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  2. No specific numbers to back this up, but it seems like 75% of the time a hamstring injury is minor and won't require a DL stint....... there's a DL stint anyway. With Kingery there, I wish they'd get on with it, and be cautious.
  3. Yikes, I wouldn't do that. You must have a stacked team if Bell and Reyes are on the chopping block. Gotta be another bum you can drop instead. But we're spiraling into bench coach territory, so back to Reyes..... I've read at least 5 articles saying he's a buy low/hold/be patient candidate. Most of them listing very few players, but the Franimal seems to be consistently on every one of those types of articles.
  4. I have a strong feeling Patriots are going for one of them Hawkeye TEs... Also, ASJ graded as a below average blocker 3 out of the last 4 years per PFF. I'd think they'd want someone better in that area for old man Brady.
  5. I didn't drop him. We'll see if he can finally do something at the major league level.
  6. Leading off tonight according to rotowire. That’s a better spot for him, especially with the pitcher hitting 9th.
  7. I like this deal for you. Granted, I'm really not a fan of Carpenter in fantasy, but for 2 guys you picked up off the waiver wire, I think it's worth it. I also wouldn't worry too much about Cron. I think he'll turn it around. Montas is going to regress. Vogelbach is tough to figure out and would be the only hesitation for me.
  8. Agreed. The more I look at it, the more I like Hyde.
  9. What does Tim have to do to move up in the batting order?
  10. I don't have to pick now. But if I did, I would go with ASJ because he has the chance to be the Patriot's starting TE, and thus, a top 7ish option. And Herndon? I would not pick him up if he were available for free in free agency. As for using strong language to make my arguments, you might not find it convincing, but I find it fun.
  11. 12 Team league Schwarber and Odor were recently dropped. Either of them worth using a waiver to grab? I will likely drop D. Holland.
  12. You mean a prospect with great stuff but meh command? He's EXACTLY the type of guy who could turn into a monster weapon out of bullpen which happens to be exactly what Atlanta needs right now with their plethora of starting pitching depth.
  13. thata boy pineda....rack one up ....boom
  14. Nice at bats today. Worked some deep counts, socked an oppo double for an rbi. Nice schedule coming up. Tomorrow has tough matchup against heart throb Caleb Smith, but after that gets Jose Urena and Trevor Richards who aren’t imposing by any stretch. Then at Coors where he gets Chad Bettis who is a top 10 meat piper, Freeland and Marquez (tough matchup there). So hopefully during this stretch here we get a few statistical stuffing games to enjoy.
  15. 12 team Standard 5x5 h2h league? Who do you guys like ROS??
  16. He was moved out of the 2 hole. Batting 7th tonight. I am disappoint.
  17. I don't own any shares either as I thought the fantasy community overpriced him on draft day, but now I think I'd be intereseted in trying to buy low. The question is, is how low to go? He's only had 19 plate appearances at Coors thus far and hit .357 with a 1.045 OPS. I get that there are signs of decline, but I think he'll still end up being a top 75 player from here on out. If I can get him for a 100-150th ranked player from a panicky owner, I'd do it. If that owner still wants a top 50 player, I'll pass.
  18. Hope you didn't drop him.. I imagine some were scared off by the Robles injury last year. Clearly he didn't hurt it that bad if he recovered in two weeks. That's fairly fast for a hyperextended elbow.
  19. Invited both of you, look forward to a fun season.
  20. ...and with this trade I’m ready to sit back and enjoy the nfl draft (team in signature): I gave: 2019 Rookie 1:07 + 2020 Rookie 1:xx + QB LJackson + WR AHumphries I got: LB LVEsch + 2019 Rookie 2:06 + Rookie 2:10 ...selling those future shares for pieces to try to win now. We start 2DL, 2LB, 2DB, 1Flex. I aim to go 3 LBs.
  22. His AVG will level off (it always does) but he has decent power and loves to run. The good news is that he is going to play every day no matter what solely due to his generational defensive ability. The bad news is that he doesn’t have much upward mobility in the Rays lineup due to it being absolutely stacked with versatile/matchup players throughout. I foresee him staying in the 6-hole vs. RHP and in the 7-hole vs. LHP for now. Once Wendle comes back from the IL, he could move down a spot though.
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