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  2. has their O-line changed much from last year?
  3. Bump, need 4 more to fill league, thank you, only join if you are srs about joining, payment on leaguesafe due within 24hrs
  4. Maybe Andre Patton or Geremy Davis in deeper leagues now that Benjamin (and Inman) are on IR?
  5. Well yes of course I'm going to hold as long as possible, I'm not dropping just because he's not playing this week. I'm asking what's your breaking point? What if it's week 10 and no advancement toward playing? Week 12?
  6. The Singletary hype train has already seemed to reach warp speed across the interwebs and Twitter-verse. I always seem get sucked into these. Who wants to come knock some sense into us?
  7. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was recently asked about the tight end situation in Seattle. His answer, Seattle is “working on stuff.”
  8. This could potentially lead to some difficult roster decisions. I was hoping to wait to use him until bye weeks and after his breakout but he might force my hand.
  9. Just put on IR today. They're decimated at WR now.
  10. Thank you very much for the responses so far - very helpful
  11. Mahomes' ankle injury is "legit" and "worse than people think". All 3 times he injured it, defenses then switched to man coverage from zone.
  12. Here's some Damian Williams highlights for everyone:
  13. Typically I would agree and Shady probably a TD or bust either way but possibly worth noting the last three weeks the score totals have actually been pretty high week 6: 49, week 5: 59, week 4: 61. Refs are calling less penalties, Mahomes is due for a big game on national TV and the Broncos defense is overrated, middle of pack rankings vs RB (19th).
  14. So you wouldnt trade Engram for Sony? I will be giving up Chubb and Ingram for CMC
  15. I doubt the Chiefs trade for him. He's better than what they have now but i'd still argue Shady is a better runner and trading for a guy that would be primarly used as the 3rd down back makes no sense. I doubt Drake would come in and take over all 3 downs. UNLESS Chiefs can get him for basically free I don't see it happening.
  16. Yahoo is not more reliable than BBM. And I don't see why I should use total value and not per game. And I repeat this is 9 cat value anyway where turnovers is his best category.
  17. I wouldn't do it. You can live at TE and QB with these guys without giving up the real prime player in this deal who is Jacobs, especially with keeper value baked in. Allen and Goff are serviceable and there are always streamers. Plus, at TE, Olsen is a borderline waiver wire streamer anyways. If you're going to deal for a TE it needs to be one of the ~top 8 guys (Kelce, Kittle, Engram, Hooper, Ertz, Waller, Andrews, Henry, maybe missing someone or two someones) or else you might as well stream. I'd say Herndon has the most upside once he comes back after those guys and you can just wait for him. Hopefully he gets healthy by the time his schedule lightens.
  18. Yes, in fact I believe he will be out next week too. They have a bye on week 9 and they play Arizona next week at home.
  19. How would we know? We are all in the blind.
  20. i just joined .....leaguesafe? if so what is the link
  21. How much of a difference does it make if your league being H2H points vs Roto ? First year playing fantasy bball after 15 years of fantasy football.
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