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  2. In 10 team, I'm not sure I'd hold on to 2 QB. But otherwise, I think it's Mixon. Which sounds crazy.
  3. I would pass on both of those. Fitzgerald has a tough ROS schedule. And as much as Chubb and Tyreek are elite in their positions I gotta give the edge to the RB. Help with mine?
  4. PPR League I was offered Mike Evans for (my) G. Kittle. Accept? Or Decline? QB - Winston RB - D. Henry, Lindsay WR - D. Hopkins, D. Adams TE - Kittle WR/RB/TE - H. Henry Bench - A. Tate, Michel, C. Samuel, L. Murray, J. Williams
  5. Am I crazy for even considering this? Give: Bell Get: Mack and NE D/ST I know Bell's schedule opens up starting this week and I know New England's schedule is about to get tougher (but you can only play the team that's put in front of you)... Regardless, I'm having a tough time gauging the value of NE D/ST and whether or not they are worth the drop from Bell to Mack. Thoughts? WHIR.
  6. Fingers crossed they lose JD, either via the option or trade, so they can keep Mookie. JD is great but Mookie is a superstar. It will be worth getting to watch one more season of him in a Red Sox uniform, IMO, even if he walks. Sometimes you just gotta gamble on that front. They still have a shot at signing him next offseason in the open market - much moreso if they hold onto him than if they trade him.
  7. I think it has to be Mixon or McLaurin. I'd lean Terry. Thanks for mine.
  8. as a pats fan, a little disappointing, but as a sanu owner, next man up....
  9. Oh I agree. I was just adding to the comment that I quoted. He stated that AP and Thompson could both be out "several weeks" so Smallwood could have a lot of value. I'm just saying that, even if AP and Thompson are out for months, Smallwood's value likely ends after Washington's bye. It'll be Guice.
  10. You mean after beating everyone else to the punch and picking him up 4 weeks ago and holding him at the expense of my team, I can FINALLY get those 8-12 fantasy points!??!!?! If this guy isn't top 7 ROS, I'm gonna feel pretty stupid.
  11. I feel as if I’m thin at WR . Lotta middling players . he also offered Fitzgerald for Brieda . Would you take either QB - wilson RB - saquon , Chubb , Gordon , Breida WR - Lockett , mclauren , crowder , Brown (ravens) , AJ green , a Tate TE - kittle
  12. 1 pt PPR Have an open WR spot this week with gordon on IR and thielen out. Do I go with Lazard vs KC or Johnson vs WSH? Or should I pick up Daesean Hamilton off waivers?
  13. With Gordon completely out of the mix Dorset should be a solid FLEX option for the ROS
  14. Thats what they told me about Mike Evans week 1. 😭
  15. But nobody is pushing him as a great ROS value. Plug & play RBs can be very helpful during a fantasy season even if just for a week or two.
  16. Anyone taking a shot on Jabari Parker? I mean, someone's gotta score in the second unit...
  17. That's what realizing but what the hell happened between the end of last season and this season? I thought they liked him. I mean, he was a lottery pick. They're really gonna give up on him that quickly?
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