wannabe scouts in this thread continue to be proven wrong. Pack your bags and go home maybe try fantasy swimming or something.
  7. 3-39 tonight Have already dealt with injuries from Lindor and Lester. Still have Turner and Meadows on the IL and now Dozier sitting out game. Mallex Smith shi**ing the bed and now hitting 8th. Sums up my week
  8. Have the under the hood stats for Lopez's start against the Indians?
  9. Elroy does add sound analysis and conclusions - can’t say the same for the Dolphins dude
  10. Seeing him put up a double, single, 2 sb, 3 rbi and a r has to raise the confidence some right?
  11. You can do what you will - the facts in the article speak for themselves. He had the most efficient season for a RB that PFF has ever recorded. Working behind one of the worst O-lines in recent history in the NFL. It’s up to you what you do with that info, but the facts are indisputable.
  12. BB. Man, fouled off a meatball down the pipe on 3-0. Oh well, nice night Voit.
  13. Can Voit start 1/1 and end up 1/5 AGAIN?!? This streak is getting impressive at this point
  14. This is how I feel about Juan Soto, except he doesn’t really hit HRs
  15. I’m interested need a team still this year on cbs or will do yahoo email me
  16. I’m interested need a team still this year on cbs or will do yahoo email me will do espn too
  17. I’m interested need a team still this year on cbs or will do yahoo email me can do espn to
  18. I can do you one better; they tripled Xander's stats. Oddly, Xander showed having 6 HRs, but the team he was on only had 5 for the week. So, ESPN can't even F up correctly.
  19. Far be it from me to complain with an HR on the board, but damn, Voit. I want to see a multi hit game buddy.
  20. Btw. Just a reminder. THIS. This this this. ALWAYS pick up these kinds of players no matter what. Values are highly variable. It's pure risk / reward. Chavis' value at the call was higher than before and he could've been had for free in numerous leagues. Now his value is even higher. You could turn him for a profit after two days in some leagues to an owner trying to dive on some upside.
  21. You guys are too funny... just had room to add a few teams... and for the most part decent leagues... appreciate you guys watching Fast Eddie - if you have opening in solid keep / dynasty league let me know... Eddie
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