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  2. Think it’s just Bell spazzing and blowing his Iglesias wad so to speak in the 8th as a “firefighter”. Same old. Except this time he pulled Iglesias out. So maybe he figured out it doesn’t work trying to let Iglesias go multiple innings or 4+ outs. Iglesias probably would have another L right now if he stayed in. I'm not salty. 😝
  3. Seriously right, it'll be great when AD signs with the raptors next season.
  4. Wow you could of gotten Kamara for Cook and Golladay?? Jesus take it and run if you still can.
  5. I didn't watch the Cincinnati game. Is there anything to Lorenzen closing things out?
  6. Tons of categories in this H2H redraft league, so guys that play 1B get an extra boost thanks to double plays/put outs (Rhys can be used in the OF) I'd get Rhys Hoskins and Madison Bumgarner. He'd get Giancarlo Stanton and Dee Gordon. My roster and league categories are: C - JT Realmuto 1B - Pete Alonso 2B - Gleyber Torres 3B - Mike Moustakus SS - Didi Gregorious OF - Yordan Alveraz, David Dahl,, Ketel Marte Util - Justin Smoak Bench - Joey Votto, Trey Mancini, Dee Gordon, Jean Segura, IL - Giancarlo Stanton, P - Chris Sale, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Zack Grienke,Mike Minor, Noah Syndergard, Brandon Woodward -- Kimbrel, Chapman, Dootlittle, Batters Stat Categories: Runs (R), Hits (H), Doubles (2B), Triples (3B), Home Runs (HR), Runs Batted In (RBI), Stolen Bases (SB), Walks (BB), Strikeouts (K), Putouts (PO), Errors (E), On-base Percentage (OBP), Slugging Percentage (SLG), Outfield Assists (OFA), Double Plays Turned (DPT) Pitchers Stat Categories: Complete Games (CG), Shutouts (SHO), Saves (SV), Outs (OUT), Home Runs (HR), Hit Batters (HBP), Batters Grounded Into Double Plays (GIDP), Holds (HLD), Earned Run Average (ERA), (Walks + Hits)/ Innings Pitched (WHIP), Strikeouts per Walk Ratio (K/BB), Pickoffs (PICK), Save Percentage (SV%), Inherited Runners Scored (IRA), Quality Starts (QS) Should I pull the trigger? Or stay with Stanton and Dee and hope Stanton doesn't get injured again?
  7. Why would you regulate it?? As long as there is no collusion. No reason to worry.
  8. A healthy Gurley is the top pick in the draft. But he is not so probably go with Kelce.
  9. He’s doing that thing where he’s the best player in the game again
  10. Who's your fifth, sixth round picks?? Honestly haven't done many mock drafts but to me it seems like you go from fourth to eight or ninth round after your 4 rb's and hill. In a ppr I would want much better WR's.
  11. Is this team still available. I am interested.
  12. Am I crazy for liking him slightly better then Hiura due to the on base ability?
  13. How about albies and Bichette for Machado?
  14. Really disappointed... ...that rotoworld updated his profile pic and now all the links have changed! Never forget
  15. sp looks fine. I like judge more than sale ROS and liked judge more than sale preseason. nothing has changed except that ny lineup looks better than advertised with voit Edwin gio dj ect
  16. Read my post on this very page... unlike most situations, ATL is a wonderful situation in a perverse kinda way. They score tons, and the BP sucks in every way! The makings for a nightly 11-9 save situation... Snit loves his guys, his guys love him! If I’m going to have to be a soothsayer to get my point across, Minter is the stash based on his comments and my innate following of this ball club... The best team in the Biggs! (Lolz) Larry D’s opinion aside, change my mind. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. He has been cold for awhile. I think it is time to drop.
  18. Looked like he had a really good outing. Unfortunately that stupid "opener" cost me a QS. With this plague of "openers" upon us they need to change the definition of QS to simply "6 consecutive innings or more pitched with 3 runs or less allowed anywhere during the game." Also Quality Start to Quality Appearance I guess.
  19. Anibal was great last half of last year so together they make a good mash-up ace.
  20. Bold of you to assume kupp is 100% to start the season. I doubt he even plays week 1 tbh. If they were all healthy? Maybe I’d take kupp, it’s be close. I still think cooks is the most talented
  21. nice
  22. At least he had the courtesy to remove Iglesias before he took another L!
  23. Why is that funny. Cooks will have more yards, but Kupp will get more receptions, and probably twice as many TDs. Which line do you want? 70/1200/5 80/1000/10
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